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The Condor, Volume 102, Number 2 (2000)

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Local and Regional Effects of Pedestrians on Forest Birds in a Fragmented Landscape. 247-255.
Esteban Fernandez- Juricic.
Evidence for Edge Effects on Multiple Levels in Tallgrass Prairie. 256-266.
Maiken Winter, Douglas H. Johnson, John Faaborg.
Influence of Treefall Gaps on Distributions of Breeding Birds Within Interior Old-Growth Stands in Bialowieza Forest, Poland. 267-274.
Robert J. Fuller.
Activity Patterns of Marbled Murrelets in Douglas-Fir Old Growth Forests of the Oregon Coast Range. 275-285.
Patrick G. R. Jodice, Michael W. Collopy.
Patterns of Nest Attendance in Female Wood Ducks. 286-291.
Chad A. Manlove, Gary R. Hepp.
The Thermal Regime of Eggs During Laying and Incubation in Greater Snow Geese. 292-300.
Catherine Poussart, Jacques Larochelle, Gilles Gauthier.
Characteristics of Predators and Offspring Influence Nest Defense By Arctic and Common Terns. 301-306.
Rebecca M. Whittam, Mary L. Leonard.
Sleep-Vigilance Trade-Off in Gadwall During the Winter Period. 307-313.
Michael Gauthier-Clerc, Alain Tamisier, Frank Cezilly.
Nesting Success of Forest Birds in Southeast Alaska and Adjacent Canada. 314-324.
Mary F. Willson, Scott M. Gende.
Predation on Japanese Quail Vs. House Sparrow Eggs in Artificial Nests: Small Eggs Reveal Small Predators. 325- 332.
Thomas J. Maier, Richard M. Degraaf.
Correlates of Reproductive Success in Cooperatively Breeding Western American Crows: If Helpers Help It's Not By Much. 333- 341.
Carolee Caffrey.
Badge Size and Extra-Pair Fertilizations in the House Sparrow. 342-348.
R. R. Whitekiller, David F. Westneat, P. L. Schwagmeyer, Douglas W. Mock.
Copulation Behavior in the Osprey in Relation to Breeding Density. 349-354.
Per Widen, Malena Richardson.
Survival and Song-Type Sharing in a Sedentary Subspecies of the Song Sparrow. 355-363.
Pamela L. Wilson, Mary C. Towner, Sandra L. Vehrencamp.
Costs of Parasitism Incurred By Two Songbird Species and Their Quality as Cowbird Hosts. 364-373.
Dirk E. Burhans, Frank R. Thompson Iii, John Faaborg.
Prey Switching and Variable Foraging Strategies of Black-Legged Kittiwakes and the Effect on Reproductive Success. 374- 384.
Robert M. Suryan, David B. Irons, Jeb Benson.
Demography of Zenaida Doves in Puerto Rico. 385-391.
Frank F. Rivera-Milan, Myrana Vazquez.
Stress, Corticosterone, and Heterophil to Lymphocyte Ratios in Free-Living Adelie Penguins. 392-400.
Carol M. Vleck, Nicole Vertalino, David Vleck, Theresa L. Bucher.
Nest Site Selection and Productivity of Suburban Red-Shouldered Hawks in Southern Ohio. 401-408.
Cheryl R. Dykstra, Jeffrey L. Hays, F. Bernard Daniel, Melinda M. Simon.
The Rufous Cacholote (Furnariidae: Pseudoseisura) Is Two Species. 409-422.
Kevin J. Zimmer, Andrew Whittaker.
Book Reviews. 474-477.
News and Notes. 478.


Measuring Annual Reproductive Success in Birds. 470-473.
Bertram G. Murray Jr.

Short Communications

Marine Bird Attraction to Thermal Fronts in the California Current System. 423-427.
Christopher J. Hoefer.
Responses of Egg-Laying Pied Flycatchers to Experimental Changes in Clutch Size: A Re-Examination. 428-432.
M. D. Kern, R. J. Cowie, F. M. Slater.
Egg Recognition in Yellow-Billed and Black-Billed Magpies in the Absence of Interspecific Parasitism: Implications for Parasite-Host Coevolution. 432-438.
Ginger M. Bolen, Stephen I. Rothstein, Charles H. Trost.
An Unusual Type of Sibling Aggression in Black-Crowned Night Herons. 438-440.
Matthew J. Medeiros, Emily E. Emond, Bonnie J. Ploger.
Philopatry to Stopover Site and Body Condition of Transient Reed Warblers During Autumn Migration Through Israel. 441- 444.
Kobi Merom, Yoram Yom-Tov, Robin Mcclery.
Flight Costs and Fuel Composition of a Bird Migrating in a Wind Tunnel. 444-451.
Marcel Klaassen, Anders Kvist, Ake Lindstrom.
Foraging Distances of Radio-Marked Marbled Murrelets From Inland Areas in Southeast Alaska. 452-456.
Darrell L. Whitworth, S. Kim Nelson, Scott H. Newman, Gustaaf B. Van Vliet, Winston P. Smith.
Plumage Brightness and Breeding-Season Dominance in the House Finch: A Negatively Correlated Handicap?. 456-461.
Kevin J. Mcgraw, Geoffrey E. Hill.
Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on the Growth of Nestling American Kestrels. 461-465.
Kimberly J. Fernie, David M. Bird.
The Role of Gastrolites on Feeding Behavior and Digestive Efficiency in the Rufous-Collared Sparrow. 465-469.
M. Victoria Lopez-Colleja, Mauricio Soto-Gamboa, Enrico L. Rezende.
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