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The Condor, Volume 101, Number 4 (1999)

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The Effect of Aggregated Nesting on Red-Winged Blackbird Nest Success and Brood Parasitism By Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 729- 736.
Ethan D. Clotfelter, Ken Yasukawa.
Costs of Coloniality and the Effect of Colony Size on Reproductive Success in Purple Martins. 737-745.
Jeffrey A. Davis, Charles R. Brown.
Replacement Clutches By Kentish Plovers. 746-751.
Juan A. Amat, Rosendo M. Fraga, Gonzalo M. Arroyo.
Variation in the Onset of Incubation in a Neotropical Parrot. 752-761.
J. Letitia Grenier, Steven R. Beissinger.
Winter Ecology of the Endangered Golden-Cheeked Warbler. 762-770.
John H. Rappole, David I. King, Wylie C. Barrow Jr.
Habitat Associations of Migrating and Overwintering Grassland Birds in Southern Texas. 771-782.
Lawrence D. Igl, Bart M. Ballard.
Interaction Between Magellanic Penguins and Shrimp Fisheries in Patagonia, Argentina. 783-789.
Patricia A. Gandini, Esteban Frere, Alejandro D. Pettovello, Paula V. Cedrola.
Spatial and Temporal Patterns in the Diet of the Kelp Gull in Patagonia. 790-798.
Marcelo Bertellotti, Pablo Yoria.
Stable-Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Ratios of Songbird Feathers Grown in Two Terrestrial Biomes: Implications for Evaluating Trophic Relationships and Breeding Origins. 799-805.
Keith A. Hobson.
Eurasian Hobby Density, Nest Area Occupancy, Diet and Productivity in Relation to Intensive Agriculture. 806- 817.
Fabrizio Sergio, Giuseppe Bogliani.
Factors Affecting Prey Preparation By Adult Magpies Feeding Nestlings. 818-823.
Adrian Ponz, Jose A. Gil-Delgado, Emilio Barba.
Using Radio-Transmitters to Improve Estimates of Gull Predation on Common Eider Ducklings. 824-831.
K. Mawhinney, A. W. Diamond.
The Development of Endothermy in American White Pelicans. 832-841.
Christine L. Abraham, Roger M. Evans.
Book Reviews. 924-929.
News and Notes. 930-933.
Award Announcements. 934.
Reviewers for Volume 101. 935-936.
Index for Volume 101. 937-950.


Nest Placement and Mortality: Is Nest Predation a Random Event in Space and Time?. 916-920.
Kenneth A. Schmidt, Christopher J. Whelan.
Does Nonrandom Nest Placement Imply Nonrandom Nest Predation?-A Reply. 920-923.
Robert J. Cooper, R. Randy Wilson, Gary D. Zenitsky, Stephen J. Mullin, Jennifer A. Dececco, Matthew R. Marshall, Dorothy J. Wolf, Lars Y. Pomara.

Short Communications

Tan and White Color Morphs of White-Throated Sparrows Differ in Their Non-Song Vocal Responses to Territorial Intrusion. 842- 845.
Christine E. Collins, Anne M. Houtman.
Microgeographic Song Discrimination in a Nonterritorial Passerine, the Boat-Tailed Grackle. 845-848.
David S. Melman, William A. Searcy.
Sperm Competition and Sperm Length in Shorebirds. 848-854.
Dominic D. P. Johnson, James V. Briskie.
Genetic Monogamy in Long-Eared Owls. 854-859.
Jeffrey S. Marks, Janis L. Dickinson, Joseph Haydock.
Brown Thrasher Nest Reuse: A Time Saving Resource, Protection From Search-Strategy Predators, Or Cues for Nest-Site Selection?. 859-862.
John F. Cavitt, Aaron T. Pears, Todd A. Miller.
The Thermal and Energetic Significance of Cavity Roosting in Mountain Chickadees and Juniper Titmice. 863-866.
Sheldon J. Cooper.
Ruddy Duck Nesting Success: Do Nest Characteristics Deter Nest Predation. 867-870.
Robert B. Brua.
Predation on Rhinoceros Auklet Eggs By a Native Population of Peromyscus. 871-876.
Louise K. Blight, John L. Ryder, Douglas F. Bertram.
The Proximate Effects of Rainfall on Clutch Size of the California Gnatcatcher. 876-880.
Michael A. Pattne, John T. Rotenberry.
Social Dominance and Energy Reserves in Wintering Woodland Birds. 880-884.
Vladimir V. Pravosudov, Thomas C. Grubb Jr. , Paul F. Doherty Jr. , C. L. Bronson, Elena V. Pravosudova, Andrew S. Dolby.
Plastic Color Bands Have No Detectable Short-Term Effects on White-Breasted Nuthatch Behavior. 884-886.
Valerie A. Weiss, Daniel A. Cristol.
Molecular Vs. Phenotypic Sexing in Red Knots. 887-893.
Allan J. Baker, Theunis Piersma, Annette D. Greenslade.
Molt Chronology of American Coots in Winter. 893-897.
S. Keith Mcknight, Gary Hepp.
Trophic Relationships Among Six Species of Icelandic Seabirds as Determined Through Stable Isotope Analysis. 898- 903.
David R. Thompson, Kristian Lilliendahl, Jon Solmundsson, Robert W. Furness, Susan Waldron, Richard A. Phillips.
Digestive Enzymes of a Small Avian Herbivore, the Rufous-Tailed Plantcutter. 904-907.
Christine Meynard, M. Victoria Lopez-Calleja, Francisco Bozinovic, Pablo Sabat.
Breeding of the Gray-Winged Trumpeter in French Guiana. 907-909.
Pierre De Mercey, Marc Thery.
A Late Tertiary Woodcock From Menorca, Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean. 909-915.
Bartomeu Segui.
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