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The Condor, Volume 101, Number 3 (1999)

Publication Information


Overview of Shorebird Abundance and Distribution in Wetlands of the Pacific Coast of the Contiguous United States. 461- 471.
Gary W. Page, Lynne E. Stenzel, Janet E. Kjelmyr.
Using Atlas Data to Model the Distribution of Woodpecker Species in the Jura, France. 472-483.
Claudine Tobalske, Bret W. Tobalske.
Vocal and Behavioral Responses of Brown-Headed Cowbirds to Flight Whistles From Different Dialects. 484-492.
Alfred M. Dufty Jr., Annette Hanson.
Singing Behavior, Mating Associations and Reproductive Success in a Population of Hybridizing Lazuli and Indigo Buntings. 493- 504.
Myron C. Baker, Jeanette T. Boylan.
Breeding Biology and Productivity of Florida's Crested Caracaras. 505-517.
Joan L. Morrison.
The Frequency and Function of Aquatic Courtship and Copulation in Least, Crested, Whiskered, and Parakeet Auklets. 518- 528.
F.M. Hunter, I.L. Jones.
Bird Communities in Two Types of Anthropogenic Successional Vegetation in Central Amazonia. 529-536.
Sergio Henrique Borges, Philip C. Stouffer.
Effects of Selective Logging on a Bird Community in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. 537-548.
Alexandre Aleixo.
Wing Ecomorphology of Seabirds From Johnston Atoll. 549-556.
Fritz Hertel, Lisa T. Ballance.
Competition and Patterns of Resource Use By Two Sympatric Raptors. 557-565.
Arnold T. Gerstell, James C. Bednarz.
Habitat Selection and Reproductive Performance of Food-Stressed Herring Gulls. 566-576.
Michael S. Rodway, Heidi M. Regehr.
Evidence Supporting the Recent Origin and Species Status of the Timberline Sparrow. 577-588.
John Klicka, Robert M. Zink, Jon C. Barlow, W. Bruce Mcgillivray, Terry J. Doyle.
Adult Survival of the Black Guillemot in Iceland. 589-597.
Morten Frederiksen, Aevar Petersen.
Within-Season and Between-Year Variation in the Structure of Common Eider Broods. 598-606.
Markus Ost.
Optimal" Colony Size for Least Terns: An Inter-Colony Study of Opposing Selective Pressures By Predators". 607- 615.
Dianne Brunton.
Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Body Mass and Food-Intake of American Kestrels. 616-621.
Kimberly J. Fernie, David M. Bird.
Relationships of Avian Cecal Lengths to Food Habits, Taxonomic Position, and Intestinal Lengths. 622-634.
Teresa F. Degolier, Sheila A. Mahoney, Gary E. Duke.
Shorebird Diet During Spring Migration Stopover on Delaware Bay. 635-644.
Nellie Tsipoura, Joanna Burger.
Behavior of Migrating Shorebirds at North Dakota Prairie Potholes. 645-654.
Manuel T. De Leon, Loren M. Smith.
Is Red Coloration of Male Northern Cardinals Beneficial During the Nonbreeding Season?: A Test of Status Signaling. 655- 663.
L. Lareesa Wolfenbarger.
Book Reviews. 722-726.
News and Notes. 727.


Reasons Why Predators Cannot Be Inferred From Nest Remains. 718-721.
Serge Lariviere.

Short Communications

Golden Eagle Predation on Experimental Sandhill and Whooping Cranes. 664-666.
David H. Ellis, Kent R. Clegg, James C. Lewis, Errol Spaulding.
Numbers and Movements of Yellow Rails Along the St. Lawrence River, Quebec. 667-671.
Michael Robert, Pierre Laporte.
Seasonal Movements of Marbled Murrelets: Evidence From Banded Birds. 671-674.
Wendy D. Beauchamp, Fred Cooke, Cecilia Lougheed, Lynn W. Lougheed, C. John Ralph, Stephen Courtney.
Differential Autumn Migration of Sharp-Shinned and Cooper's Hawks in Western North America. 674-678.
John Delong, Stephen W. Hoffman.
Facultative Communal Brood Rearing in California Quail. 678-681.
Dale F. Lott, Sonke N. A. Mastrup.
Incubation Behavior of Long-Tailed Tits: Why Do Males Provision Incubating Females?. 681-686.
B. J. Hatchwell, M. K. Fowlie, D. J. Ross, A. F. Russell.
Song Versatility and Social Context in the Bobolink. 686-688.
Frank K. Ammer, Michael S. Capp.
Is the Song of Black Redstart Males an Honest Signal of Status?. 689-694.
Marco Cucco, Giorgio Malacarne.
Distribution and Diurnal Behavior of Steller's Eiders Wintering on the Alaska Peninsula. 694-698.
Murry K. Laubhan, Keith A. Metzner.
Effects of Landscape Structure on Nesting Songbird Distribution in a Harvested Boreal Forest. 699-704.
Bruno Drolet, Andre Desrochers, Marie-Josee Fortin.
Feeding Behavior and Assimilation Efficiency of the Rufous-Tailed Plantcutter: A Small Avian Herbivore. 705-710.
M. Victoria Lopez-Calleja, Francisco Bozinovic.
Growth of Duck Bills. 710-713.
Uwe Gille, Franz-Viktor Salomon.
Lizard Burrows Provide Thermal Refugia for Larks in the Arabian Desert. 714-717.
Joseph B. Williams, B. Irene Tieleman, Mohammed Shobrak.
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