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The Condor, Volume 101, Number 1 (1999)

Publication Information


A New Species of Extinct Flightless Passerine (Emberizidae: Emberiza) From the Canary Islands. 1-13.
J. C. Rando, M. Lopez, B. Segui.
Conservation Status and Habitat Preferences of the Cozumel Curassow. 14-20.
Miguel Angel Martinez-Morales.
Survival and Physiologic Response of Common Amakihi and Japanese White-Eyes During Simulated Translocation. 21- 27.
Thierry M. Work, J. Gregory Massey, Luanne Johnson, Steve Dougill, Paul C. Banko.
Long-Term Prairie Falcon Population Changes in Relation to Prey Abundance, Weather, Land Uses, and Habitat Conditions. 28- 41.
Karen Steenhof, Michael N. Kochert, Leslie B. Carpenter, Robert N. Lehman.
Activity Patterns of Nesting Mexican Spotted Owls. 42-49.
David K. Delaney, Teryl G. Grubb, Paul Beier.
Potential Roadside Biases Due to Habitat Changes Along Breeding Bird Survey Routes. 50-57.
Cherry M. E. Keller, Jacqueline T. Scallan.
The Foraging Ecology of Cavity-Nesting Birds in Young Forests of the Northern Coast Range of Oregon. 58-66.
Jennifer M. Weikel, John P. Hayes.
Temporal Variation in Resource Use By Black-Throated Gray Warblers. 67-75.
John J. Keane, Michael L. Morrison.
Influence of Summer Biogeography on Wood Warbler Stopover Abundance. 76-85.
Jeffrey F. Kelly, Rob Smith, Deborah M. Finch, Frank R. Moore, Wang Yong.
Plumage, Size, and Sexual Dimorphism in the Queen Charlotte Islands Hairy Woodpecker. 86-95.
Edward H. Miller, Eric L. Walters, Henri Ouellet.
Female Plumage Coloration in the Bluethroat: No Evidence for an Indicator of Material Quality. 96-104.
Percy A. Rohde, Arild Johnsen, Jan T. Lifjeld.
Impact of Brood Parasitism By Brown-Headed Cowbirds on Red-Winged Blackbird Reproductive Success. 105-114.
Ethan D. Clotfelter, Ken Yasukawa.
Reproductive Characteristics of Migratory Golden Eagles in Denali National Park, Alaska. 115-123.
Carol L. Mcintyre, Layne G. Adams.
Temperature and Timing of Egg-Laying of European Starlings. 124-132.
Theo Meijer, U. Nienaber, U. Langer, F. Trillmich.
Long-Term Persistence of Song Dialects in the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow. 133-148.
Heidi Harbison, Douglas A. Nelson, Thomas P. Hahn.
Book Reviews. 186-191.
Information for Contributors. 192-194.

Short Communications

Time-Budgets of Common Murres at a Declining and Increasing Colony in Alaska. 149-152.
Stephan G. Zador, John E. Piatt.
Autumn Migration Speed of Juvenile Reed and Sedge Warblers in Relation to Date and Fat Loads. 153-156.
Staffan Bensch, Bo Nielson.
Reuse of Nesting Scrapes By Kentish Plovers. 157-159.
Juan A. Amat, Rosendo M. Fraga, Gonzalo M. Arroyo.
Outward Migration of Houbara Bustards From Two Breeding Areas in Kazakhstan. 159-164.
Oliver Combreau, Frederic Launay, Mohammed Al Bowardi, Boris Gubin.
Copulatory Behavior of the Bearded Vulture. 164-168.
Joan Bertran, Antoni Margalida.
Fledgling Behavior and Survival in Northern Tawny Owls. 169-174.
Kristian Overskaug, Jan P. Bolstad, Peter Sunde, Ingar J. Oien.
Genetic Variability and Isolation of Cory's Shearwater Colonies in the Northeast Atlantic. 174-179.
Monica Carneior Da Silva, Jose Pedro Granadeiro.
Synchronous Underwater Foraging Behavior in Penguins. 179-185.
Yann Tremblay, Yves Cherel.
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