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The Condor, Volume 100, Number 4 (1998)

Publication Information


Monitoring Species, Richness and Abundance of Shorebirds in the Western Great Basin. 589-600.
Nils Warnock, Susan M. Haig, Lewis W. Oring.
Abundance of Diurnal Raptors on Open Space Grasslands in an Urbanized Landscape. 601-608.
Mark E. Berry, Carl E. Bock, Sandra L. Haire.
Distribution, Relative Abundance, and Habitat Relationships of Landbirds in the Vava'U Group, Kingdom of Tonga. 609- 628.
David W. Steadman, Holly B. Freifeld.
Pre-Pleistocene Differentiation Among Chat-Tyrants. 629-640.
Jaime Garcia-Moreno, Peter Arctander, Jon Fjeldsa.
Patterns of Activity, Flocking, and Habitat Use in Parrots of the Peruvian Amazon. 641-653.
James D. Gilardi, Charles A. Munn.
Breeding Ecology and Behavior of the Hawaiian Hawk. 654-662.
Curtice R. Griffin, Peter W. C. Paton, Thomas S. Baskett.
Effects of Time and Nest-Site Characteristics on Concealment of Songbird Nests. 663-672.
Dirk E. Burhans, Frank R. Thompson Iii.
Acadian Flycatcher Nest Placement: Does Placement Influence Reproductive Success?. 673-679.
R. Randy Wilson, Robert J. Cooper.
Parasitism By Shiny Cowbirds of Rufous-Bellied Thrushes. 680-687.
Gabriela Lichtenstein.
Effects of Mate Removal on Incubation Behavior and Reproductive Success of Female Wood Ducks. 688-693.
Chad A. Manlove, Gary R. Hepp.
Risk-Taking By Incubating Common Goldeneyes and Hooded Mergansers. 694-701.
Mark L. Mallory, Donald K. Mcnicol, Russell A. Walton, Mark Wayland.
Arrival Time From Spring Migration in Male Pied Flycatchers: Individual Consistency and Familial Resemblance. 702- 708.
Jaime Potti.
Evaluation of Radio-Tracking and Strip Transect Methods for Determining Foraging Ranges of Black-Legged Kittiwakes. 709- 718.
William D. Ostrand, Gary S. Drew, Robert M. Suryan, Lyman L. Mcdonald.
Effects of Age and Captivity on Plasma Chemistry Values of the Egyptian Vulture. 719-725.
Pablo M. Dobado-Berrios, Jose L. Tella, Olga Ceballos, Jose A. Donazar.
Book Reviews. 769-775.
News and Notes. 777-784.
Award Announcements. 785-786.
Reviewers for Volume 100. 787-788.
Index for Volume 100. 789-800.

Briefly Noted

The Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand. 776.
Barrie Heather, Hugh Robertson.
Current Ornithology. 776.
Val Nolan Jr., Llen D. Ketterson, Charles F. Thompson.
Cooperation Among Animals-An Evolutionary Perspective. 776.
Lee Alan Dugatkin.
A Passion for Birds-American Ornithology After Audubon. 776.
Mark V. Barrow Jr.


Recent Geographic Trends in Neotropical Avian Research. 764-768.
Kevin Winker.

Short Communications

Lek Behavior of the Gray-Hooded Flycatcher. 726-731.
Marco Aurelio Pizo, Alexandre Aleixo.
Density and Roost Site Characteristics of Spotted Owls in the Sierra Madre Occidental, Chihuahua, Mexico. 732- 736.
Kendal E. Young, Raul Valdez, Philip J. Zwank, William R. Gould.
Changes in the Distribution and Abundance of Waved Albatrosses at Isla Espanola, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. 737- 740.
Hector D. Douglas Iii.
Variation in Foraging Behavior Among Nesting Stages of Female Red-Faced Warblers. 741-745.
Robert C. Dobbs, Thomas E. Martin.
Influences of Fluctuating River Flows on Bald Eagle Foraging Behavior. 745-748.
Bryan T. Brown, Lawrence E. Stevens, Teresa A. Yates.
Parasites, Morphology, and Blood Characters in Male Red Jungle Fowl During Development. 749-752.
Torgeir S. Johnsen, Marlene Zuk.
Factors Affecting Nutritional Condition of Fledgling Florida Scrub-Jays: A Ptilochronology Approach. 753-756.
Thomas C. Grubb Jr., Glen E. Woolfenden, John W. Fitzpatrick.
Is Foot Squeezing Pressure By Two Raptor Species Sufficient to Subdue Their Prey?. 757-763.
Davide Csermely, Giorgia Gaibani.
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