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The Condor, Volume 100, Number 3 (1998)

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Bird Abundance and Diversity Along an Urban-Rural Gradient: A Comparative Study Between Two Cities on Different Continents. 413 -425.
Philippe Clergeau, Jean-Pierre L. Savard, Gwenalle Mennechez, Gilles Falardeau.
Site Fidelity of Black Brant Wintering and Spring Staging in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia. 426-437.
Eric T. Reed, Evan G. Cooch, R. Ian Goudie, Fred Cooke.
Status and Trends of the Ashy Storm-Petrel on Southeast Farallon Island, California, Based Upon Capture-Recapture Analyses. 438 -447.
William J. Sydeman, Nadav Nur, Elizabeth B. Mclaren, Gerard J. Mcchesney.
The Incidence of Nonbreeding By Adult Great Skuas and Parasitic Jaegers From Foula, Shetland. 448-455.
Paulo Catry, Richard A. Phillips, Keith C. Hamer, Norman Ratcliffe, Robert W. Furness.
Spring Stopover Ecology of Migrant Western Sandpipers. 456-467.
Mary Anne Bishop.
Demography of an Introduced Red-Billed Leiothrix Population in Hawaii. 468-473.
C. John Ralph, Steven G. Fancy, Tim D. Male.
Spatial Variation in Foraging of the Black-Throated Green Warbler Along the Shoreline of Northern Lake Huron. 474- 484.
Robert Smith, Michael Hamas, Matthew Dallman, David Ewert.
Influence of Gambel Oak on Breeding Birds in Ponderosa Pine Forests of Northern Arizona. 485-492.
Steven S. Rosenstock.
Water Economy of Granivorous Birds: California House Finches. 493-503.
Richard E. Macmillen, David S. Hinds.
A Sexually Dimorphic Learned Birdsong in the Northern Cardinal. 504-511.
Ayako Yamaguchi.
Pair Interactions in Red-Faced Warblers. 512-518.
Patricia M. Barber, Thomas E. Martin, Kimberly G. Smith.
Bird Tolerance to Human Intrusion in Wyoming Montane Forests. 519-527.
Kevin J. Gutzwiller, Heidi A. Marcum, Henry B. Harvey, James D. Roth, Stanley H. Anderson.
Effects of Motorboats and Personal Watercraft on Flight Behavior Over a Colony of Common Terns. 528-534.
Joanna Burger.
Brood Parasitism By Brown-Headed Cowbirds on Brown Thrashers: Frequency and Rates of Rejection. 535-540.
Carola A. Haas, Katherine H. Haas.
Book Reviews. 583-586.
Briefly Noted. 587.
News and Notes. 588.

Short Communications

Breeding Biology and Territoriality of the Hawaii Creeper. 541-545.
Eric A. Vanderwerf.
Energy Expenditure and Food Requirement of Cassin's Auklets Provisioning Nestlings. 546-550.
Peter J. Hodum, William J. Sudeman, G. Henk Visser, Wesley W. Weathers.
The Timing of Pair Formation in Harlequin Ducks. 551-555.
Gregory J. Robertson, R. Ian Goudie, W. Sean Boyd.
Genetic Evidence for Low Frequency of Extra-Pair Fertilizations in Northern Goshawks. 556-560.
Thomas A. Gavin, Richard T. Reynolds, Suzanne M. Joy, Douglas Leslie, Burne May.
Feeding Associations Between White-Crowned Terns and Hector's Dolphins in New Zealand. 560-562.
Stefan Brager.
Southern Fulmars Molt Their Primary Feathers While Incubating. 563-566.
Chrisophe Barbraud, Oliver Chastel.
Rejection of Artificial Parasite Eggs By Gray Kingbirds in the Bahamas. 566-568.
Michael E. Baltz, Dirk E. Burhams.
Skeletal Development at the Time of Fledging in House Wrens. 568-573.
Chaitali Dutta, Scott Johnson, David Larkin, Luz P. Mangurian.
Intraspecific Variation in the Hindlimb Musculature of the Northern Flicker. 574-579.
Susab Berman, Jill Addesa, Robert Hannigan, Vincent Restivo, Joseph Rodrigues.
An Evaluation of Whole Body Potassium-40 Content for Estimating Lean and Fat Mass in Pigeons. 579-582.
T. G. Hinton, James A. Gessaman, Roy D. Nagle, Justin D. Congdon.
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