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The Condor, Volume 100, Number 1 (1998)

Publication Information


Morphological Differentiation of Brown-Headed Cowbirds in the Okanagan Valley British Columbia. 1-7.
David Ward, James N. M. Smith.
Factors Affecting Primary Molt in the Gray-Headed Albatross. 8-17.
N. D. Cobley, P. A. Prince.
Refined Colorimetry Validates Endangered Subspecies of the Least Tern. 18-26.
Ned K. Johnson, J. V. Remsen Jr., Carla Cicero.
Buteo Polyosoma and B. Peocilochrous, the Red-Backed Buzzards" of South America, Are Conspecific". 27-43.
C. Craig Farquhar.
Winter Participation By Neotropical Migrant and Resident Birds in Mixed-Species Flocks in Northeastern Mexico. 44- 53.
Wendy K. Gram.
Acoustic Frequencies and Body Mass in New World Doves. 54-61.
Pablo Luis Tubaro, Bettina Mahler.
The Influence of Female Age, Body Mass, and Ambient Conditions on Redhead Incubation Constancy. 62-68.
Tina Yerkes.
Wood Thrush Postfledging Movements and Habitat Use in Northern Virginia. 69-78.
J. H. Vega Rivera, J. H. Rappole , W. J. Mcshea, C. A. Haas.
Habitat Selection By Northern Spotted Owls: the Consequences of Prey Selection and Distribution. 79-92.
James P. Ward Jr. , R. J. Gutierrez, Barry R. Noon.
Song Sparrows Vs. Cowbird Brood Parasites: Impacts of Forest Structure and Nest-Site Selection. 93-101.
Brenda Larison, Stephen A. Laymon, Pamela L. Williams, Thomas B. Smith.
Short Incubation Periods of Brown-Headed Cowbirds: How Do Cowbird Eggs Hatch Before Yellow Warbler Eggs?. 102-111.
D. Glen Mcmaster, Spencer G. Sealy.
The Diet of the Antarctic Shag During Summer at Nelson Island, Antarctica. 112-118.
Marco Favero, Ricardo Casaux, Patricia Silva, Esteban Barrera-Oro, Nestor Coria.
Geographic, Temporal, and Age-Specific Variation in Diets of Glaucous Gulls in Western Alaska. 119-130.
Joel A. Schmutz, Keith A. Hobson.
Differences in Diet and Chick Provisioning Between Adult Roseate and Sandwich Terns in Puerto Rico. 131-140.
David A. Shealer.
Book Reviews. 183-192.
Briefly Noted. 193-194.
News and Notes. 195.
Information for Contributors. 196-198.


Species and Subspecies Limits in Least Terns. 180-182.
Barbara W. Massey.

Short Communications

Timing of Pair and Extra-Pair Copulations in the Northern Fulmar. 141-145.
F. M. Hunter.
Song Sparrow Males Use Female-Typical Vocalizations in Fall. 145-148.
Michelle M. Elekonich.
Singing Behavior of Lekking Green Hermits. 149-152.
Elizabeth Macdougall-Shackleton, Heidi Harbison.
The Relationship Between Intro- and Interspecific Brook Amalgamation in Waterfowl. 153-162.
Guy Beauchamp.
First Breeding Records of Whooper Swan and Brambling in North America at Attu Island, Alaska. 162-164.
Paul W. Sykes Jr., David W. Sonneborn.
Factors Affecting Duration of Incubation in Black Brant. 164-168.
Michael W. Eichholz, James S. Sedinger.
Nocturnal Variation in Body Temperature of Griffon Vultures. 168-171.
Ofer Bahat, Itzhak Choshniak, David C. Houston.
Effect of Implanted Satellite Transmitters on the Nesting Behavior of Murres. 172-174.
Paul M. Meyers, Scott A. Hatch, Daniel M. Mulcahy.
Correlates of Creeping Speed Variability in Two Species of Treecreepers. 174-177.
Tomasz S. Osiejuk.
Interactions Between Black-Billed Magpie and Fallow Deer. 177-179.
Peter V. Genov, Paola Gigantesco, Giovanna Massei.
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