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The Condor, Volume 99, Number 4 (1997)

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Egg Removal By Brown-Headed Cowbirds: A Field Test of the Host Incubation Efficiency Hypothesis. 851-857.
Douglas R. Wood, Eric K. Bollinger.
Effects of Nest Parasitism By the Brown-Headed Cowbird on Nesting Success of the California Gnatcatcher. 858-865.
Gerald T. Braden, Robert L. Mckernan, Shawn M. Powell.
Habitat and Microhabitat Features Associated with Cowbird Parasitism in Two Forest Edge Cowbird Hosts. 866-872.
Dirk E. Burhans.
Effect of Egg Covering and Habitat on Nest Destruction By House Wrens. 873-879.
Douglas W. White, E. Dale Kennedy.
Sequential Cavity Use in a Cottonwood Bottomland. 880-887.
James A. Sedgwick.
Habitat Use and Time Budgeting By Wintering Ferruginous Hawks. 888-893.
David L. Plumpton, David E. Andersen.
Hydrological Constraints on Tricolored Heron and Snowy Egret Resource Use. 894-905.
Allan M. Strong, G. Thomas Bancroft, Susan D. Jewell.
Local Survival of Dunlin Wintering in California. 906-915.
Nils Warnock, Gary W. Page, Brett K. Sandercock.
Effect of Incubation Body Mass on Reproductive Success and Survival of Two European Diving Ducks: A Test of the Nutrient Limitation Hypothesis. 916-925.
Peter Blums, Aivars Mednis, Robert G. Clark.
Productivity of Nesting Spectacled Eiders on the Lower Kashunuk River, Alaska. 926-932.
James B. Grand, Paul L. Flint.
Unusually High Reproductive Effort By Sage Grouse in a Fragmented Habitat in North-Central Washington. 933-941.
Michael A. Schroeder.
Song Organization of House Finches at the Edge of an Expanding Range. 942-954.
Carolyn L. Pytte.
A Comparison of Two Bird Survey Techniques Used in a Subtropical Forest. 955-965.
Andrew A. Whitman, John M. Hagan Iii, Nicholas V. L. Brokaw.
Book Reviews. 1011-1015.
Briefly Noted. 1016-1017.
News and Notes. 1018-1025.
Award Announcements. 1026-1027.
Reviewers for Volume 99. 1028-1029.
Index to Volume 99. 1030-1043.

Short Communications

Reproductive Anatomy of the Reed Bunting: A Species Which Exhibits a High Degree of Sperm Competition Through Extra-Pair Copulations. 966-969.
A. Dixon, T. R. Birkhead.
Higher Winter Mortality of the Barn Owl Compared to the Long-Eared Owl and the Tawny Owl: Influence of Lipid Reserves and Insulation? . 969-971.
Sylvie Massemin, Yves Handrich.
Do the Contents of Barn Owl Pellets Accurately Represent the Proportion of Prey Species in the Field?. 972-976.
Yoram Yom-Tov, David Wool.
Territorial Responses of Boreal Forest Birds to Habitat Gaps. 976-980.
Jean-Francois Rail, Marcel Darveau, Andre Desrochers, Jean Huot.
Comparative Analysis of the Vocalization of Hylorchilus Wrens. 981-984.
Hector Gomez De Silva G.
Geographic Variation in the Call of the Blue Petrel: Effects of Sex and Geographical Scale. 985-989.
Vincent Bretagnolle, Fabrice Genevois.
Playback of Crows of Male Japanese Quail Elicits Female Phonotaxis. 990-993.
James L. Goodson, Elizabeth Adkins- Regan.
Changes in King Penguin Breeding Cycle in Response to Food Availability. 994-997.
Oluf Olsson, Anders Brodin.
The Length of Incubation in Relation to Nest Initiation Date and Clutch Size in Dabbling Ducks. 997-1001.
Cliff L. Feldheim.
Maximum Dive Depths of the Peruvian Diving-Petrel. 1002-1004.
Carlos B. Zavalaga, Jaime Jahncke.
Diving Depths of Two Tropical Pelecaniformes: the Red-Tailed Tropicbird and the Red-Footed Booby. 1004-1007.
Matthieu Le Corre.
Absence of Locomotor-Respiratory Coupling During Simulated Descending Flight in the Cackling Canada Goose. 1007- 1010.
Tim Jarsky, Richard Stephenson.
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