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The Condor, Volume 99, Number 3 (1997)

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The Influence of Habitat, Prey Abundance, Sex, and Breeding Success on the Ranging Behavior of Prairie Falcons. 567- 584.
John M. Marzluff, Bryan A. Kimsey, Linda S. Schueck, Mary E. Mcfadzen, Marks S. Vekasy, James C. Bednarz.
Hybridization and Reproductive Performance in Gulls of the Larus Glaucescens-Occidentalis Complex. 585-594.
Douglas A. Bell.
Influence of Alternate Host Densities on Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism Rates in Black-Capped Vireos. 595-604.
David R. Barber, Thomas E. Martin.
Brood Parasitism, Nest Predation, and Season-Long Reproductive Success of a Tropical Island Endemic. 605-621.
Bethany L. Woodworth.
Nest Predation and Cowbird Parasitism Create a Demographic Sink in Wetland-Breeding Song Sparrows. 622-633.
Christopher M. Rogers, Mary J. Taitt, James N.M. Smith, Gwen Jongejan.
Characteristics and Competition for Nest Cavities in Burrowing Procellariiformes. 634-641.
Jaime A. Ramos, Luis R. Monteiro, Encarnacion Sola, Zita Moniz.
Intraspecific Competition Influences Food Return-Predation Risk Trade-Off By White-Crowned Sparrows. 642-650.
Robert Slotow, Ellen Paxinos.
The Response of Male and Female Song Sparrows to Geographic Variation in Song. 651-657.
William A. Searcy, Stephen Nowicki, Melissa Hughes.
The Distribution of Neotropical Migrant Birds Wintering in the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 658- 670.
Wendy K. Gram, John Faaborg.
Seasonal Variation in the Foraging Ecology of the Wood Stork in the Southern Llanos of Venezuela. 671-680.
Josg A. Gonzalez.
Patterns of Frugivory and Energetic Condition in Nearctic Landbirds During Autumn Migration. 681-697.
Jeffrey D. Parrish.
Effects of the Landscape on Shorebird Movements at Spring Migration Stopovers. 698-707.
Adrian H. Farmer, Alfred H. Parent.
Effects of Small Forest Openings on the Breeding Bird Community in a Vermont Hardwood Forest. 708-718.
Stephen S. Germaine, Stephen H. Vessey, David E. Capen.
Bird-Habitat Relationships in a Vegetational Gradient in the Andes of Central Chile. 719-727.
Cristian F. Estades.
Effects of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill on Habitat Use By Birds Along the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. 728-742.
Robert H. Day, Stephen M. Murphy, John A. Wiens, Gregory D. Hayward, E. James Harner, Brian E. Lawhead.
At-Sea Density Monitoring of Marbled Murrelets in Central California: Methodological Considerations. 743-755.
Benjamin H. Becker, Steven R. Beissinger, Harry R. Carter.
Effects of Caching on Acorn Tannin Levels and Blue Jay Dietary Performance. 756-764.
Mark D. Dixon, W. Carter Johnson, Curtis S. Adkisson.
Effectiveness, Biases and Mortality in the Use of Apomorphine for Determining the Diet of Granivorous Passerines. 765- 772.
Francisco Valera, Jose E. Gutierrez, Rafael Barrios.
Bias Associated with Diet Samples in Audouin's Gulls. 773-779.
Jacob Gonzalez-Solfs, Daniel Oro, Vittorio Pedrocchi, Lluis Jover, Xavier Ruiz.
Torpor in Three Species of Brazilian Hummingbirds Under Semi-Natural Conditions. 780-788.
Claus Bech, Augusto S. Abe, John Fleng Steffensen, Martin Berger, John Eduardo P.W. Bicudo.
Body Composition of the European Barn Owl During the Nonbreeding Period. 789-797.
Sylvie Massemin, Rene Groscolas, Yves Handrich.
Commentary. 836-840.
Book Reviews. 841-847.
News and Notes. 848-849.

Short Communications

A Test of an Environmental Advertisement Hypothesis for the Function of Drumming in Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers. 798- 803.
Laurie S. Eberhardt.
Mixed Sexual Dimorphism in Semipalmated Plovers. 803-806.
Kevin L. Teather, Erica Nol.
Corticosterone Levels During Nest Departure of Juvenile American Kestrels. 806-811.
Julie Heath.
Genetic Diversity and Divergence of Endangered Galapagos and Hawaiian Petrel Populations. 812-815.
Robert A. Browne, David J. Anderson, Jeffrey N. Houser, Felipe Cruz, Kevin J. Glasgow, Cathleen Natividad Hodges, Greg Massey.
Intra- Snd Interspecific Sequence Variation in a Portion of the Mitochondrial Nd6 Gene in Cuckoos. 815-818.
David A. Jones, H. Lisle Gibbs.
Morphological and Vocal Variation Among Subspecies of the Black-Faced Sheathbill. 818-825.
Joel Bried, Pierre Jouventin.
Estradiol Dosage and the Solicitation Display Assay in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 826-828.
William A. Searcy, Michael S. Cave.
Sex Identification in the Egyptian Vulture By Flow Cytometry and Cytogenetics. 829-832.
Delia Cavallo, Raffaele De Vita, Patrizia Eleuteri, Robert H.R. Belterman, Giacomo Dell'Omo.
Food Habits of the Madagascar Buzzard in the Rain Forest of the Masoala Peninsula. 833-835.
James Berkelman.
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