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The Condor, Volume 99, Number 2 (1997)

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On the Origin and Evolution of Nest Building By Passerine Birds. 253-270.
Nicholas E. Collias.
Nesting Ecology of Townsend's Warblers in Relation to Habitat Characteristics in a Mature Boreal Forest. 271-281.
Steven M. Matsuoka, Colleen M. Handel, Daniel D. Roby.
Variation in Song Sparrow Nest Defense: Individual Consistency and Relationship to Nest Success. 282-289.
Margret I. Hatch.
Effects of Oiling on Feeding Behavior of Sanderlings and Semipalmated Plovers in New Jersey. 290-298.
Joanna Burger.
Effects of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill on Birds: Comparisons of Pre- and Post-Spill Surveys in Prince William Sound, Alaska. 299 -313.
Stephen M. Murphy, Robert H. Day, John A. Wiens, Keith R. Parker.
Adaptations to and Consequences of an Herbivorous Diet in Grouse and Waterfowl. 314-326.
James S. Sedinger.
Trophic Relationships Among Seabirds in Central California: Combined Stable Isotope and Conventional Dietary Approach. 327- 336.
William J. Sydeman, Keith A. Hobson, Peter Pyle, Elizabeth B. Mclaren.
Environmental and Habitat Correlates of Pasture Use By Nonbreeding Shorebirds. 337-344.
Mark A. Colwell, Sarah L. Dodd.
Factors Affecting the Success of Colony Departure By Thick-Billed Murre Chicks. 345-352.
H. Grant Gilchrist, Anthony J. Gaston.
The Effects of Parental Quality and Timing of Breeding on the Growth of Nestling Thick-Billed Murres. 353-360.
J. Mark Hipfner.
Intraspecific Variability in Nestling Growth and Fledging Behavior of Cassin's Auklets at Triangle Island, British Columbia. 361-371.
Yolanda E. Morbey, Robald C. Ydenberg.
Impacts of Predators: Center Nests Are Less Successful Than Edge Nests in a Large Nesting Colony of Least Terns. 372- 380.
Dianne H. Brunton.
Effects of Spring Environment on Nesting Phenology and Clutch Size of Black Brant. 381-388.
Mark S. Lindberg, James S. Sedinger, Paul L. Flint.
Sources of Variation in Clutch Size, Egg Size and Clutch Completion Dates of Semipalmated Plovers in Churchill, Manitoba. 389- 396.
Erica Nol, Michele Sullivan Blanken, Laura Flynn.
Circulating Prolactin of Incubating Male Wilson's Phalaropes Corresponds to Clutch Size and Environmental Stress. 397- 405.
David J. Delehanty, Lewis W. Oring, Albert J. Fivissani, Mohamed E. El Halawani.
Behavior of Cackling Canada Geese During Brood Rearing. 406-412.
Ada C. Fowler, Craig R. Ely.
Cultural Evolution in the Eurasian Tree Sparrow: Divergence Between Introduced and Ancestral Populations. 413- 423.
Anthony L. Lang, Jon C. Barlow.
Mate Protection and Winter Pair-Bonds in Black-Capped Chickadees. 424-433.
David Lemmon, Matthew L. Withiam, Christopher P.L. Barkan.
Patterns of Dominance and Aggressive Behavior in Blue Jays at a Feeder. 434-444.
Keith A. Tarvin, Glen E. Woolfenden.
Evaluation of Four Methods for Estimating Parrot Population Size. 445-457.
David G. Casagrande, Steven R. Beissinger.
Migration By Flapping Or Soaring: Flight Strategies of Marsh, Montagu's and Pallid Harriers in Southern Israel. 458- 469.
Reto Spaar, Bruno Bruderer.
Leap-Frog Migration in the Fox Sparrow: Minimizing the Cost of Spring Migration. 470-477.
Christopher P. Bell.
Seasonal Effects on Metabolism and Thermoregulation in Northern Bobwhite. 478-489.
David L. Swanson, Duane P. Weinacht.
Intergeneric Relationships of the New World Jays Inferred From Cytochrome B Gene Sequences. 490-502.
Alejandro Espinosa De Los Monteros, Joel Cracraft.
Intraspecific Variation and Evolutionary Reduction of Tendon Ossification in Dendrocincla Woodcreepers. 503-511.
Anthony H. Bledsoe, Robert J. Raikow, Loretta S. Crowell.
Book Reviews. 557-562.
Briefly Noted. 563-564.
News and Notes. 565.

Short Communications

Mating System of the Dusky Antbird, a Tropical Passerine, as Assessed By Dna Fingerprinting. 512-514.
Robert C. Fleischer, Cheryl L. Tarr, Eugene S. Morton, Alexander Sangmeister, Kim C. Derrickson.
On the Behavior of the Black Swift. 514-519.
Manuel Marin.
Do Blood Parasites Affect Paternity, Provisioning and Mate-Guarding in Purple Martins?. 520-523.
Richard H. Wagner, Priya Davidar, Malcolm D. Schug, Eugene S. Morton.
Cooperative Breeding in Gray Jays: Philopatric Offspring Provision Juvenile Siblings. 523-525.
Thomas A. Waite, Dan Strickland.
Memory for Hoarded Food: An Aviary Study of the European Nuthatch. 526-529.
Roger Hardling, Hans Kallander, Jan-Ake Nilsson.
The Effect of Carrying Devices on Breeding Royal Penguins. 530-534.
Cindy L. Hull.
A New Application for Transponders in Population Ecology of the Common Tern. 534-538.
Peter H. Becker, Helmut Wendeln.
Fat Loads and Flightlessness in Wilson's Phalaropes. 538-543.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Relative Costs of Prebasic and Prealternate Molts for Male Blue-Winged Teal. 543-548.
William L. Hohman, Scott W. Manley, David Richard.
Comparison of Pellets Versus Collected Birds for Sampling Diets of Double-Crested Cormorants. 549-553.
Clayton E. Derby, James R. Lovvorn.
Digestion of Chitin By Northern Bobwhites and American Robins. 554-556.
Jennifer I. Weiser, Adam Porth, David Mertens, William H. Karasov.
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