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The Condor, Volume 98, Number 4 (1996)

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A Fossil Scrub-Jay Supports a Recent Systematic Decision. 675-680.
Steven D. Emslie.
Evidence From Cytochrome B Sequences and Allozymes for a 'New' Species of Alcid: the Long-Billed Murrelet (Brachyramphus Perdix) . 681-690.
V. L. Friesen, J. F. Piatt, A. J. Baker.
Temporal and Spatial Patterns in the Diet of the Common Murre in California Waters. 691-705.
David A. Ainley, Larry B. Spear, Sarah G. Allen, Christine A. Ribic.
Effects of Silvicultural Modifications of Temperate Rainforest on Breeding and Wintering Bird Communities, Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska. 706-721.
Dominick A. Dellasala, Joan C. Hagar, Joan A. Hagar, Kathleen A. Engel, William C. Mccomb, Randal L. Fairbanks, Ellen
Display Behavior and Natural History of the Yellow-Crowned Manakin (Heterocercus Flavirvertex: Pipridae). 722- 735.
Richard O. Prum, Joseph D. Kaplan, Jan E. Pierson.
Constraints on Double Brooding in a Neotropical Migrant, the Hooded Warbler. 736-744.
Lesley J. Evans Ogden, Bridget J. M. Stutchbury.
Winter Surveys of Forest-Dwelling Neotropical Migrant and Resident Birds in Three Regions of Cuba. 745-768.
George E. Wallace, Hiram Gonzalez Alonso, Martin K. Mcnicholl, Daysi Rodriguez Batista, Ramona Oviedo Prieto, Alejandro Llanes Sosa, Barbara Sanchez Oria,Elizabeth A. H. Wallace.
Ecological Relationship of Two Todies in Hispaniola: Effects of Habitat and Flocking. 769-779.
Steven C. Latta, Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.
Fruit Color Choices of Captive Silvereyes (Zosterops Lateralis). 780-790.
Helen L. Puckey, Alan Lill, Denis J. O'Dowd.
Mortality of Prairie Falcons During the Fledging-Dependence Period. 791-800.
Mary E. Mcfadzen, John M. Marzluff.
Behavioral Interactions Among Brood Parasites with Precocial Young: Canvasbacks and Redheads on the Delta Marsh. 801- 809.
Rodney D. Sayler.
Evening Flights of Female Northern Pintails From a Major Roost Site. 810-819.
Robert R. Cox, Jr., Alan D. Afton.
Renesting Ecology of Northern Pintails on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska. 820-824.
James B. Grand, Paul L. Flint.
Molt and Migratory Condition in Blue Tits: A Serological Study. 825-831.
Erik Svensson, Juha Merila.
Book Reviews. 891-896.
News and Notes. 897-900.
Award Announcements. 901.
Reviewers for Volume 98. 902-903.
Index to Volume 98. 904-915.


Subspecies of the Least Tern in Mexico. 888-890.
Michael A. Patten, Richard A. Erickson.

Short Communications

Breeding Behavior, Social Organization and Morphology of Red-Shouldered (Agelaius Assimilis) and Tawny-Shouldered (A. Humeralis) Blackbirds. 832-836.
Linda A. Whittingham, Arturo Kirkconnell, Laurene M. Ratcliffe.
Comparison of Aerial and Ground Techniques for Discovery and Census of Wading Bird (Ciconiiformes) Nesting Colonies. 837- 841.
Peter C. Frederick, Tim Towles, Richard J. Sawicki, G. Thomas Bancroft.
An Experimental Test of the Function of Sticks in the Nests of House Wrens. 841-844.
Tom Alworth.
Diving Pattern and Stomach Temperatures of Foraging King Cormorants at Subantarctic Macquarie Island. 844-848.
Akiko Kato, Yasuhiko Naito, Yutaka Watanuki, Peter D. Shaughnessy.
Colonial Seabird Nesting in Dense and Small Sub-Colonies: An Advantage Against Aerial Predation. 848-850.
Daniel Oro.
The Corticosterone Stress Response in Gentoo and King Penguins During the Non-Fasting Period. 850-854.
Rebecca L. Holberton, Brian Helmuth, John C. Wingfield.
Using Artificial Food Patches to Evaluate Habitat Quality for Granivorous Birds: An Application of Foraging Theory. 854- 857.
Stephan G. Kohlmann, Kenneth L. Risenhoover.
Indeterminacy in a Determinate Layer: the Spur-Winged Plover. 858.
Akiva Yogev, Yoram Yom-Tov.
Feeding Preferences and Changes in Mass of Canada Geese Grazing Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue. 859-862.
Michael R. Conover, Terry A. Messmer.
Egg-Laying Behavior in Tits. 863-865.
Svein Haftron.
Further Evidence of Parasitism of Chopi Blackbirds (Gnorimopsar Chopi) By the Specialized Screaming Cowbird (Molothrus Rufoaxillaris) . 866-867.
Rosendo M. Fraga.
Influence of Vegetal Moisture Content and Nest Fate on Timing of Female Sage Grouse Migration. 868-872.
Richard A. Fischer, Kerry P. Reese, John W. Connelly.
Seasonal Changes in Diet, Digestive Morphology and Digestive Efficiency in the Rufous-Collared Sparrow (Zonotrichia Capensis) in Central Chile. 873-876.
F. Fernando Novoa, Claudio Veloso, M. Victoria Lopez-Calleja, Francisco Bozinovic.
Wintering Swainson's Hawks in California's Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. 876-879.
Sebastian K. Herzog.
Delayed Effect of Monsoon Rains Influences Laying Date of a Passerine Bird Lying in an Arid Environment. 879-884.
Jerram L. Brown, Shou-Hsien Li.
The Single Wing-Flick Display of the Black-Capped Chickadee. 885-887.
Susan M. Smith.
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