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The Condor, Volume 98, Number 3 (1996)

Publication Information


Molecular Assessment of the Taxonomic Status of Cox's Sandpiper. 459-463.
Les Christidis, Kizanne Davies, Michael Westerman, Peter D. Christian, Richard Schodde.
Patterns of Nest Usurpation: When Should Species Converge on Nest Niches?. 464-473.
Catherine Lindell.
Tannin and Protein in the Diet of a Food-Hoarding Granivore, the Western Scrub-Jay. 474-482.
David C. Fleck, Diana F. Tomback.
Initial Changes in Habitat and Abundance of Cavity-Nesting Birds and the Northern Parula Following Hurricane Andrew. 483- 490.
A. Robin Torres, Paul L. Leberg.
Diurnal, Intraseasonal, and Intersexual Variation in Foraging Behavior of the Common Yellowthroat. 491-500.
John P. Kelly, Chris Wood.
Food Intake, Weight Changes and Egg Production in Captive Red Grouse Before and During Laying: Effects of the Parasitic Nematode Trichostrongylus Tenuis. 501-511.
R. J. Delahay, R. Moss.
Nutritional Implications of Molt in Male Canasbacks: Variation in Nutrient Reserves and Digestive Tract Morphology. 512- 526.
Jonathan E. Thompson, Ronald D. Drobney.
Genetic Differentiation, Geographic Variation and Hybridization in Gulls of the Larus Glaucescens-Occidebtalis Complex. 527- 546.
Douglas A. Bell.
Genetic Differentiation and Taxonomy in the House Wren Species Group. 547-556.
Robb T. Brumfield, A. P. Capparella.
Organization of Agonistic Vocalizations in Black-Chinned Hummingbirds. 557-566.
Kathryn M. Rusch, Carolyn L. Pytte, Millicent S. Ficken.
Long-Term Changes in Songs and Song Dialect Boundaries of Puget Sound White-Crowned Sparrows. 567-580.
Glen Chilton, M. Ross Lein.
Body Length and Wing Length Provide Univariate Estimates of Overall Body Size in the Merlin. 581-588.
Christer G. Wiklund.
Nest Site Fidelity in Female Wild Turkey: Potential Causes and Reproductive Consequences. 589-594.
Alexander V. Badyaev, John D. Faust.
The Composition and Foraging Ecology of Mixed-Species Flocks in Pine Forests of Hispaniola. 595-607.
Stevem C. Latta, Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.
Acoustic Signal Amplitude Patterns: A Computer Simulation Investigation of the Acoustic Adaptation Hypothesis. 608- 623.
Timothy J. Brown, Paul Handford.
Book Reviews. 664-670.
News and Notes. 670-672.

Short Communications

Breeding Biology of the Madagascar Buzzard in the Rain Forest of the Masoala Peninsula. 624-627.
James Berkelman.
Diving Ability of Blue Petrels and Thin-Billed Prions. 627-629.
Oliver Chastel, Joel Bried.
New Host for a Specialized Brood Parasite, the Screaming Cowbird. 630-632.
Myriam E. Mermoz, Juan C. Reboreda.
Seasonal, Diel and Spatial Dispersion Patterns of Golden Eagle Autumn Migration in Southwestern Montana. 633- 636.
Kristian Shawn Omland, Stephen W. Hoffman.
Status Signaling in Dark-Eyed Juncos: Perceived Status of Other Birds Affects Dominance Interactions. 636-639.
Michael J. Grasso, Udo M. Savalli, Ronald L. Mumme.
Inerspecific Aggression By Yellow Warblers in a Sun Coffee Plantation. 640-642.
Russell Greenberg, Robert Reitsma, Andrea Cruz Angon.
Variable Expression of Sexually Mosaic Plumage in Female Lesser Kestrels. 643-644.
Jose L. Tella, Jose A. Donazar, Fernando Hiraldo.
Video Documentation of a Brown-Headed Cowbird Nestling Ejecting an Indigo Bunting Nestling From the Nest. 645- 649.
Donald C. Dearborn.
Satellite Tracking of Southern Buller's Albatrosses From the Snares, New Zealand. 649-652.
P. M. Sagar, H. Weimerskirch.
Black Brant From Alaska Staging and Wintering in Japan. 653-657.
Dirk V. Derksen, Karen S. Bollinger, David H. Ward, James S. Sedinger, Yoshihiko Miyabayashi.
The Stability of the Oriole Hybrid Zone in Western Kansas. 658-663.
James D. Rising.
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