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The Condor, Volume 98, Number 2 (1996)

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Nest Initiation and Clutch Size of Great Blue Herons on the Mississippi River in Relation to the 1993 Flood. 181- 188.
Thomas W. Custer, Randy K. Hines, Christine M. Custer.
Status and Trends of Loon Populations Summering in Alaska, 1971-1993. 189-195.
Deborah J. Groves, Bruce Conant, Rodney J. King, John I. Hodges, James G. King.
Seasonal Variation in Diurnal and Nocturnal Distributions of Nonbreeding Shorebirds at North Humboldt Bay, California. 196- 207.
Sarah L. Dodd, Mark A. Colwell.
Breeding Biology of the Dolphin Gull at Punta Tombo, Argentina. 208-215.
Pablo Yorio, P. Dee Boersma, Scott Swann.
Molt of Cory's Shearwater During the Breeding Season. 216-221.
L. R. Monteiro, R. W. Furness.
Serial Descendant Primary Molt Or Staffelmauser in Black-Crowned Night-Herons. 222-233.
Gary W. Shugart, Sievert Rohwer.
The Effect of Supplemental Food on Body Condition and the Timing of Reproduction in a Cooperative Breeder, the Florida Scrub- Jay. 234-244.
Stephan J. Schoech.
Aggression in White-Crowned Sparrows: Effects of Distance From Cover and Group Size. 245-252.
Robert Slotow.
Unsuitability of the House Finch as a Host of the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 253-258.
Daniel R. Kozlovic, Richard W. Knapton, Jon C. Barlow.
Differential Reproductive Success of Brown-Headed Cowbirds with Northern Cardinals and Three Other Hosts. 259-271.
David M. Scott, Robert E. Lemon.
The Effect of Magpie Breeding Density and Synchrony on Brood Parasitism By Great Spotted Cuckoos. 272-278.
J. G. Martinez, M. Soler, J. J. Soler.
Morphometry of the Digestive Tracts of Some Passerine Birds. 279-292.
R. E. Ricklefs.
Complete Migration Cycle of Golden Eagles Breeding in Northern Quebec. 293-299.
Serge Brouder, Robert Decarie, David M. Bird, Mark Fuller.
Paternal Care in the Cooperatively Polyandrous Galapagos Hawk. 300-311.
Linda S. Delay, John Faaborg, Jenny Naranjo, Sara M. Paz, Tjitte De Vries, Patricia G. Parker.
Aspects of the Life History and Foraging Ecology of the Endangered Akiapolaau. 312-321.
C. John Ralph, Steven G. Fancy.
Brown Noddy Chick Predation By Great Frigatebirds in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. 322-327.
Jennifer Lynn Megyesi, Curtice R. Griffin.
Causes of Hatching Failure in the Pied Flycatcher. 328-336.
Jaime Potti, Santiago Merino.
Bird Communities of Northern Forests: Patterns of Diversity and Abundance. 337-349.
Mary F. Willson, Tallchief A. Comet.
Bird Communities of Northern Forests: Ecological Correlates of Diversity and Abundance in the Understory. 350-362.
Mary F. Willson, Tallchief A. Comet.
Build-Up of Red Blood Cells in Refuelling Bar-Tailed Godwits in Relation to Individual Migratory Quality. 363- 370.
Theunis Piersma, Jan M. Everaarts, Joof Jukema.
Geographic Variation in Metabolic Seasonal Acclimatization in House Finches. 371-381.
Timothy P. O'Connor.
The Influence of Weather, Geography, and Habitat on Migrating Raptors on Cape May Peninsula. 382-394.
Lawrence J. Niles, Joanna Burger, Kathleen E. Clark.
A Ten-Year Study of the Stopover Patterns of Migratory Passerines During Fall Migration on Appledore Island, Maine. 395- 409.
Sara R. Morris, David W. Holmes, Milo E. Richmond.
News and Notes. 454.


On Breeding Performance, Colony Growth and Habitat Selection in Buff-Necked Ibis. 440-441.
Thierry Boulinier.

Historical Perspectives

Bird Migration: Methodologies and Major Research Trajectories (1945-1995). 442-453.
Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr.

Short Communications

Sperm Transfer in the Adelie Penguin. 410-413.
F. M. Hunter, L. S. Davis, G. D. Miller.
Lack of Sperm Storage By Female Migrants and the Significance of Copulations En Route. 414-417.
James V. Briskie.
Nuptial Vocalizations of Male Least Seedsnipe: Structure Nd Evolutinary Significance. 418-422.
Edward H. Miller.
Florida Scrub-Jay Forages on Back of White-Tailed Deer. 422-423.
John W. Fitzpatrick, Glen E. Woolpended.
The Use of Thermal Refugia By Two Small Desert Birds. 424-428.
Blair O. Wolf, Kenneth M. Wooden, Glenn E. Walsberg.
Egg Laying in Dusky Flycatchers and White-Crowned Sparrows. 428-430.
Suzanne D. Oppenheimer, Maria E. Pereyra, Martin L. Morton.
Egg-Capping and Eggshell Removal By Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers. 431-433.
Brett K. Sandercock.
Nesting Phenology of Kittlitz's Murrelet. 433-437.
Robert H. Day.
Geographic Variation in Size of Female Wild Rock Doves. 437-439.
Richard F. Johnston.
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