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The Condor, Volume 97, Number 3 (1995)

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Population Size and Factors Affecting At-Sea Distributions of Four Endangered Procellariids in the Tropical Pacific. 613- 638.
Larry B. Spear, David G. Ainley, Nady Nur, Steve N. G. Howell.
Trans-Beringia Comparisons of Mitochondrial Dna Differentiation in Birds. 639-649.
Robert M. Zink, Sievert Rohwer, Alexander V. Andreev, Donna L. Dittmann.
Phylogenetic Relationships of the Cinnamon Tyrant, Neopipo Cinnamomea, to the Tyrant Flycatchers (Tyrannidae). 650- 662.
Jason A. Mobley, Richard O. Prum.
Correcting Biased Estimates of Dispersal and Survival Due to Limited Study Area: Theory and an Application Using Wrentits. 663- 674.
Mitchell Baker, Nadav Nur, Geoffrey R. Geupel.
Passage Rates of Digesta Markers in the Gut of the Hoatzin, a Folivorous Bird with Foregut Fermentation. 675- 683.
Alejandro Grajal, Ornella Parra.
Habitat Configuration Around Spotted Owl Sites in Northwestern California. 684-693.
John E. Hunter, R. J. Gutierrez, Alan B. Franklin.
Nest-Site Relationships Among Cavity-Nesting Birds of Riparian and Snowpocket Aspen Woodlands in the Northwestern Great Basin. 694-707.
David S. Dobkin, Adam C. Rich, Jennifer A. Pretare, William H. Pyle.
Ecological and Physiological Effects on Egg Laying Intervals in Ptarmigan. 708-717.
Karen L. Wiebe, Kathy Martin.
Food Availability and Egg-Laying of Captive European Starlings. 718-728.
T. Meijer, U. Langer.
Demography and Movements of Apapane and Iiwi in Hawaii. 729-742.
C. John Ralph, Steven G. Fancy.
Habits and Habitats of Mountain Plovers in California. 743-751.
Fritz L. Knopf, Jeffery R. Rupert.
Reconstructing Avian Diets Using Stable-Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Analysis of Egg Components: Patterns of Isotopic Fractionation and Turnover. 752-762.
Keith A. Hobson.
Prey of Peregrine Falcons Breeding in West Greenland. 763-770.
Robert N. Rosenfield, James W. Schneider, Joseph M. Papp, William S. Seegar.
Predation and Kleptoparasitism By Migrating Parasitic Jaegers. 771-781.
Marc Belisle, Jean-Francois Giroux.
Foraging Behavior of American Redstarts in Breeding and Wintering Habitats: Implications for Relative Food Availability. 782- 791.
Irby J. Lovette, Richard T. Holmes.
Geographic, Ecological and Subspecific Variation in the Song of the Rufous-Browed Peppershrike (Cyclarhis Gujanensis). 792- 803.
Pablo L. Tubaro, Enrique T. Segura.
Communal Parental Care By Monogamous Magpie Hosts of Fledgling Great Spotted Cuckoos. 804-810.
Manuel Soler, Jose Javier Palomino, Juan Gabriel Martinez, Juan Jose Soler.
Book Reviews. 848-850.
Christopher W. Thompson.
New Books in Ornithology. 851-852.
Christopher W. Thompson.


Low Power and Implications for Female Mate Choice Theory. 835-836.
Kathleen G. Beal.
Parental Care Not Likely to Explain Poor Mating Success in Yearling Male American Redstarts. 836-837.
Kevin E. Omland, Thomas W. Sherry.

Historical Perspectives

Condor Physiology. 838-847.
William R. Dawson.

Short Communications

Sex-Biased Host Selection and Success of Kleptoparasitic Behavior of the Great Frigatebird in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. 811-814.
Robert E. Cummins.
Unusual Parasitism By the Bronzed Cowbird. 814-815.
Ethan D. Clotfelter, Timothy Brush.
Courtship Displaying and Intrasexual Competition in the Bronzed Cowbird. 816-818.
Ethan D. Clotfelter.
Evidence of Conspecific Nest Parasitism and Egg Discrimination in the Sora. 819-821.
Michael D. Sorenson.
Differences in Singing Behavior Between Rufous-Collared Sparrows in Costa Rica and Northwestern Argentina. 821- 826.
James R. Fotheringham.
Intraclutch Variation in Egg Volume of Great Crested Grebes. 826-828.
Keld Kenriksen.
Pied Flycatchers Prefer to Nest in Clean Nest Boxes in an Area with Detrimental Nest Ectoparasites. 828-831.
Santiago Merino, Jaime Potti.
Mobbing of Eastern Screech-Owls: Predatory Cues, Risk to Mobbers and Degree of Threat. 831-834.
Frederick R. Gehlbach, Jill S. Leverett.
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