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The Condor, Volume 97, Number 2 (1995)

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Filter Feeding in Flamingos (Phoenicopterus Ruber). 297-324.
G. Zweers, F. De Jong, H. Berkhoudt, J. C. Vanden Berge.
Effects of Food Density on the Behavior and Distribution of Nonbreeding American Flamingos in Yucatan, Mexico. 325- 334.
Felicity Arengo, Guy A. Baldassarre.
Variations in Growth of Roseate Tern Chicks. 335-344.
Ian C. T. Nisbet, Jeffrey A. Spendelow, Jeff S. Hatfield.
Egg Size and Early Nestling Growth in the Snow Petrel. 345-351.
Trond Amundsen.
Clutch-Size Manipulations in the Yellow-Headed Blackbird: A Test of the Individual Optimization Hypothesis. 352- 360.
Colleen A. Barber, Roger M. Evans.
Nest Defense By Willow Flycatchers to Brood-Parasitic Intruders. 361-368.
J. C. Uyehara, Peter M. Narins.
Male Northern Orioles Eject Cowbird Eggs: Implications for the Evolution of Rejection Behavior. 369-375.
Spencer G. Sealy, Diane L. Neudorf.
Singing Behavior, Song Types on Their Wintering Grounds and the Question of Leap-Frog Migration in Puget Sound White-Crowned Sparrows. 376-389.
Barbara B. Dewolfe, Luis F. Baptista.
Song Types, Repertoires and Song Variability in a Population of Chestnut-Sided Warblers. 390-401.
Bruce E. Byers.
Delayed Access to Local Songs Prolongs Vocal Development in Dialect Populations of Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 402- 414.
Adrian L. O'Loghlen.
Reproductive Biology and Vocalizations of the Horned Guan Oreophasis Derbianus in Mexico. 415-426.
Fernando Gonzalez- Garcia.
Fat Content and Stopover Ecology of Spring Migrant Semipalmated Sandpipers in South Carolina. 427-437.
James E. Lyons, Susan M. Haig.
Comparison of Condition Indices in Migratory Passerines at a Stopover Site in Coastal Louisiana. 438-444.
Terry J. Spengler, Paul L. Leberg, Wylie C. Barrow, Jr.
Interspecific Competition for Nest Holes Causes Adult Mortality in the Collared Flycatcher. 445-450.
Juha Merila, David A. Wiggins.
Nutrient-Reserve Dynamics of Breeding Male Wood Ducks. 451-460.
Daniel L. Hipes, Gary R. Kepp.
Common Goldeneye Nest Attendance Patterns. 461-472.
Michael C. Zicus, Steven K. Hennes, Michael R. Riggs.
Molt in the Annual Cycle of Ring-Necked Ducks. 473-483.
William L. Hohman, Richard D. Crawford.
Annual Molt in Ruby-Throated and Black-Chinned Hummingbirds. 484-491.
William H. Baltosser.
Phylogenetic Relationships Among North American Grouse Inferred From Restriction Endonuclease Analysis of Mitochondrial Dna. 492-502.
Darrell L. Ellsworth, Rodney L. Honeycutt, Nova J. Silvy.
Genetic Evidence for Undetected Alleles and Unexpected Parentage in the Gray-Breasted Jay. 503-511.
Bonnie S. Bowen, Rolf R. Koford, Jerram L. Brown.
Ecology and Breeding Biology of the Hawaii Elepaio (Chasiempis Sandwichensis Bryani). 512-527.
Charles Van Riper Iii.
Population Structure and Survival of Palila. 528-535.
G. D. Lindsey, S. G. Fancy, M. H. Reynolds, T. K. Pratt, K. A. Wilson, P. C. Bank, J. D. Jacobi.
Diving Behavior of Emperor Penguins Nurturing Chicks at Coulman Island, Antarctica. 536-549.
G. L. Kooyman, T. G. Kooyman.
Factors Affecting Daily Activity Budgets of South Georgian Shags During Chick Rearing at Bird Island, South Georgia. 550- 558.
S. Wanless, M. P. Harris, J. A. Morris.
Does Male-Like Coloration of Female Hooded Warblers Increase Nest Predation?. 559-564.
Bridget J. Stutchbury, Joan S. Howlett.
Changes in Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Ratios in Sooty and Short-Tailed Shearwaters During Their Northward Migration. 565-574.
Hiroshi Minami, Masao Minagawa, Haruo Ogi.
Book Reviews. 605-611.
Christopher W. Thompson.
News and Notes. 612.
New Books in Ornithology. 612.
Christopher W. Thompson.

Historical Perspectives

Orientation and Navigation: A Perspective on Fifty Years of Research. 592-604.
Kenneth P. Able.

Short Communications

Nest-Site Characteristics of the Socorro Green Parakeet. 575-577.
Ricardo Rodriguez-Eastrella, Laura Rivera Rodriguez, Francisco Anguiano.
Nest Site Selection By Eared Grebes in a Franklin's Gull Colony: Structural Stability Parasites. 577-580.
Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld.
Plasma Corticosterone in Bar-Tailed Godwits at a Major Stop-Over Site During Spring Migration. 580-585.
Marilyn Ramenofsky, Theunis Piersma, Joop Jukema.
Observations on the Nesting and Breeding Behavior of the Rock Wren. 585-587.
Michele Merola.
Bald Eagles Kleptoparasitizing Sea Otters at Amchitka Island, Alaska. 588-590.
Jon Watt, Bernhard Krausse, Tim M. Tinker.
Melanin and the Abrasion Resistance of Feathers. 590-591.
Richard H. C. Bonser.
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