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The Condor, Volume 97, Number 1 (1995)

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Unusual Patterns of Incomplete Primary Molt in Laysan and Black-Footed Albatrosses. 1-19.
Nancy E. Langston, Sievert Rohwer.
Homing Experiments with Starlings Deprived of the Sense of Smell. 20-26.
H. G. Wallraff, J. Kiepenheuer, M. F. Neumann, A. Streng.
Characteristics, Use and Possible Functions of the Perch Songs and Chatter Calls of Male Common Yellowthroats. 27- 38.
Gary Ritchison.
Assessing Vocal Variety in the Winter Wren, a Bird with a Complex Repertoire. 39-49.
Beatrice Van Horne.
A Test of Whether Economy Or Nutrition Determines Fecal Sac Ingestion in Nesting Corvids. 50-56.
Kevin J. Mcgowan.
Grit Use By House Sparrows: Effects of Diet and Grit Size. 57-67.
James P. Gionfriddo, Louis B. Best.
Habitat-Related Factors Affecting the Distribution of Nonbreeding American Avocets in Coastal South Carolina. 68- 81.
Ruth Boettcher, Susan M. Haig, William C. Bridges, Jr.
Genetic Analyses of Wild Populations of Hawaiian Geese Using Dna Fingerprinting. 82-90.
Elizabeth H. Rave.
Black Brant Winter and Spring-Staging Use at Two Washington Coastal Areas in Relation to Eelgrass Abundance. 91- 98.
Ulrich W. Wilson, James B. Atkinson.
Dominance, Brood Size and Foraging Behavior During Brood-Rearing in the Lesser Snow Goose: An Experimental Study. 99- 106.
R. S. Mulder, T. D. Williams, F. Cooke.
Variation in Brood Behavior of Black Brant. 107-115.
James S. Sedinger, Michael W. Eichholz, Paul L. Flint.
Metabolizability and Partitioning of Energy and Protein in Green Plants By Yearling Lesser Snow Geese. 116-122.
James S. Sedinger, Robert G. White, Jerry Hupp.
Morphological Differences in Pacific Coast Populations of Greater White-Fronted Geese. 123-132.
Dennis L. Orthmeyer, John Y. Takekawa, Craig R. Ely, Michael L. Wege, Wesley E. Newton.
Foraging Strategies and Energetic Costs of Foraging Flights By Breeding Wood Storks. 133-140.
A. Lawrence Bryan, Jr. , Malcolm C. Coulter, Colin J. Pennycuick.
Waterbird Predation on Fish in Western Lake Erie: A Bioenergetics Model Application. 141-153.
Charles P. Madenjian, Steven W. Gabrey.
Aspects of Breeding Biology and Social Organization in the Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher. 154-164.
Jonathan V. Regosin, Stephen Pruett-Jones.
Movement of Urine in the Lower Colon and Cloaca of Ostriches. 165-173.
Gary E. Duke, A. Allan Degen, James K. Reynhout.
Phylogenetic Reanalysis of Strauch's Osteological Data Set for the Charadriiformes. 174-196.
Philip C. Chu.
Removal Indeterminancy and the Proximate Determination of Clutch Size in the House Sparrow. 197-207.
Ted R. Anderson.
Northern Hawk-Owls in the Nearctic Boreal Forest: Prey Selection and Population Consequences of Multiple Prey Cycles. 208- 220.
Christoph Rohner, James N. M. Smith, Johan Stroman, Miranda Joyce, Frank I. Doyle, Rudy Boonstra.
Nesting Habitat and Nesting Success of Eastern Wild Turkeys in the Arkansas Ozark Highlands. 221-232.
Alexander V. Badyaev.
Phylogeny and Evolutionary Ecology of Modern Seaducks (Anatidae: Mergini). 233-255.
Bradley C. Livezey.
Book Reviews. 286-287.
Christopher W. Thompson.
New Books in Ornithology. 288-289.
Christopher W. Thompson.
News and Notes. 290.
Miller Research Award. 291.
Copies of Journal Articles Offered By Wfvz. 292-294.
Information for Contributors. 295-296.


Correlation Coefficients as Evidence of Female Preference for Size of Mate. 284.
Helmet C. Mueller.
Associative Mating: A Reply to Mueller. 285.
Ian C. Warkentin, Paul C. James, Lynn W. Oliphant.

Short Communications

The Loss of Avian Cavities By Injury Compartmentalization in a Primeval European Forest. 256-257.
Tomasz Wesolowski.
Differences in Wintering Areas of Snowy Plovers From Inland Breeding Sites in Western North America. 258-262.
Gary W. Page, Mark A. Stern, Peter W. C. Paton.
Colony Differences in Response to Trapping in Roseate Terns. 263-266.
Joanna Burger, Ian C. T. Nisbet, James M. Zingo, Jeffrey A. Spendelow, Carl Safina, Michael Gochfeld.
Sexual Dimorphism and Breeding Success in Tree Swallows and Collared Flycatchers. 267-271.
David A. Wiggins, Tomas Part.
New Information on Kittlitz's Murrelet Nests'. 271-273.
Robert H. Day.
Nest-Site Characteristics of the Madagascar Buzzard in the Rain Forest of the Masoala Peninsula. 273-275.
James Berkelman.
Use of Implanted Satellite Transmitters to Locate Spectacled Eiders at Sea. 276-278.
Margaret R. Petersen, David C. Douglas, Daniel M. Mulcahy.
Spatial Aspects of Roost-Site Selection in Breeding Male Dark-Eyed Juncos. 279-282.
C. Ray Chandler, Ellen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan Jr.
Genetic Variation and Nesting Bald Eagles. 282-283.
Richard L. Knight, Gerald R. Craig, Michael H. Smith, James W. Grier, Robert G. Mclean.
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