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The Condor, Volume 96, Number 3 (1994)

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New Information on the Late Pleistocene Birds From San Josecito Cave, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 577-589.
David W. Steadman, Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales, Eileen Johnson, A. Fabiola Guzman.
Patterns of Aggression in Gulls: Asymmetries and Tactics in Different Social Categories. 590-599.
Raymond Pierotti, Cynthia Annett.
Year-Nd Age-Related Variation in the Survival of Adult European Shags Over a 24-Year Period. 600-605.
M. P. Harris, S. T. Buckland, S. M. Russell , S. Wanless.
Parental Care at Nests of Two Age Classes of Male American Redstart: Implications for Female Mate Choice. 606-613.
Kevin E. Omland, Thomas W. Sherry.
Plumage Variation, Plasma Steroids and Social Dominance in Male House Finches. 614-625.
James R. Belthoff, Alfred M. Dufty, Jr., Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr.
Testis Mass and Subadult Plumage in Black-Headed Grosbeaks. 626-630.
Geoffrey E. Hill.
Energetic Benefits of Communal Roosting By Acorn Woodpeckers During the Nonbreeding Season. 631-637.
Morne A. Du Plessis, Wesley W. Weathers, Walter D. Koenig.
Seasonal Acclimatization of Thermoregulation in the Black-Capped Chickadee. 638-646.
Sheldon J. Cooper, David L. Swanson.
Foraging Behavior and Nestling Diet of Chestnut-Backed Chickadees in Monterey Pine. 647-653.
P. K. Kleintjes, D. L. Dahlsten.
Courtship, Copulation, Nesting Behavior and Brood Parasitism in the Venezuelan Stripe-Backed Wren. 654-671.
Walter H. Piper.
Behavior and Social Organization During the Breeding Season in Mionectes Oleagineus, a Lekking Flycatcher. 672- 683.
David A. Westcott, James N. M. Smith.
The Occurrence and Ecology of the Golden-Cheeked Warbler in the Highlands of Northern Chiapas, Mexico. 684-691.
Rosa Maria Vidal, Claudia Macias-Caballero, Charles D. Duncan.
Species Status of the White-Fronted Manakin, Lepidothrix Serena (Pipridae), with Comments on Conservation Biology. 692- 702.
Richard O. Prum.
Variation in the Structure of Female Brown-Headed Cowbird Vocalizations and Its Relation to Vocal Function and Development. 703 -715.
Kris Burnell, Stephen I. Rothstein.
Brood Parasitism of the Shiny Cowbird, Molothrus Bonariensis, on the Brown-And-Yellow Marshbird, Pseudoleistes Virescens. 716- 721.
Myriam E. Mermoz , Juan C. Reboreda.
The Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Breeding Female Montezuma Oropendolas: Effects on Male Mating Strategies. 722- 733.
Michael S. Webster.
Seasonal Changes in Day and Night Foraging of Willets in Northeastern Venezuela. 734-738.
Ghislain Rompre, Raymond Mcneil.
Survival and Growth of Nestling Vesper Sparrows Exposed to Experimental Food Reductions. 739-748.
Jane S. Adams, Richard L. Knight, Lowell C. Mcewen, T. Luke George.
Effects of Short-Term Food Deprivation on Growth of Hand-Reared American Kestrels. 749-760.
Juan J. Negro, Alain Chastin, David M. Bird.
Predation on Northern Cardinal Nests: Does Choice of Nest Site Matter?. 761-768.
Tamatha S. Filliater, Randall Breitwisch, Paul M. Nealen.
Determining Homology of Molts and Plumages to Address Evolutionary Questions: A Rejoinder Regarding Emberizid Finches. 769- 782.
Christopher W. Thompson, Matthias Leu.
Evaluation of Lipid Indices of the Wood Thrush. 783-790.
Courtney J. Conway, William R. Eddleman, Kenneth L. Simpson.
Book Reviews. 833-839.
Christopher W. Thompson.
New Books in Ornithology. 840-841.
Christopher W. Thompson.
News and Notes. 842.
Studies in Avian Biology. 843.
Advertising Rates and Information. 844.

Historical Perspectives

Advances in Studies of Avian Sound Communication. 817-830.
Luis F. Baptista, Sandra L. L. Gaunt.
Harry R. Painton Award: Thirty-Two Years of Excellence, 1961-1993. 831-832.
J. Michael Scott.

Short Communications

Seasonal Changes in Fatty Acid Composition of the Wood Thrush. 791-794.
Courtney J. Conway, William R. Eddleman, Kenneth L. Simpson.
Interspecific Brood Parasitism of Montezuma Oropendolas By Giant Cowbirds: Parasitism Or Mutualism?. 794-798.
Michael S. Webster.
Rejection of Foreign Eggs By Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 799-801.
Alfred M. Dufty, Jr.
Activity, Survival, Independence and Migration of Fledgling Great Spotted Cuckoos. 802-805.
Manuel Soler, Jose Javier Palomino, Juan Gabriel Martinez, Juan Jose Soler.
A Technique for Measuring Precocial Chicks From Photographs. 805-809.
Bruce E. Lyon.
Variation in Parental Care with Offspring Age in the Greater Flamingo. 809-812.
Frank Cezilly, Christophe Tourenq, Alan Johnson.
Effects of Height of Neighboring Nests on Nest Predation in the Rufous Turtle-Dove (Streptopelia Orientalis). 812- 816.
Takeshi Wada.
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