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The Condor, Volume 96, Number 1 (1994)

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Costs of Sexual Advertising in the Lekking Jackson's Widowbird. 1-10.
Staffan Anderson.
Costs and Rates of Egg Formation in Ruddy Ducks. 11-18.
Ray T. Alisauskas, C. Davison Ankney.
Nest Site Selection By Eared Grebes in Minnesota. 19-35.
Janet S. Boe.
Molt Migration of Postbreeding Female Mallards From Suisun Marsh, California. 36-45.
Gregory S. Yarris, M. Robert Mclandress, Alison E.H. Perkins.
Age, Habitat and Tide Effects on Feeding Activity of Emperor Geese During Autumn Migration. 46-51.
Joel A. Schmutz.
Partial Loss of Red-Tailed Hawk Territories to Swainson's Hawks: Relations to Habitat. 52-57.
Stewart W. Janes.
Population Variabilities of Bird Guilds in Kansas During Fall and Winter: Weekly Censuses Versus Christmas Bird Counts. 58- 69.
Martin A. Stapanian, Christopher C. Smith, Elmer J. Finck.
The Chick-A-Dee Call System of the Mexican Chickadee. 70-82.
Millicent Sigler Ficken, Elizabeth D. Hailman, Jack P. Hailman.
Austral Bird Migrants in Paraguay. 83-97.
Floyd E. Hayes, Paul A. Scharf, Roberts S. Ridgely.
Effect and Efficiency of Tartar Emetic in Determining the Diet of Tropical Land Birds. 98-104.
Brigitte Poulin, Gaetan Lefebvre, Raymond Mcneil.
The Composition and Social Organization of Mixed-Species Flocks in a Tropical Deciduous Forest in Western Mexico. 105- 118.
Richard L. Hutto.
Hematocrits in Montane Sparrows in Relation to Reproductive Schedule. 119-126.
Martin L. Morton.
Syringeal Morphology and the Phylogeny of the Falconidae. 127-140.
Carole S. Griffiths.
Field Metabolic Rate and Food Consumption of Two Sympatric Hummingbird Species in Southeastern Arizona. 141-150.
Donald R. Powers, Timothy M. Conley.
Timing of Breeding and Molting in Six Species of Hawaiian Honeycreepers. 151-161.
C. John Ralph, Steven G. Fancy.
Sunrise Nest Attentiveness in Cowbird Hosts. 162-169.
Diane L. Neudorf, Spencer G. Sealy.
Clutch Size in Passerines of Southern South America. 170-177.
Yoram Yom-Tov, Miguel I. Christie, Gustavo J. Iglesias.
Status and Habitat Use By American Avocets Wintering at Humboldt Bay, California. 178-189.
Thomas J. Evans, Stanley W. Harris.
Song Sharing and Repertoires Among Migratory and Resident Rufous-Sided Towhees. 190-196.
David N. Ewert, Donald E. Kroodsma.
Book Reviews. 244-249.
Christopher W. Thompson.
New Books in Ornithology. 250-252.
Christopher W. Thompson.
News and Notes. 253-254.
Information for Contributors. 255-256.

Historical Perspectives

Historical Patterns in the Study of Avian Social Behavior. 232-243.
Jerram L. Brown.

Short Communications

Irruptive Dispersal of Black-Shouldered Kites to a Coastal Island. 197-200.
Thomas A. Scott.
Diurnal Behavior of the Spotted Owl in Washington. 200-202.
Stan G. Sovern, Eric D. Forsman, Brian L. Biswell, David N. Rolph, Margaret Taylor.
Size of the Bursa of Fabricius in Relation to Gonad Size and Age in Laysan and Black-Footed Albatrosses. 203-207.
Jack M. Broughton.
Brown Fat in Birds? a Test for the Mammalian Bat-Specific Mitochondrial Uncoupling Protein in Common Poorwills. 208- 211.
R. Mark Brigham, Paul Trayhurn.
Migratory Fattening in an Australian Intracontinental Migrant. 211-214.
K. Chan.
Ptilochronology: Follicle History Fails to Influence Growth of an Induced Feather. 214-217.
Thomas C. Grubb, Vladimir V. Pravosudov.
Extra-Pair Paternity in the Black-Capped Chickadee. 218-222.
Ken Otter, Laurene Ratcliffe, Peter T. Boag.
Sex-Related Differences in Distraction-Displays By Florida Sandhill Cranes. 222-224.
Reuven Yosef.
Voice, Plumage and Natural History of Anthony's Nightjar (Caprimulgus Anthony). 224-228.
Mark B. Robbins, Robert S. Ridgely, Steven W. Cardiff.
Effects of Habitat Structure on Patch Use By Loggerhead Shrikes Wintering in a Natural Grassland. 228-231.
Felipe Chavez-Ramirez, Dale E. Gawlik, Felipe G. Prieto, R. Douglas Slack.
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