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The Condor, Volume 95, Number 4 (1993)

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Vocal Repertoire of the Long-Tailed Manakin and Its Relation to Male-Male Cooperation. 769-781.
Jill M. Trainer, David B. Mcdonald.
Factors Affecting Which Male Red-Winged Blackbirds Acquire Territories. 782-791.
Les D. Beletsky, Gordon H. Orians.
Stomach Oil and the Energy Budget of Wilson's Storm-Petrel Nestlings. 792-805.
Bryan S. Obst, Kenneth A. Nagy.
Species-Habitat Relationships Among Antarctic Seabirds: A Function of Physical Or Biological Factors. 806-816.
David G. Ainley, Christine A. Ribic, Larry B. Spear.
Importance of Landfills to Nesting Herring Gulls. 817-830.
Jerrold L. Belant, Thomas W. Seamans, Steven W. Gabrey, Sheri K. Ickes.
Activity Patterns of Marbled Murrelets in Old-Growth Forest in the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. 831- 848.
Michael S. Rodway, Heidi M. Regehr, Jean-Pierre L. Savard.
Incubation Rhythms and Mass Loss of Common Goldeneyes. 849-859.
Mark L. Mallory, Patrick J. Weatherhead.
Adoption of Young and Intraspecific Nest Parasitism in Barnacle Geese. 860-868.
Sharmila Choudhury, Catherine S. Jones, Jeffrey M. Black, Jouke Prop.
Egg-Laying Time and Laying Interval in the Common Eider. 869-878.
Michelle D. Watson, Gregory J. Robertson, Fred Cooke.
Habitat and Food Selection By Emperor Goose Goslings. 879-888.
Karen K. Laing, Dennis G. Raveling.
Mitochondrial Dna Hyperdiversity and Vocal Dialects in a Subspecies Transition of the Rufous-Collared Sparrow. 889- 895.
Stephen C. Lougheed, Paul Handford.
Spatial and Temporal Abundance Patterns of Ruddy Quail-Doves (Geotrygon Montana) Near Manaus, Brazil. 896-903.
Philip C. Stouffer, Richard O. Bierregaard, Jr.
Distribution of Overwintering Nearctic Migrants in the Bahamas and Greater Antilles. 904-933.
Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr. , Robert B. Waide.
Relation Between Migratory Activity and Energetic Condition Among Thrushes (Turdinae) Following Passage Across the Gulf of Mexico. 934-943.
Wang Young, Frank R. Moore.
Estimation of Lipids and Lean Mass of Migrating Sandpipers. 944-956.
Susan K. Skagen, Fritz L. Knopf, Brian S. Cade.
Nest Success, Habitat Utilization and Nest-Site Selection of Long-Billed Curlews in the Columbia Basin, Oregon. 957- 967.
Geoffrey J. Pampush, Robert G. Anthony.
Population Density, Habitat Selection and Minimum Area Requirements of Three Forest-Interior Warblers in Central Missouri. 968- 979.
Daniel G. Wenny, Richard L. Clawson, John Faaborg, Steven L. Sheriff.
Scales of Habitat Selection By Foraging 'Elepaio in Undisturbed and Human-Altered Forests in Hawaii. 980-989.
Eric A. Vander Werf.
Frugivory and Coexistence in a Resident and a Migratory Vireo on the Yucatan Peninsula. 990-999.
Russell Greenberg, Daniel K. Niven, Steven Hopp, Carol Boone.
An Experimental Test of the Hamilton-Orians Hypothesis for the Origin of Avian Brood Parasitism. 1000-1005.
Stephen I. Rothstein.
Extra-Pair Paternity in the European Starling: the Effect of Polygyny. 1006-1015.
Henrik G. Smith, Torbjorn Von Schantz.
Diet and Foraging Behavior of Vaux's Swifts in Northeastern Oregon. 1016-1023.
Evelyn L. Bull, Roy C. Beckwith.
Miller Research Award. 1064.
Academic Family Tree for Loye and Alden Miller. 1065-1067.
Frank A. Pitelka.
Book Reviews. 1068-1073.
Christopher W. Thompson.
New Books in Ornithology. 1074.
News and Notes. 1075-1083.
Reviewers for Volume 95. 1084-1085.
Index to Volume 95. 1086-1096.


Song Similarity in Populations of Fox Sparrows: A Rejection of Naugler's and Smith's Conclusions. 1057-1059.
Denis J. Martin.
Similarity Breeds Confusion: A Reply to Martin. 1059-1060.
Christopher T. Naughler, Peter C. Smith.

Historical Perspectives

Who Were Harry R. Painton, A. Brazier Howell and Frances F. Roberts?. 1061-1063.
Jack C. Von Bloeker, Jr.

Short Communications

Rediscovery and Status of a Disjunct Population of Breeding Yellow Rails in Southern Oregon. 1024-1027.
Mark A. Stern, Joseph F. Morawski, Ginny A. Rosenberg.
Daily Energy Expenditure By Nestling House Wrens. 1028-1030.
Cheryl R. Dykstra, William H. Karasov.
Supplemental Food and Laying Date in the European Starling. 1031-1034.
Hans Kallander, Johnny Karlsson.
Sexual Dimorphism in Basal Metabolism and Body Temperature of a Large Bird, the Emu. 1034-1037.
S. K. Maloney, T. J. Dawson.
Nesting-Area Fidelity of Sage Grouse in Southeastern Idaho. 1038-1041.
Richard A. Fischer, Anthony D. Apa, Wayne L. Wakkinen, Kerry P. Reese, John W. Connelly.
Renesting By Sage Grouse in Southeastern Idaho. 1041-1043.
John W. Connelly, Richard A. Fischer, Anthony D. Apa, Kerry P. Reese, Wayne L. Wakkinen.
Evidence of Intraspecific Vocal Imitation in Singing Honeyeaters (Meliphagidae) and Golden Whistlers (Pachycephalidae). 1044- 1048.
Myron Charles Baker.
Novel Method for Estimating Hours of Oviposition, Illustrated By Data on Gray Catbirds. 1048-1050.
David M. Scott.
The Karyotype of the White-Winged Dove. 1051-1053.
Michael F. Small, Kelly M. Hogan, James F. Scudday.
Mate and Nest Site Fidelity in a Resident Population of Bald Eagles. 1053-1056.
J. Mark Jenkins.
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