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The Condor, Volume 95, Number 2 (1993)

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Factors Affecting Renesting in American Coots. 273-281.
Todd W. Arnold.
Incubation and Fledging Durations of Woodpeckers. 282-287.
Yoram Yom-Tov, Amos Ar.
The Nest Defense Behavior of Eastern Screech-Owls: Effects of Nest Stage, Sex, Nest Type and Predator Location. 288- 296.
Thomas Mckell Sproat, Gary Ritchison.
An Experimental Study of Nest Predation in Adjacent Deciduous, Coniferous and Successional Habitats. 297-304.
Linda C. Seitz, David A. Zegers.
A New Method for Estimating Individual Speed of Molt. 305-315.
Staffan Bensch, Mats Grahn.
Correlates of Hunting Range Size in Breeding Merlins. 316-321.
Navjot S. Sodhi.
Effects of Interference Competition on the Foraging Activity of Tropical Roseate Terns. 322-329.
David A. Shealer, Joanna Burger.
Behavioral Ecology of Black-Legged Kittiwakes During Chick Rearing in a Failing Colony. 330-342.
Bay D. Roberts, Scott A. Hatch.
The Effects of Weather and Lunar Cycle on Nocturnal Migration of Landbirds at Southeast Farallon Island, California. 343- 361.
Peter Pyle, Nadav Nur, R. Philip Henderson, David F. Desante.
An Experimental Study of Brood Reduction and Hatching Asynchrony in Yellow Warblers. 362-371.
Percy Norman Hebert.
Wintering Shorebirds Increase After Kelp (Macrocystis) Recovery. 372-376.
Richard A. Bradley, David W. Bradley.
Body Composition of Wintering Canvasbacks in Louisiana: Dominance and Survival Implications. 377-387.
William L. Hohman.
Stable-Nitrogen Isotope Enrichment in Avian Tissues Due to Fasting and Nutritional Stress: Implications for Isotopic Analyses of Diet. 388-394.
Keith A. Hobson, Ray T. Alisauskas, Robert G. Clark.
An Experimental Test of the Contrasting-Color Hypothesis of Red-Band Effects in Red-Winged Blackbirds. 395-400.
Karen J. Metz, Patrick J. Weatherhead.
Microclimate of Ground Nests: the Relative Importance of Radiative Cover and Wind Breaks for Three Grassland Species. 401- 413.
Kimberly A. With, D.R. Webb.
Song Dialect Recognition By Male White-Crowned Sparrows: Effects of Manipulated Song Components. 414-421.
Andrew D. Thompson, Jr., Myron C. Baker.
Variability Profiles for Line Transect Bird Censuses in a Tropical Dry Forest in Mexico. 422-441.
Juan Francisco Ornelas, Maria Del Coro Arizmendi, Lara Marquez-Valdelamar, Ma. De Lourdes Navarijo, Humberto A. Berlanga.
Patterns of Sperm Storage in Relation to Sperm Competition in Passerine Birds. 442-454.
James V. Briskie, Robert Montgomerie.
Book Reviews. 489-490.
Christopher W. Thompson.
New Books in Ornithology. 491-494.
Christopher W. Thompson.
Copies of Journal Articles Offered By WFVZ. 495-496.

Short Communications

Habitat Separation and Arthropod Resource Use in Three Lesser Antillean Hummingbirds. 455-458.
Felipe Chavez-Ramirez, Sen S. Tan.
Relative Abundance and Seasonal Distribution of Seabirds in the Canal De Ballenas, Gulf of California. 458-464.
Bernie R. Tershy, Ellen Van Gelder, Dawn Breese.
Feathers From Museum Bird Skins--A Good Source of Dna for Phylogenetic Studies. 465-466.
Peter Leeton, Leslie Christidis, Michael Westerman.
Observer Effects on Common Goldeneye Nest Defense. 467-469.
Mark L. Mallory, Patrick J. Weatherhead.
Observations on the Fall Migration of Eared Grebes, Based on Evidence From a Mass Downing in Utah. 470-473.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
The Prevalence of Abdominal Lesions on Wood Stork Nestlings in North and Central Florida. 473-475.
James A. Rodgers, Jr., Stephen T. Schwikert, Anne S. Wenner.
Wintering Swainson's Hawks in Argentina: Food and Age Segregation. 475-479.
Alvaro P. Jaramillo.
Notes on the Biology of the Spot-Fronted Swift. 479-483.
Manuel Marin A., F. Gary Stiles.
Food Caching and Its Possible Origin in the Brown Creeper. 483-484.
Steven L. Lima, Robert M. Lee, Iii.
Motivation and Measures of Accessibility. 485-488.
Marks S. Witter.
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