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The Condor, Volume 95, Number 1 (1993)

Publication Information


Breeding Dispersal in Indigo Buntings: Circumstances and Consequences for Breeding Success and Population Structure. 1- 24.
Robert B. Payne, Laura L. Payne.
Digestibility of Three Fish Species By Double-Crested Coromorants. 25-32.
Kristin E. Brugger.
Variation in the Distributions of Marine Birds with Water Mass in the Northern Bering Sea. 33-44.
Chris S. Elphick, George L. Hunt, Jr.
Intraspecific Variation in the Use of Nutrient Reserves By Breeding Female Mallards. 45-56.
Andrew D. Young.
Patterns of Parental Provisioning By Eastern Phoebes. 57-62.
Kelvin F. Conrad, Raleigh J. Robertson.
Geographic Variation in Coloration and Morphology of the Acorn Woodpecker. 63-71.
Hesiquio Benitez-Diaz.
Nest Predation in the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow. 72-82.
Martin L. Morton, Keith W. Sockman, Linda E. Peterson.
The Effect of Nest Predation on Habitat Selected By Dusky Flycatchers in Limber Pine-Juniper Woodland. 83-93.
John P. Kelly.
Nonrandom Shorebird Distribution and Fine-Scale Variation in Prey Abundance. 94-103.
Mark A. Colwell, Sarah L. Landrum.
Shorebird Community Patterns in a Seasonally Dynamic Estuary. 104-114.
Mark A. Colwell.
Energetics of Incubation in Free-Living Orange-Breasted Sunbirds in South Africa. 115-126.
Joseph B. Williams.
Effect of Vegetation Height on Hunting Behavior and Diet of Loggerhead Shrikes. 127-131.
Reuven Yosef, Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Winter Foraging Ecology of Bald Eagles in Arizona. 132-138.
Bryant T. Brown.
Nesting Associations of Least Bitterns and Boat-Tailed Grackles. 139-144.
William Post, Carol A. Seals.
Distribution and Abundance of Piping Plovers: Results and Implications of the 1991 International Census. 145-156.
Susan M. Haig, Jonathan H. Plissner.
Do Free-Ranging Common Nighthawks Enter Torpor?. 157-162.
Mitchell C. Firman, R. Mark Brigham, Robert M.R. Barclay.
Red Breasts as Honest Signals of Migratory Quality in a Long-Distance Migrant, the Bar-Tailed Godwit. 163-177.
Theunis Piersma, Joop Jukema.
The Diets of Neotropical Trogons, Motmots, Barbets and Toucans. 178-192.
J.V. Remsen, Jr., Mary Ann Hyde, Angela Chapman.
The Energetics of Migration and Reproduction of Dusky Canada Geese. 193-210.
Robert G. Bromley, Robert L. Jarvis.
Book Reviews. 241-244.
Christopher W. Thompson.
New Books in Ornithology. 245-250.
Christopher W. Thompson.
News and Notes. 251-252.
Nominees for 1993 Board Directories. 252.
Proposed Bylaws Changes. 253-268.
Information for Contributors. 269-270.

Short Communications

Estradiol Cypionate (Ecp) Markedly Improves Survival of Willow Ptarmigan in Captivity. 211-217.
Kathy Martin, Cynthia A. Wright.
Does Brown-Headed Cowbird Egg Coloration Influence Red-Winged Blackbird Responses Towards Nest Contents?. 217- 219.
Joseph C. Ortega, Catherine P. Ortega, Alexander Cruz.
Effect of Mate Removal on Nest Success of Female Wood Ducks. 220-222.
Daniel L. Hipes, Gary R. Hepp.
Survival and Pre-Fledging Body Mass in Juvenile Emperor Geese. 222-225.
Joel A. Schmutz.
Nesting of the Northern Fulmar on the Western Bering Sea Coast. 226-227.
P.S. Vyatkin.
Behavior, Vocalizations and Possible Relationships of Xenornis Setifrons (Formicariidae), a Little-Known Choco Endemic. 227- 231.
Bret M. Whitney, Gary H. Rosenberg.
Prey Transport By Loggerhead Shrikes. 231-233.
Reuven Yosef.
Individual and Intersexual Variation in Alarm Calls of the White-Tailed Hawk. 234-239.
C. Craig Farquhar.
Old Nests as Cues for Nest-Site Selection By Birds: An Experimental Test in Small Even-Aged Forest Plots. 239- 241.
Richard H. Yahner.
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