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The Condor, Volume 94, Number 4 (1992)

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Field Energy Expenditures of the Southern Giant-Petrel. 801-810.
Bryan S. Obst, Kenneth A. Nagy.
Bridging the Gap Between Ornithology and Fisheries Science: Use of Seabird Data in Stock Assessment Models. 811-824.
D. K. Cairns.
Parkinson's Petrel Distribution and Foraging Ecology in the Eastern Pacific: Aspects of an Exclusive Feeding Relationship with Dolphins. 825-835.
Robert L. Pitman, Lisa T. Ballance.
Systematics of the Hawaiian Creepers" Oreomystis and Paroreomyza". 836-846.
H. Douglas Pratt.
The Timing of Wing Molt in Tundra Swans: Energetic and Non-Energetic Constraints. 847-856.
Susan L. Earnst.
Time Allocation By Greater White-Fronted Geese: Influence of Diet, Energy Reserves and Predation. 857-870.
Craig R. Ely.
Frequency, Timing and Costs of Intraspecific Nest Parasitism in the Common Eider. 871-879.
Gregory J. Robertson, Michelle D. Watson, Fred Cooke.
Foraging Habitat and Home-Range Characteristics of California Spotted Owls in the Sierra Nevada. 880-888.
D. R. Call, R. J. Gutierrez, Jared Verner.
Habitat Use and Population Characteristics of the White-Tailed Ptarmigan in the Sierra Nevada, California. 889- 902.
Glenn P. Frederick, R. J. Gutierrez.
Habitat Selection By the Western Kingbird in Western Nebraska: A Hierarchical Analysis. 903-911.
Timothy M. Bergin.
A Comparative Analysis of the Nutritional Quality of Mixed and Exclusive Fruit Diets for Yellow-Vented Bulbuls. 912- 923.
Ido Izhaki.
Surveying Wintering Warbler Populations in Jamaica: Point Counts with and Without Broadcast Vocalizations. 924- 936.
Alexander Sliwa, Thomas W, Sherry.
Vocal Advertising and Sex Recognition in Eared Grebes. 937-943.
Gary L. Nuechterlein, Deborah Buitron.
Differential Overnight Survival By Bumpus' House Sparrows: An Alternate Interpretation. 944-954.
William A. Buttemer.
Comparative Breeding Biology of Harris' Sparrows and Gambel's White-Crowned Sparrows in the Northwest Territories, Canada. 955- 975.
Christopher J. Norment.
Demography of a California Least Tern Colony Including Effects of the 1982-1983 El Nino. 976-983.
Barbara W. Massey, David W. Bradley, Jonathan L. Atwood.
Further Analysis of Allozyme Variation in the Northern Flicker, in Comparison with Mitochondrial DNA Variation. 988- 991.
Stephen D. Fletcher, William S. Moore.
Book Reviews. 1035-1036.
Raymond Pierotti.
News and Notes. 1036-1039.
Reviewers for Volume 94. 1040-1041.
Index to Volume 94. 1042-1051.

Short Communications

Taxonomy and Natural History of Nyctiphrynus Rosenbergi (Caprimulgidae). 984-987.
Mark B. Robbins, Robert S. Ridgely.
Scheduling Differences of Molt and Migration for Baltimore and Bullock's Orioles Persist in a Common Environment. 992- 994.
Sievert Rohwer, Matthew S. Johnson.
Social Hoarding and a Load Size-Distance Relationship in Gray Jays. 995-998.
Thomas A. Waite.
The Head-Down Display in Shiny Cowbirds and Its Relation to Dominance Behavior. 999-1002.
William Post, James W. Wiley.
Vocalizations of Nestling Leach's Storm-Petrels. 1002-1006.
Christopher T. Naughler, Peter C. Smith.
Hematological Values for Four Species of Birds of Prey. 1007-1013.
F. J. Polo, J. F. Celdran, V. I. Peinado, G. Viscor, J. Palomeque.
Temporal Relationships in White-Throated Sparrow Song. 1013-1016.
Daniel M. Weary, Ronald G. Weisman.
Song Sparrows Learn From Limited Exposure to Song Models. 1016-1019.
Susan Peters, Peter Marler, Stephen Nowicki.
Annual Survival of Breeding Cassin's Auklets in the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. 1019-1021.
Anthony J. Gaston.
The Threat to Bank Swallows From the Hobby at a Large Colony. 1022-1025.
Tibor Szep, Zoltan Barta.
Male-Biased Breeding Site Fidelity in a Population of Northern Shrikes. 1025-1027.
Reuven Yosef.
Hand-Reared Loggerhead Shrikes Breed in Captivity. 1027-1029.
Tom J. Cade.
Territorial Position in Sharp-Tailed Grouse Leks: the Probability of Fertilization. 1030-1031.
Leonard J. S. Tsuji, Daniel R. Kozlovic, Marla B. Sokolowski.
Tool Use By Bristle-Thighed Curlews Feeding on Albatross Eggs. 1032-1034.
Jeffrey S. Marks, C. Scott Hall.
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