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The Condor, Volume 94, Number 2 (1992)

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Range Use and Movements of California Condors. 313-335.
Vicky J. Meretsky, Noel F. R. Snyder.
Timing of Cranial Pneumatization in White-Throated Sparrows. 336-343.
R. Haven Wiley, Walter H. Piper.
Laysan Finch Nest Characteristics, Nest Spacing and Reproductive Success in Two Vegetation Types. 344-357.
Marie P. Morin.
Flocking and Frugivory: the Effect of Social Groupings on Resource Use in the Common Bush-Tanager. 358-363.
Lisa K. Valburg.
Testosterone and Avian Life Histories: Effects of Experimentally Elevated Testosterone on Prebasic Molt and Survival in Male Dark-Eyed Juncos. 364-370.
Van Nolan, Jr., Ellen D. Ketterson, Charles Ziegenfus, Daniel P. Cullen, C. Ray Chandler.
Nesting Mortality of Carolina Chickadees Breeding in Natural Cavities. 371-382.
Daniel J. Albano.
Reproductive Ecology of Emperor Geese: Annual and Individual Variation in Nesting. 383-397.
Margaret R. Petersen.
Reproductive Ecology of Emperor Geese: Survival of Adult Females. 398-406.
Margaret R. Petersen.
Carcass Mass, Composition and Gut Morphology Dynamics of Mottled Ducks in Fall and Winter in Louisiana. 407-417.
Thomas E. Moorman, Guy A. Baldassarre, David M. Richard.
Assortative Mating in Urban-Breeding Merlins. 418-426.
Lan G. Warkentin, Paul C. James, Lynn W. Oliphant.
Unfounded Assumptions About Diet of the Cooper's Hawk. 427-436.
John Bielefeldt, Robert N. Rosenfield, Joseph M. Papp.
Feeding Ecology of the Dark-Rumped Petrel in the Galapagos Islands. 437-447.
M. J. Imber, J. B. Cruz, J. S. Grove, R. J. Lavenberg, C. C. Swift, F. Cruz.
Attraction of the Endangered Dark-Rumped Petrel to Recorded Vocalizations in the Galapagos Islands. 448-453.
Richard Podolsky, Stephen W. Kress.
Seventy-Four New Avian Taxa Documented in Alaska 1976-1991. 454-467.
Daniel D. Gibson, Brina Kessel.
Tests of the Function of the Song Repertoire in Bobolinks. 468-479.
Michael S. Capp.
A Possible Relationship Between Reversed Sexual Size Dimorphism and Reduced Male Survivorship in the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. 480-489.
Robert S. Mulvihill, Robert C. Leberman, D. Scott Wood.
Age-Specific Plumage Characters and Annual Molt Schedules of Hermit Warblers and Townsend's Warblers. 490-501.
Wendy M. Jackson, Christopher S. Wood, Sievert Rohwer.
Causes and Consequences of Variation in Parental Defense Behavior By Tree Swallows. 502-520.
David W. Winkler.
Book Reviews. 555-556.
Raymond Pierotti.


Analysis Error in Brood Parasitism Paper. 554.
John T. Lokemoen, Terry L. Shaffer.

Short Communications

Brown Pelican Foraging Success Related to Age and Height of Dive. 521-522.
Goran Arnqvist.
Ecological Notes on the Green Parakeet of Isla Socorro, Mexico. 523-525.
Ricardo Rodriguez-Estrella, Eustolia Mata, Laura Rivera.
The Autumn Passage of Yellow-Bellied Flycatchers in South Texas. 526-529.
Kevin Winker, John H. Rappole.
Notes on Food Habits of the Black and White Owl. 529-531.
Carlos Ibanez, Cristina Ramo, Benjamin Busto.
Sex Determination of the Whooping Crane By Analysis of Vocalizations. 532-536.
Glenn Carlson, Charles H. Trost.
Color Bands Do Not Affect Dominance Status in Captive Flocks of Wintering Dark-Eyed Juncos. 537-539.
Daniel A. Cristol, Catherine S. Chiu, Susan M. Peckham, James F. Stoll.
Dominance Status and Latitude Are Unrelated in Wintering Dark-Eyed Juncos. 539-542.
Daniel A. Cristol, David C. Evers.
Growth of Induced Feathers in Photostimulated American Tree Sparrows. 543-545.
Douglas W. White, E. Dale Kennedy.
Flight Distances of Black-Billed Magpies in Different Regimes of Human Density and Persecution. 545-547.
Sue P. Kennedy, Richard L. Knight.
The Adaptive Significance of Eggshell Removal By Nesting Birds: Testing the Egg-Capping Hypothesis. 547-548.
Todd W. Arnold.
Age and Mouth Color in Common Ravens. 549-550.
Bernd Heinrich, John Marzluff.
Evaluating Habitat Suitability Using Relative Abundance and Fledging Success of Red-Naped Sapsuckers. 550-553.
Bret W. Tobalske.
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