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The Condor, Volume 94, Number 1 (1992)

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Macrogeographic Patterns of Morphometric and Genetic Variation in the Sage Sparrow Complex. 1-19.
Ned K. Johnson, Jill A. Marten.
Patterns of Mitochondrial Dna Divergence in North American Crested Titmice. 20-28.
Frank B. Gill, Beth Slikas.
Altitudinal Distribution of Birds in the Sierra Madre Del Sur, Guerrero, Mexico. 29-39.
Adolfo G. Navarro S.
Removal of Yellow Warbler Eggs in Association with Cowbird Parasitism. 40-54.
Spencer G. Sealy.
Avian Use of Habitat Configurations Created By Forest Cutting in Southeastern Wyoming. 55-65.
Mary E. Keller, Stanley H. Anderson.
Impact of Pasture Development on Winter Bird Communities in Belize, Central America. 66-71.
Victoria A. Saab, Daniel R. Petit.
Habitat Use By Three Breeding Insectivorous Birds in Declining Maple Forests'. 72-82.
M. Darveau, J. L. Desgranges, G. Gauthier.
Settlement Period and Function of Long-Term Territory in Tropical Mangrove Passerines. 83-92.
Gaetan Lefebvre, Brigitte Poulin, Raymond McNeil.
Colony Attendance of Least Auklets at St. Paul Island, Alaska: Implications for Population Monitoring. 93-100.
Ian L. Jones.
Nocturnal Foraging in the American White Pelican. 101-109.
Blair F. McMahon, Roger M. Evans.
Three Chamaeza Antthrushes in Eastern Brazil (Formicariidae). 110-116.
Edwin O. Willis.
Effects of Sex and Birth Date on Premigration Biology, Migration Schedules, Return Rates and Natal Dispersal in the Mountain White-Crowned Sparrow. 117-133.
Martin L. Morton.
Temperature Regulation in the Incubation Mounds of the Australian Brush-Turkey. 134-150.
Roger S. Seymour, David F. Bradford.
Foraging Behavior and Diet of the Helmeted Manakin. 151-158.
Miguel Angelo Marini.
Individual Diet Difference, Parental Care and Reproductive Success in Slaty-Backed Gulls. 159-171.
Yutaka Watanuki.
Is the Poo-Uli a Hawaiian Honeycreeper (Drepanidinae)?. 172-180.
H. Douglas Pratt.
Assessing Avian Diets Using Stable Isotopes I: Turnover of 13C in Tissues. 181-188.
Keith A. Hobson, Robert G. Clark.
Assessing Avian Diets Using Stable Isotopes Ii: Factors Influencing Diet-Tissue Fractionation. 189-197.
Keith A. Hobson, Robert G. Clark.
Plumage and Size Variation in the Mourning Warbler. 198-209.
Jay Pitocchelli.
Categorization of Notes Used By Female Red-Winged Blackbirds in Composite Vocalizations. 210-223.
Timothy A. Armstrong.
Distribution and Relative Abundance Patterns of Columbids in Puerto Rico. 224-238.
Frank F. Rivera-Milan.
A New Procedure for Transmitter Attachment: Effects on Brood Attendance and Chick Feeding Rates By Male Common Terns. 239- 243.
Ralph D. Morris, Gary P. Burness.
Genetic Variation and Differentiation in Mexican Populations of Common Bush-Tanagers and Chestnut-Capped Brush-Finches. 244- 253.
A. Townsend Peterson, Patricia P. Escalante, Adolfo S. Navarro.
Contest Asymmetry and Multiple Bird Conflicts During Foraging Among Nonbreeding American Flamingos in Yucatan, Mexico. 254- 259.
Richard A. Schmitz, Guy A. Baldassarre.
Correlates of Flock Size and Behavior of Foraging American Flamingos Following Hurricane Gilbert in Yucatan, Mexico. 260- 264.
Richard A. Schmitz, Guy A. Baldassarre.
Temporal Variation in Point Counts of Birds in a Lowland Wet Forest in Costa Rica'. 265-275.
John G. Blake.
Book Reviews. 304-310.
Raymond Pierotti.
Information for Contributors. 311-312.


Incorrect Use of the Humphrey-Parkes Molt and Plumage Terminology for Buntings of the Genus Passerina. 295-297.
Ernest J. Willoughby.
Clarifying the Humphrey-Parkes Molt and Plumage Terminology. 297-300.
Sievert Rohwer, Christopher W. Thompson, Bruce E. Young.

Invited Essays

Data Needs for Avian Conservation Biology: Have We Avoided Critical Research?. 301-303.
Jared Verner.

Short Communications

Specimen Records of Aleutian Terns From the Philippines. 276-279.
David S. Lee.
Body Temperature of Spectacled Parrotlet Nestlings in Relation to Body Mass and Brood Size. 280-282.
Gustavo H. Kattan, Natalia Gomez.
Density of Loons in Central Alaska. 282-286.
Richard B. Lanctot, Pham X. Quang.
Nesting Density and Communal Breeding in American Oystercatchers. 286-289.
Brook Lauro, Erica Nol, Mark Vicari.
Scarcity of Haematozoa in Birds Breeding on the Arctic Tundra of North America. 289-292.
Gordon F. Bennett, Robert T. Montgomerie, Gilles Seutin.
Sex and Age Differences in Risk-Taking Behavior in House Sparrows. 293-294.
Navjot S. Sodhi.
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