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The Condor, Volume 93, Number 3 (1991)

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Use of Quaking Aspen Flower Buds By Ruffed Grouse: Its Relationship to Grouse Densities and Bud Chemical Composition. 473- 485.
Walter J. Jakubas, Gordon W. Gullion.
Embryo Metabolism and Egg Neglect in Cassin's Auklets. 486-495.
Lee B. Astheimer.
Adaptive Loss of Mass in Thick-Billed Murres. 496-502.
Donald A. Croll, Anthony J. Gaston, David G. Noble.
Optimal Foraging and Intraspecific Competition in the Tufted Puffin. 503-515.
Pat Herron Baird.
Persistent Summer Mortalities of Common Murres Along the Oregon Central Coast. 516-525.
Range D. Bayer, Roy W. Lowe, Robert E. Loeffel.
Seasonal Differences in the Response of Rufous Hummingbirds to Food Restriction: Body Mass and the Use of Torpor. 526- 537.
Sara M. Hiebert.
Seasonal Adjustments in Metabolism and Insulation in the Dark-Eyed Junco. 538-545.
David L. Swanson.
Flight Performance, Energetics and Water Turnover of Tippler Pigeons with a Harness and Dorsal Load. 546-554.
James A. Gessaman, Gar W. Workman, Mark R. Fuller.
Nest Spacing and Breeding Success in the Lesser Frigatebird (Fregata Ariel). 555-562.
Barry J. Reville.
Nest-Site Characteristics of Hammonds and Pacific-Slope Flycatchers in Northwestern California. 563-574.
Howard F. Sakai, Barry R. Noon.
Nest-Site Selection and the Importance of Nest Concealment in the Black-Throated Blue Warbler. 575-581.
David A. Holway.
Feeding Ecology of Waterfowl Wintering on Evaporation Ponds in California. 582-590.
Ned H. Euliss, Jr., Robert L. Jarvis, David S. Gilmer.
Flexible Growth Rates in Nestling White-Fronted Bee-Eaters: A Possible Adaptation to Short-Term Food Shortage. 591- 597.
Stephen T. Emlen, Peter H. Wrege, Natalie J. Demong, Robert E. Hegner.
Daily Allocation of Time and Energy of Western Bluebirds Feeding Nestlings. 598-611.
Patrick J. Mock.
An Analysis of Hatchling Resting Metabolism: in Search of Ecological Correlates That Explain Deviations From Allometric Relations. 612-629.
Marcel Klaassen, Rudolf Drent.
Experimental Evidence for the Function of Mate Replacement and Infanticide By Males in a North-Temperate Population of House Wrens. 630-636.
L. Henry Kermott, L. Scott Johnson, Marilyn S. Merkle.
Distress Calls in the Acorn Woodpecker. 637-643.
Walter D. Koenig, Mark T. Stanback, Philip N. Hooge, Ronald L. Mumme.
Variation in Duration and Frequency Characters in the Song of the Rufous-Collared Sparrow, Zonotrichia Capensis, with Respect to Habitat, Trill Dialects and Body Size. 644-658.
Paul Hanford, Stephen C. Lougheed.
Vocalizations of Cooper's Hawks During the Pre-Incubation Stage. 659-665.
Robert N. Rosenfield, John Bielefeldt.
Coloniality and Breeding Biology of Purple Martins (Progne Subis Hesperia) in Saguaro Cacti. 666-675.
Bridget J. Stutchbury.
Point Counts From Clustered Populations: Lessons From an Experiment with Hawaiian Crows. 676-682.
Gregory D. Hayward, Cameron B. Kepler, J. Michael Scott.
Intraseasonal Costs of Reproduction in Starlings. 683-693.
Philip C. Stouffer.
Winter Distribution of Age and Sex Classes in an Irruptive Migrant, the Migrant, the Evening Grosbeak (Coccothraustes Vespertinus) . 694-700.
David R. C. Prescott.
Female Feeding and Male Vigilance During Nesting in Greater Snow Geese. 701-711.
Gilles Gauthier, Josee Tardif.
Geographical Morphology of Male Yellow Warblers. 712-723.
David A. Wiedenfeld.
Primary Molt and Transequatorial Migration of the Sooty Shearwater. 724-730.
John Cooper, Leslie G. Underhill, Graham Avery.
Sex-Specific Differences in Molt Strategy in Relation to Breeding in the Wandering Albatross. 731-737.
H. Weimerskirch.
Phylogeny and Biogeography of the Ptiloris Riflebirds (Aves: Paradisaeidae). 738-745.
Bruce M. Beehler, R. J. Swaby.
Sampling Blood From Birds: A Technique and an Assessment of Its Effect. 746-752.
Drew J. Hoysak, Patrick J. Weatherhead.
Book Reviews. 788-790.
Raymond Pierotti.
News and Notes. 791.
Mewaldt-King Student Research Award. 791.

Short Communications

Survival Rates of Artificial Piping Plover Nests in American Avocet Colonies. 753-755.
Paul M. Mayer, Mark R. Ryan.
Observations of Ravens Preying on Adult Kittiwakes. 755-757.
John Klicka, Kevin Winker.
The Role of Egg-Capping in the Evolution of Eggshell Removal. 757-759.
Kim C. Derrickson, Ian G. Warkentin.
Hatching Success in Roof and Ground Colonies of Least Terns. 759-762.
Jeffery A. Gore, Michael J. Kinnison.
Breeding Distribution and Habitat of Prairie Falcons in Northern Mexico. 762-765.
Dirk V. Lanning, Mark A. Hitchcock.
Demography of the Pigeon Guillemot on Southeast Farallon Island, California. 765-768.
Douglas A. Nelson.
Short-Term Variations in Water-Vapor Pressure in Nests of Common Canaries. 768-773.
Michael D. Kern, Michael Knapic.
Growth and Development of Thermoregulation in Nestling San Miguel Island Song Sparrows. 773-776.
Mark K. Sogge, Michael D. Kern, Robert Kern, Charles Van Riper Iii.
An Effect of Instrument Attachment on Foraging Trip Duration in Chinstrap Penguins. 777-779.
Donald A. Croll, Steven D. Osmek, John L. Bengtson.
Orphaned Mallard Brood Travels Alone From Nest to Water. 779-781.
Gary L. Krapu, Christopher P. Dwyer, Carmen R. Luna.
The Loss of Avian Cavities By Injury Compartmentalization. 781-783.
James A. Sedgwick, Fritz L. Knopf.
Effect of Nest-Site Supplementation on Polygynous Behavior in the House Wren (Troglodytes Aedon). 784-787.
L. Scott Johnson, L. Henry Kermott.
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