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The Condor, Volume 92, Number 4 (1990)

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4 (October)


Dynamics of Postnuptial Molt in Free-Living Mountain White-Crowned Sparrows. 813-828
Galen A. Morton, Martin L. Morton.
Postnuptial Molt in Harris' Sparrows. 829-838
William A. Degraw, Michael D. Kern.
Estimates of the Mass of Structures Other Than Plumage Produced During Molt By White-Crowned Sparrows. 839-843
James R. King, Mary E. Murphy.
Factors Influencing Bird Foraging Preferences Among Conspecific Fruit Trees. 844-854
Mercedes S. Foster.
Experimental Studies of Nest-Destroying Behavior By Cactus Wrens. 855-860
Laurie Stuart, Simons Lee H. Simons.
Experiments on Indeterminate Laying in House Wrens and European Starlings. 861-865
E. Dale Kennedy, Harry W. Power.
Bird Species Distribution Patterns in Riparian Habitats in Southeastern Arizona. 866-885
Thomas R. Strong, Carl E. Bock.
Pre- and Post-El Nino Southern Oscillation Comparison of Nest Sites for Red-Tailed Tropicbirds Breeding in the Central Pacific Ocean. 886-896
Larry Clark, Ralph W. Schreiber, Elizabeth A. Schreiber.
Stable Isotope Analysis of Marbled Murrelets: Evidence for Freshwater Feeding and Determination of Trophic Level. 897- 903
Keith A. Hobson.
Patterns and Variability of Growth in the Yellow-Eyed Penguin. 904-912
Yolanda Van Heezik.
Amino Acid Composition of Feather Barbs and Rachises in Three Species of Pygoscelid Penguins: Nutritional Implications. 913- 921
Mary E. Murphy, James R. King, Tood G. Taruscio, Geoffrey R. Geupel.
Effect of Sex, Stage of Reproduction, Season, and Mate Removal on Prolactin in Dark-Eyed Juncos. 922-930
Ellen D. Ketterson, Val Nolan Jr. , Licia Wolf, Arthur R. Goldsmith.
Lead Hazards Within the Range of the California Condor. 931-937
Oliver H. Pattee, Peter H. Bloom, J. Michael Scott, Milton R. Smith.
Survival Estimates of Indigo Buntings: Comparison of Banding Recoveries and Local Observations. 938-946
Robert B. Payne, Laura L. Payne.
North American Bird Migrants in Paraguay. 947-960
Floyd E. Hayes, Steven M. Goodman, Jennifer A. Fox, Tarsicio Granizo Tamayo, Nancy E. Lopez.
Metabolic and Respiratory Physiology of an Arid-Adapted Autralian Bird, the Spinifex Pigeon. 961-969
Philip C. Withers, Joseph B. Williams.
Patterns of Elevational and Latitudinal Distribution, Including a "Niche Switch," in Some Guans (Cracidae) of the Andes. 970- 981
J. V. Remsen, Jr. , Steven W. Cardiff.
Nest-Site Selection By Eastern Screech-Owls in Central Kentucky. 982-990
James R. Belthoff, Gary Ritchison.
Nest-Defense Behavior of Red-Tailed Hawks. 991-997
David E. Andersen.
Population Parameters of the Ancient Murrelet. 998-1011
Anthony J. Gaston.
Breeding Biology and Nesting Success of Palila. 1012-1021
Sandra M. Pletschet, Jeffrey F. Kelly.
Sugar Preferences in Hummingbirds: the Influence of Subtle Chemical Differences on Food Choice. 1022-1030
Carlos Martinez, Del Rio.
Effects of Nest Parasitism and Nest Location on Eggshell Strength in Waterfowl. 1031-1039
Mark L. Mallory, Patrick J. Weatherhead.
The Biological Significance of Age-Specific Return Schedules in Breeding Purple Martins. 1040-1050
Eugene S. Morton, Kim C. Derrickson.
Strong Neighbor-Stranger Discrimination in Song Sparrows. 1051-1056
Philip K. Stoddard, Michael D. Beecher , Cynthia L. Horning, Mary S. Willis.
Carcass Composition of Nonbreeding Blue-Winged Teal and Northern Pintails in Yucatan, Mexico. 1057-1065
John D. Thompson, Guy A. Baldassarre.
News and Notes. 1088-1091.
Reviewers for Volume 92. 1092-1093.
Index to Volume 92. 1094-1110.


Hematological Studies in Birds. 1085-1086
M. Ferrer.
Reply to Ferrer. 1086-1087
M. L. Puerta.

Short Communications

Maintenance of Pair-Bonds in the House Finch. 1066-1067
Philip N. Hooge.
Location and Description of a Marbled Murrelet Tree Nest Site in Alaska. 1068-1073
Susan E. Quinlan, Jeffrey H. Hughes.
Wind as a Factor in the Orientation of Entrances of Cactus Wren Nests. 1073-1075
Charles F. Facemire, Michael E. Facemire, Mark C. Facemire.
Kleptoparasitism of Adult and Immature Brown Pelicans By Heermann's Gulls. 1076-1077
Bernie R. Tershy, Dawn Breese, Greg M. Meyer.
Corrections and Additions to the Brazilian Avifauna. 1078-1079
Douglas F. Stotz.
Additional Records of Birds From the Distrito Federal, Mexico, Including a Possible Hybrid Spizella. 1080-1081
Kenneth C. Parkes.
Interspecific Aggression for Food By a Granivorous Bird. 1082-1084
Upo M. Savalli.
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