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The Condor, Volume 92, Number 3 (1990)

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Color Preferences of Frugivorous Birds in Relation to the Colors of Fleshy Fruits. 545-555.
Mary F. Willson, Daniel A. Graff, Christopher J. Whelan.
Gas Pressures in the Air Cell of the Ostrich Egg Prior to Pipping as Related to Oxygen Consumption Eggshell Gas Conductance, and Egg Temperature. 556-563.
Moshe Meir, Amos Ar.
An Introduction to the Use of Geographic Information Systems for Ornithological Research. 564-570.
Denice M. Shaw, Samuel F. Atkinson.
Sexual Differences in Flight Calls and the Cue for Vocal Sex Recognition of Swinhoe's Storm-Petrels. 571-575.
Miki Taoka, Hiroshi Okumura.
Nesting Behavior of Sunbitterns (Eurypyga Helias). 576-581.
Betsy Trent Thomas, Stuart D. Strahl.
Diving Behavior of Adelie Penguins Determined By Time-Depth Recorder. 582-586.
Yasuhiko Naito, Tomohiro Asaga, Yoshikuni Ohyama.
Embryonic Development and Nest Attentiveness of Wood Ducks During Egg Laying. 587-592.
Robert A. Kennamer, William F. Harvey IV, Gary R. Hepp.
Beta-Phocacholic Acid in Bile; Biochemical Evidence That the Flamingo Is Related to an Ancient Goose. 593-597.
L. R. Hagey , C. D. Schteingart, H-T. Ton-Nu, S. S. Rossi, D. Odell, A. F. Hofmann.
Changes in Body Composition of American Black Ducks Wintering at Chincoteague, Virginia. 598-605.
John M. Morton, Roy L. Kirkpatrick, Michael R. Vaughan.
Hummingbird Sweetness Preferences: Taste Or Viscosity?. 606-612.
Mark R. Stromberg, Peter B. Johnsen.
Endocrine Response of Captive Male Brown-Headed Cowbirds to Intrasexual Social Cues. 613-620.
Alfred M. Dufty, Jr. , John C. Wingfield.
Economics of Caching Versus Immediate Consumption By White-Breasted Nuthatches: the Effect of Handling Time. 621- 624.
Mark S. Woodrey.
Heritability of Muscle Size in Eastern Kingbirds. 625-633.
Mary C. Mckitrick.
The Musculi Flexor Perforatus Digiti II and Flexor Digitorum Longus in Paridae. 634-638.
Eulalia Moreno.
Evolutionary Morphology of Flightlessness in the Auckland Islands Teal. 639-673.
Bradley C. Livezey.
Effects of Predation and Competitor Interference on Nesting Success of House Wrens and Tree Swallows. 674-687.
Deborah M. Finch.
Nest-Site Habitat Selected By Merlins in Southeastern Montana. 688-694.
Carolyn Hull Sieg, Dale M. Becker.
Differential Predation on Eggs in Clutches of Northwestern Crows: the Importance of Egg Color. 695-701.
Nicolaas A. M. Verbeek.
Genetic Evidence of Mixed Reproductive Strategy in a Monogamous Bird. 702-708.
Stephanie C. Petter, Donald B. Miles, Matthew M. White.
The Importance of Subarctic Intertidal Habitats to Shorebirds: A Study of the Central Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska. 709- 725.
Robert E. Gill, Jr. , Colleen M. Handel.
Influence of Parental Experience on the Growth of Wandering Albatross Chicks. 726-731.
Benoit Lequette, Henri Weimerskirch.
Growth Patterns of Two Races of California Gull Raised in a Common Environment. 732-738.
Joseph R. Jehlm, Jr, Jon Francine, Suzanne I. Bond.
Summer Habitat Ecology of Northern Spotted Owls in Northwestern California. 739-748.
David M. Solis, Jr. , R. J. Gutierrez.
Taxonomic Status of the Rufous-Bellied Chachalaca (Ortalis Wagleri). 749-753.
Richard C. Banks.
An Intergeneric Hybrid Hummingbird (Heliodoxa Leadbeateri X Heliangelus Amethysticollis) From Northern Colombia. 754- 760.
Gary R. Graves, Richard L. Zusi.
Water-Vapor Pressure in Nests of the San Miguel Island Song Sparrow. 761-767.
Michael D. Kern, Mark K. Sogge, Charles Van Riper III.
Book Reviews. 805-808.
Marcy F. Lawton.
News and Notes. 809.


Dispersal Terminology: Changing Definitions in Midflight? 802-803.
Ian G. Warkentin, Paul C. James.
Natal Dispersal: Greenwood (1980) Revisited. 803-804.
James R. Belthoff, Gary Ritchison.

Short Communications

Concentrations of Seabirds at Oil-Drilling Rigs. 768-771.
Pat Herron Baird.
Egg Size and Laying Order of Snowy Egrets, Great Egrets, and Black-Crowned Night-Herons. 772-775.
Thomas W. Custer, Peter C. Frederick.
Infanticide in the Eurasian Dipper. 775-776.
Sonja I. Yoerg.
Estimated Size of Black-Capped Vireo Population in Northern Coahuila, Mexico. 777-779.
Robert H. Benson, Karen L. P. Benson.
An Observation of Social Play in Bearded Vultures. 779-781.
Daniel T. Blumstein.
A Foraging Association Between Two Kite Species (Ictinea Plumbea and Leptodon Cayanensis) and Buffy-Headed Marmosets (Callithrix Flaviceps) in Southeastern Brazil. 781-783.
Stephen F. Farrari.
Survival of Breeders in Santa Cruz Island and Mainland California Scrub Jay Populations. 783-788.
Jonathan L. Atwood, Mary Jo Elpers, Charles T. Collins.
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Predation on Nestling House Wrens. 789.
Andrew J. Neill, R. Given Harper.
Eggshell Conductance and Other Physical Characteristics of Avian Eggs Laid in the Peruvian Andes. 790-793.
Cynthia Carey, Fabiola Leon-Velarde, Carlos Monge.
Annual Changes in Gizzard Size and Function in a Frugivorous Bird. 794-795.
Glenn E. Walsberg, Christopher W. Thompson.
Communal Roosting in a Very Small Bird: Consequences for the Thermal and Respiratory Gas Environments. 795-798.
Glenn E. Walsberg.
Carotenoids Produce Flush in the Elegant Tern Plumage. 798-801.
Jocelyn Hudon, Alan H. Brush.
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