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The Condor, Volume 91, Number 4 (1989)

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The Parasitism Insurance Hypothesis: Why Starlings Leave Space for Parasitic Eggs. 753-765.
Harry W. Power, E. Dale Kennedy, Linda C. Romagnano, Michael P. Lombardo, Ann S. Hoffenberg, Philip C. Stouffer, Terry R. Mcguire.
Winter Caching Ecology of Deciduous Woodland Birds and Adaptations for Protection of Stored Food. 766-776.
Daniel R. Petit, Lisa J. Petit.
Geographic Variation in Size and Reverse Size Dimorphism of the Great Horned Owl in North America. 777-786.
W. Bruce Mcgillivray.
Nest Success, Cause-Specific Nest Failure, and Hatchability of Aquatic Birds at Selenium-Contaminated Kesterson Reservoir and a Reference Site. 787-796.
Harry M. Ohlendorf, Roger L. Hothem, Daniel Welsh.
Recruitment Failure in American Avocets and Black-Necked Stilts Nesting at Kesterson Reservoir, California, 1984-1985. 797- 802.
Martha L. Williams, Roger L. Hothem, Harry M. Ohlendorf.
Carbonate Deposition on Tail Feathers of Ruddy Ducks Using Evaporation Ponds. 803-806.
Ned H. Euliss, Jr., Robert L. Jarvis, David S. Gilmer.
Nest Prospecting By Common Goldeneyes. 807-812.
Michael C. Zicus, Steven K. Hennes.
Conditional Use of Nest Structures By White-Naped and White-Collared Swifts. 813-825.
David F. Whitacre.
Food Defendability and Antipredator Tactics: Implications for Dominance and Pairing in Canvasbacks. 826-836.
James R. Lovvorn.
Altitudinal Migration Movements of Spotted Owls in the Sierra Nevada, California. 837-841.
Stephen A. Laymon.
Variability in Parrot Flock Size: Possible Functions of Communal Roosts. 842-847.
C. A. Chapman, L. J. Chapman, L. Lefebvre.
Relationships of Surrounding Riparian Habitat to Nest-Box Use and Reproductive Outcome in House Wrens. 848-859.
Deborah M. Finch.
The Role of Predation in Determining Reproductive Success of Colonially Nesting Wading Birds in the Florida Everglades. 860- 867.
Peter C. Frederick, Michael W. Collopy.
Sexual Size Dimorphism and Assortative Mating in the Brown Noddy. 868-874.
John W. Chardine, Ralph D. Morris.
Nest-Site Characteristics, Reproductive Success and Cavity Availability for Tree Swallows Breeding in Natural Cavities. 875- 885.
Wallace B. Rendell, Raleigh J. Robertson.
The Effects of Conspecifics on Food Caching By Black-Capped Chickadees. 886-890.
Eric R. Stone, Myron Charles Baker.
Bird Use of Epiphyte Resources in Neotropical Trees. 891-907.
Nalini M. Nadkarni, Teri J. Matelson.
Nesting and Diet of Long-Eared Owls in Conifer Forests, Oregon. 908-912.
Evelyn L. Bull, Anthony L. Wright, Mark G. Henjum.
Behavioral Ecology of Grey Eagle-Buzzards, Geranoaetus Melanoleucus, in Central Chile. 913-921.
Jaime E. Jimenez, Fabian M. Jaksic.
Sensitivity of Brown-Headed Cowbirds to Volatiles. 922-932.
Larry Clark, J. Russell Mason.
Species Limits in Akepas (Drepanidinae; Loxops). 933-940.
H. Douglas Pratt.
Timing of Sperm Releases and Inseminations in Resident Emperizids: A Comparative Study. 941-961.
W. B. Quay.
Functional Interpretation of Protruding Filoplumes in Oscines. 962-965.
George A. Clark, Jr., Justine B. De Cruz.
Brain, Hormone and Behavior Interactions in Avian Reproduction: Status and Prospectus. 966-978.
Rae Silver, Gregory F. Ball.
Book Reviews. 1014-1018.
March F. Lawton.
News and Notes. 1019-1021.
Reviewers for Volume 91. 1022-1023.
Index to Volume 91. 1024-1039.


Habitat Saturation and Ecological Constraints: Origin and History of the Ideas. 1010-1013.
Jerram L. Brown.

Short Communications

Nest-Site Characteristics of Yellow-Crowned Night-Herons in Virginia. 979-983.
Bryan D. Watts.
Overnight Mass Loss By Wintering Verdins. 983-985.
Marcus D. Wenster.
First Reported Nests of the Black-Breasted Wood-Quail (Odontophorus Leucolaemus). 985-986.
David Mcdonald, Kathy Winnett-Murray.
Variation in Size and Composition of Horned and Pied-Billed Grebe Eggs. 987-989.
Todd W. Arnold.
Extra-Pair Copulation in the Greater White-Fronted Goose. 990-991.
Craig E. Ely.
Incidence of Communal Nesting in the European Starling at Belmont, New Zealand. 992-993.
John E. C. Flux, Margaret M. Flux.
Red Bands and Red-Winged Blackbirds. 993-995.
Les D. Beletsky, Gordon H. Orians.
A Reassessment of the First Nesting Record of the Peregrine Falcon in Ecuador. 995-997.
Clayton M. White.
On the Flushing Behavior of Incubating White Terns. 997-998.
Jeffrey S. Marks, Paul Hendricks.
Tool Use By the Fan-Tailed Raven (Corvus Rhipidurus). 999.
Staffan Andersson.
Metabolic Rates of Red-Tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls. 1000-1002.
Ani M. Pakpahan, Jonathan B. Haufler, Harold H. Prince.
Analysis of a Dialect Boundary in Chaco Vegetation in the Rufous-Collared Sparrow. 1002-1005.
S. C. Lougheed, A. J. Lougheed, M. Rae, P. Handford.
Observations on Food Habits and Social Organization of Acorn Woodpeckers in Costa Rica. 1005-1007.
Mark T. Stanback.
Additional Notes From Isla Clarion, Mexico. 1007-1008.
Steve N. G. Howell, Sophie Webb.
Brown Jays as Army and Followers. 1008-1009.
Paul D. Haemig.
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