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The Condor, Volume 91, Number 3 (1989)

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Thermoregulation in Turkey Vultures Vascular Anatomy, Arteriovenous Heat Exchange, and Behavior. 505-514.
Zeev Arad, Uffe Midtgard, Marvin H. Bernstein.
Distribution of Overwintering Nearctic Migrants in the Yucatan Peninsula, I: General Patterns of Occurrence. 515- 544.
James F. Lynch.
Population Structure, Territoriality and Overwinter Survival of Two Migrant Warbler Species in Jamaica. 545-561.
Richard T. Holmes, Thomas W. Sherry, Leonard Reitsma.
Structure of a Wintering Dunlin Population. 562-570.
G. M. Ruiz, P. G. Connors, S. E. Griffin, F. A. Pitelka.
Viability of Salt Marshes as Nesting Habitat for Common Terns in New York. 571-584.
Carl Safina, David Witting, Kelly Smith.
Activity and Habitat-Use Patterns of Breeding Caribbean Flamingos in Yucatan, Mexico. 585-591.
Ricardo Espino-Barros, Guy A. Baldassarre.
Numbers, Migration Chronology, and Activity Patterns of Nonbreeding Caribbean Flamingos in Yucatan, Mexico. 592- 597.
Ricardo Espino-Barros, Guy A. Baldassarre.
An Artificial Simulation of the Vernal Increase in Day Length and Its Effects on the Reproductive System in Three Species of Tits (Parus Spp.), and Modifying Effects of Environmental Factors-A Field Experiment. 598-608.
B. Silverin, P. A. Viebke, J. Westin.
Relationships Between Population Demography of Mccown's Longspurs and Habitat Resources. 609-619.
Richard D. Greer, Stanley H. Anderson.
Variation in the Appearance of Swallow Eggs and the Detection of Intraspecific Brood Parasitism. 620-627.
Charles R. Brown, Lora C. Sherman.
Nest Attentiveness and Egg Temperature in the Yellow-Eyed Junco. 628-633.
Wesley W. Weathers, Kimberly A. Sullivan.
Incubation Temperatures of Wilson's Plovers and Killdeers. 634-641.
Peter W. Bergstrom.
Forest Characteristics Related to Pileated Woodpecker Territory Size in Missouri. 642-652.
Rochelle B. Renken, Ernie P. Wiggers.
Nest-Site Selection By Yellow-Eyed Penguins. 653-659.
Philip J. Seddon, Lloyd S. Davis.
Insemination of Tennessee Warblers During Spring Migration. 660-670.
W. B. Quay.
Body Composition and Diet of Breeding Female Common Crows. 671-674.
Andrew D. Young.
Reproductive Performance of Rio Grande Wild Turkeys. 675-680.
Joel A. Schmutz, Clait E. Braun.
Pollen Digestibility By Hummingbirds and Psittacines. 681-688.
A. T. Brice, K. H. Dahl, C. R. Grau.
Effect of Experimental Manipulation of Vegetation Density on Nest-Site Selection in Sooty Terns. 689-698.
Jorge E. Saliva, Joanna Burger.
The Vocal Repertoire of the Ancient Murrelet. 699-710.
Ian L. Jones, J. Bruce Falls, Anthony J. Gaston.
News and Notes. 747.
Book Reviews. 748-751.
Marcy F. Lawton.

Short Communications

Prairie Falcon Nesting on Transmission Towers. 711-712.
Jerry A. Roppe, Stevem M. Siegel, Stevem M. Wilder.
Distribution of the Boreal Owl in Eastern Washington and Oregon. 712-716.
Bartlett D. Whelton.
A Modified Jaw Muscle in the Maui Parrotbill (Pseudonestor: Drepanididae). 716-720.
Richard L. Zusi.
Observations of the Red-Billed Ground-Cuckoo (Neomorphus Pucheranii) and Association with Tamarins (Saguinas) in Northeastern Amazonian Peru. 720-722.
Charles E. Siegel, Joel M. Hamilton, N. Rogerio Castro.
Roost and Nest Sites of Common Nighthawks Are Gravel Roofs Important. 722-724.
R. Mark Brigham.
The Implications of Germinating Acorns in the Granaries of a Acorn Woodpeckers in Panama. 724-726.
Marina Wong.
Three Adult Swainson's Hawks Tending a Nest. 727-728.
Keven J. Cash.
Bigamy in Northern Mockingbirds: Circumventing Female-Female Aggression. 728-732.
Kim C. Derrickson.
Olfaction in Subantarctic Seabirds: Its Phylogenetic and Ecological Significance. 732-735.
Benoit Lequette, Christophe Verheyden, Pierre Jouventin.
Nest Characteristics and Nestling Development of Cassin's and Botteri's Sparrows in Southeastern Arizona. 736-738.
Brian A. Maurer, Elizabeth A. Webb, Richard K. Bowers.
Nocturnal Hypothermia in Rosy Finches. 739-741.
Daniel T. Clemens.
Predation By a Brown Pelican at a Mixed-Species Heronry. 742-743.
Miguel A. Mora.
The Use of Nest Boxes as Night Roosts During the Nonbreeding Season By European Starlings in New Jersey. 744- 747.
Michael P. Lombardo, Linda C. Romagnano, Philip C. Stouffer, S. Hoffenberg, Harry W. Power.
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