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The Condor, Volume 91, Number 2 (1989)

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Within-Season Breeding Dispersal in Prairie Warblers and Other Passerines. 233-241.
Wendy M. Jackson, Sievert Rohwer, Val Nolan Jr.
The Use of Banding Recovery Data to Estimate Dispersal Rates and Gene Flow in Avian Species: Case Studies in the Red-Winged Blackbird and Common Grackle. 242-253.
William S. Moore, Richard A. Dolbeer.
Natal Dispersal of Eastern Screech-Owls. 254-265.
James R. Belthoff, Gary Ritchison.
Endogenous Reserves of Adult Male Sage Grouse During Courtship. 266-271.
Jerry W. Hupp.
Display Behavior of Male Calliope Hummingbirds During the Breeding Season. 272-279.
Staffan Tamm, Doug P. Armstrong, Zena J. Tooze.
Foods and Dietary Strategies of Prairie-Nesting Ruddy Ducks and Redheads. 280-287.
Marc C. Woodin, George A. Swanson.
Seasonal Changes in Bird Communities of the Chaparral and Blue-Oak Woodlands in Central California. 288-295.
Michael L. Avery, Charles Van Riper Iii.
Response of Nesting Red-Tailed Hawks to Helicopter Overflights. 296-299.
David E. Andersen, Orrin J. Rongstad.
Reproduction and Demography of the Florida Everglade (Snail) Kite. 300-316.
Noel F. R. Snyder, Steven R. Bessinger, Roderick E. Chandler.
Site-Related Dominance and Spacing Among Winter Flocks of Black-Capped Chickadees. 317-323.
Andre Desrochers, Susan J. Hannon.
Energetics and Water Balance in Free-Living Tropical Hummingbirds. 324-331.
Wesley W. Weathers, F. Gary Stiles.
Two North American Song Populations of the Marsh Wren Reach Distributional Limits in the Central Great Plains. 332- 340.
Donald E. Kroodsma.
Reverse Mounting in Grebes. 341-346.
Gary L. Nuechterlein, Robert W. Storer.
Nesting Success and Habitat Relationships of Burrowing Owls in the Columbia Basin, Oregon. 347-354.
Gregory A. Green, Robert G. Anthony.
Distribution and Habitat Use of Mexican Spotted Owls in Arizona. 355-361.
Joseph L. Ganey, Russell P. Balda.
Hawk Occupancy of Disturbed Grasslands in Relation to Models of Habitat Selection. 362-371.
Josef K. Schmutz.
Spatial and Temporal Patterns in the Diet of Common Ravens in Southwestern Idaho. 372-378.
Kathleen A. Engel, Leonard S. Young.
Genetic Evidence for the Origin and Relationships of Hawaiian Honeycreepers (Aves: Fringillidae). 379-396.
Ned K. Johnson, Jill A. Marten, C. John Ralph.
Song Development and Territory Establishment in Nuttall's White-Crowned Sparrows. 397-407.
Barbara B. Dewolfe, Luis F. Baptista, Lewis Petrinovich.
Holocene Records of the Antarctic Shag (Phalacrocorax [Notocarbo] Bransfieldensis) in Fuegian Waters. 408-415.
Douglas Siegel-Causey, Christine Lefevre.
Effects of Urbanization on Breeding Bird Community Structure in Southwestern Desert Habitats. 416-428.
G. Scott Mills, John B. Dunning Jr., John M. Mates.
Food Supply and Reproductive Performance of the American Oystercatcher in Virginia. 429-435.
Erica Nol.
Geographic Variation in the Marbled Godwit and Description of an Alaska Subspecies. 436-443.
Daniel D. Gibson, Brina Kessel.
Monophyly and Phylogeny of the Schiffornis Group (Tyrannoidea). 444-461.
Richard O. Prum, Wesley E. Lanyon.
Book Reviews. 496-500.
March F. Lawton.
News and Notes. 501-502.


Food Addition, Clutch Size, and the Timing of Laying in American Coots. 493-494.
S. V. Briggs.
Reply to Briggs: the Roles of Endogenous and Exogenous Nutrient Supplies. 494-495.
Wendy L. Hill.


On the Rarity of Intraspecific Brood Parasitism. 485-492.
R. Bruce Macwhirter.

Short Communications

Night Songs in the Rufous-Collared Sparrow. 462-465.
Stephen C. Lougheed, Paul Handford.
Morphometrics, Metabolic Rate and Body Temperature of the Smallest Flightless Bird the Inaccessible Island Rail. 465- 467.
Peter G. Ryan, Barry P. Watkins, W. Roy Siegfried.
Records of New Or Little Known Birds for Nicaragua. 468-469.
Juan C. Martinez-Sanchez.
Harpy Eagle Attempts Predation on Adult Howler Monkey. 469-470.
Perri Eason.
Postovulatory Follicles as a Measure of Clutch Size and Brood Parasitism in European Starlings. 471-473.
E. Dale Kennedy, Philip C. Stouffer, Harry W. Power.
Regionwide Polygyny in Willow Flycatchers. 473-475.
James A. Sedgwick, Fritz L. Knopf.
Goshawk Nest-Site Characteristics in Western Montana and Northern Idaho. 476-479.
Gregory D. Hayward, Ronald E. Escano.
Fecal Sac Removal: Do the Pattern and Distance of Dispersal Affect the Chance of Nest Predation. 479-482.
Kenneth E. Petit, Lisa J. Petit, Danier R. Petit.
Great Blue Heron Deaths Caused By Predation on Pacific Lamprey. 482-484.
Blair O. Wolf, Stephanie L. Jones.
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