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The Condor, Volume 91, Number 1 (1989)

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Reproductive Biology of Shrubsteppe Passerine Birds: Geographical and Temporal Variation in Clutch Size, Brood Size, and Fledging Success. 1-14.
John T. Rotenberry, John A. Wiens.
Contact Zones of Avian Congeners on the Southern Great Plains. 15-22.
Keith L. Dixon.
Nonrandom Mating in Feral Pigeons. 23-29.
Richard F. Johnston, Steven G. Johnson.
Similarity in the Development of Foraging Mechanics Among Sibling Ospreys. 30-36.
Thomas C. Edwards, Jr.
Mate Feeding By Western and Clark's Grebes. 37-42.
Gary L. Nuechterlein, Robert W. Storer.
Intrasexual Aggression and the Mating Behavior of Brown-Headed Cowbirds: Their Relation to Population Densities and Sex Ratios. 43-51.
David A. Yokel.
Dispersal in the Communally Breeding Groove-Billed Ani (Crotophaga Sulcirostris). 52-64.
Bonnie S. Bowen, Rolf R. Koford, Sandra L. Vehrencamp.
Food Habits of the Whiskered Auklet at Buldir Island, Alaska. 65-72.
Robert H. Day, G. Vernon Byrd.
Effects of Varied Electrophoretic Conditions on Detection of Evolutionary Patterns in the Laridae. 73-90.
Shannon J. Hackett.
Nest-Site Selection By Yellow-Footed Gulls. 91-99.
Larry B. Spear, Daniel W. Anderson.
Environmental Factors Influencing Nest-Site Preference in White-Browed Sparrow-Weavers (Plocepasser Mahali). 100-107.
J. W. H. Ferguson, W. R. Siegfried.
Dependency on Testosterone of Photoperiodically-Induced Vernal Fat Deposition in Female White-Crowned Sparrows. 108- 112.
Hubert Schwabl, Donald S. Farner.
An Experimental Test of Prey Distribution Learning in Two Paruline Warblers. 113-119.
Christopher J. Whelan.
The Importance of Invariant and Distinctive Features in Species Recognition of Bird Song. 120-130.
Douglas A. Nelson.
Parental Attendance and Brood Care in Four Argentine Dabbling Ducks. 131-138.
Frank Mckinney, Gwen Brewer.
Fall Colony Attendance and Breeding Success in the Common Murre. 139-146.
M. P. Harris, S. Wanless.
Effects of Helpers on Nestling Care and Breeder Survival in Pygmy Nuthatches. 147-155.
William J. Sydeman.
Fat Cyclicity, Predicted Migratory Flight Ranges, and Features of Wintering Behavior in Pacific Golden-Plovers. 156- 177.
Oscar W. Johnson, Martin L. Morton, Phillip L. Bruner, Patricia M. Johnson.
Body-Mass Variation in Breeding Northern Wheatears: A Field Experiment with Supplementary Food. 178-186.
Juan Moreno.
Observations on the Foraging Ecology and Social Behavior of the Bridled White-Eye. 187-192.
Robert J. Craig.
The Silky-Tailed Nightjar and Other Neotropical Caprimulgids; Unraveling Some Mysteries. 193-197.
John William Hardy, Roberto Straneck.
Book Reviews. 222-225.
March F. Lawton.
In Memoriam. 226.
Emily Dinnin Smith.
News and Notes. 227.
Information for Contributors. 228-229.

Short Communications

Survival and Breeding Philopatry in Barrow's and Common Goldeneyes. 198-203.
Jean-Pierre L. Savard, John Mca. Eadie.
Sex and Egg Size in Great-Tailed Grackles. 203-205.
Kevin L. Teather.
Nestling and Egg Destruction By House Wrens. 206-207.
Michael S. Quinn, Geoffrey L. Holroyd.
Adjacency Patterns in the Song-Type Deliveries of Western Meadowlarks. 208-210.
Maria Klemperer Aweida.
Heritability of Wing Length and Weight in European Bee-Eaters(Merops Apiaster). 210-214.
C. M. Lessells, G. N. Ovenden.
Two New Records of Birds for Southern Mexico. 214-215.
J. Luis Rangel-Salazar, J. Humberto Vega-Rivera.
Notes on the Breeding of Chestnut-Bellied Herons (Agamia Agami) in Costa Rica. 215-217.
Manuel Marin A.
Mate Fidelity and Breeding-Site Specificity of the Turquoise-Browed Motmot. 217-219.
Robert F. Martin, Peter E. Scott, Mark W. Martin.
Observations on the Breeding of the Arctic Warbler in Alaska. 219-221.
Trevor Price, Desiree Beck.
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