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The Condor, Volume 90, Number 3 (1988)

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Fat From Black-Capped Chickadees: Avian Brown Adipose Tissue. 529-537.
John M. Olson, William R. Dawson, James J. Camilliere.
The Use of Court Objects By Lawes Parotia. 538-545.
S. G. Pruett-Jones, M. A. Pruett-Jones.
Extra-Pair Courtship and Copulation Attempts in Northern Orioles. 546-554.
Bruce B. Edinger.
Plasma Androgen Levels and Body Weights for Breeding and Nonbreeding Male American Kestrels. 555-560.
N. B. Rehder, D. M. Sanford Bird, L. M. Sanford.
Weather and Bird Populations in True Fir Forests of the Sierra Nevada, California. 561-574.
Sallie J. Hejl, Jared Verner, Russell P. Balda.
Social Attraction in Nesting Least Terns: Effects of Numbers, Spacing, and Pair Bonds. 575-582.
Joanna Burger.
The Effect of Primary Production on Breeding Success and Habitat Selection in the African Hawk-Eagle. 583-587.
K. Hustler, W. W. Howells.
Responses of Five Host Species to Cowbird Parasitism. 588-591.
Donald S. Graham.
Variation in Repertoire Presentation in Northern Mockingbirds. 592-606.
Kim C. Derrickson.
The Gray-Breasted Crake (Laterallus Exilis) in Costa Rica: Vocalizations, Distribution, and Interactions with White-Throated Crakes (L. Albigularis). 607-612.
F. G. Stiles, D. J. Levey.
Colony Attendance and Population Monitoring of Black-Legged Kittiwakes on the Semidi Islands, Alaska. 613-620.
Scott A. Hatch, Martha A. Hatch.
Foraging of Clark's Nutcrackers on Rapidly Changing Pine Seed Resources. 621-631.
Stephen B. Vander Wall.
Parent-Young Vocal Communication in Western Grebes. 632-636.
Gary L. Nuechterlein.
Genetic Similarities Between Subspecies of the White-Crowned Sparrow. 637-647.
Kendall W. Corbin, Patricia J. Wilkie.
The Singing Behavior of Eastern Screech-Owls: Seasonal Timing and Response to Playback of Conspecific Song. 648- 652.
Gary Richison, Paul M. Cavanagh, James R. Belthoff, Earl J. Sparks.
Nest-Site Preferences of Flammulated Owls in Western New Mexico. 653-661.
D. Archibald McCallum.
Transmitter Loads Affect the Flight Speed and Metabolism of Homing Pigeons. 662-668.
James A. Gessaman, Kenneth A. Nagy.
Body Composition of Female Mallards in Winter in Relation to Annual Cycle Events. 669-680.
Mickey E. Keitmeyer.
Singing Organization During Aggressive Interactions Among Male Yellow-Rumped Caciques. 681-688.
Jill M. Trainer.
Breeding Biology of the Great Gray Owl in Southeastern Idaho and Northwestern Wyoming. 689-696.
Alan B. Franklin.
Dominance Relationship and Mating Behavior of Domestic Cocks-A Model to Study Mate-Guarding and Sperm Competition in Birds. 697-704.
Kimberly M. Cheng, Jeffrey T. Burns.
Book Reviews. 739-740.
Marcy F. Lawton, Editor.
News and Notes. 741-742.

Short Communications

Ability of Two Species of Oak Woodland Birds to Subsist on Acorns. 705-708.
Walter D. Koening, M. Katy Heck.
Intraclutch Variation in Egg Weights of Pied-Billed Grebes. 709-711.
M.R.L. Forbes C. D. Ankney.
Distribution and Subspecies of the Dovekie in Alaska. 712-714.
Robert H. Day, Anthony Degange, George J. Divoky, Declan M. Troy.
The "Bugs" Call of the Cliff Swallow: A Rare Food Signal in a Colonially Nesting Bird Species. 714-715.
Philip K. Stoddard.
First Description of Hybrid Blue X Sage Grouse. 716-717.
Jack A. Rensel, Clayton M. White.
The Relationship Between Precocity and Body Composition in Some Neonate Alcids. 718-721.
David C. Duncan, Anthony J. Gaston.
Embryonic Vocalizations and the Removal of Foot Webs From Pipped Eggs in the American White Pelican. 721-723.
Roger M. Evans.
Littoral Foraging By Red Phalaropes During Spring in the Northern Bering Sea. 723-726.
J. Christopher Kaney, E. Amy Stone.
Waved Albatross Egg Neglect and Associated Mosquito Ectoparasitism. 727-729.
David J. Anderson, Sharon Fortner.
Access to Winter Food Resources By Bright-Versus Dull-Colored House Finches. 729-731.
Mary Bomberger Brown, Charles R. Brown.
Age Differences in the Fall Diet of Greater Snow Geese in Quebec. 731-734.
Jean-Francois Giroux, Jean Bedard.
Nest-Site Selection By Urban Merlins. 734-738.
Ian G. Warkentin, Paul C. James.
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