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The Condor, Volume 90, Number 1 (1988)

Publication Information


Species Concepts in Ornithology. 1-14.
Mary C. Mckitrick, Robert M. Zink.
Carcass Composition and Energy Reserves of Sage Grouse During Winter. 15-19.
T. E. Remington, C. E. Braun.
Diets of the White-Chinned Petrel and Sooty Shearwater in the Southern Benguela Region, South Africa. 20-28.
S. Jackson.
Female and Male Specialization in Parental Care and Its Consequences in Black-Billed Magpies. 29-39.
Deborah Buitron.
Shiny Cowbird Parasitism in Central Brazil. 40-43.
Robero B. Cavalcanti, Thais Martins Pimentel.
The Form and Function of Song in Female Song Sparrows. 44-50.
Peter Arcese, Philip Kraft Stoddard, Sara M. Hiebert.
Nest Predation and Nest-Site Selection of a Western Population of the Hermit Thrush. 51-57.
Thomas E. Martin, James J. Roper.
House Finch Nest-Site Selection at Guelph, Ontario. 58-60.
Donald S. Graham.
Population Biology of Cavity Nesters in Northern Arizona; Do Nest Sites Limit Breeding Densities. 61-71.
Jeffrey D. Brawn, Russell P. Balda.
Evolution of Brown Towhees: Allozymes, Morphometrics and Species Limits. 72-82.
Robert M. Zink.
Components of Clutch Size Variation in Arctic-Nesting Canada Geese. 83-89.
Charles D. Macinnes, Erica H. Dunn.
Great Frigatebird Size Dimorphism on Two Central Pacific Atolls. 90-99.
Elizabeth Anne Schreiber, Ralph W. Schreiber.
Food Habits and Social Organization of Acorn Woodpeckers in Colombia. 100-106.
Gustavo Kattan.
Nocturnal Energy Expenditure of Dark-Eyed Juncos Roosting in Indiana During Winter. 107-112.
D. R. Webb, Christopher M. Rogers.
Use of Exotic Saltcedar (Tamarix Chinensis) By Birds in Arid Riparian Systems. 113-123.
William C. Hunter, Robert D. Ohmart, Bertin W. Anderson.
Experimental Study of Predation on Eggs of Ground-Nesting Birds; Effects of Habitat and Nest Distribution. 124- 131.
Jaroslav Picman.
Copying of Foraging Locations in Mixed-Species Flocks of Temperate-Deciduous Woodland Birds: An Experimental Study. 132- 140.
Thomas A. Waite, Thomas C. Grubb, Jr.
Timing of the Definitive Prebasic Molt in Yellow Warblers at James Bay, Ontario. 141-156.
Christopher C. Rimmer.
Diving Patterns in Relation to Diet of Gentoo and Macaroni Penguins at South Georgia. 157-167.
J. P. Croxall, R. W. Davis, M. J. O'Connell.
Underwater Foraging Behavior of Canvasbacks, Lesser Scaups, and Ruddy Ducks. 168-172.
Michael W. Tome, Dale A. Wrubleski.
Foraging Ecology of Avian Frugivores and Some Consequences for Seed Dispersal in an Illinois Woodlot. 173-186.
Patti Katusic Malmborg, Mary F. Willson.
Oxygen Consumption and Growth of Northern Bobwhite Embryos Under Normoxic and Hyperoxic Conditions. 187-192.
Joseph B. Williams, Kendra Swift.
Nest-Defense Behavior in the Red-Winged Blackbird. 193-200.
Richard L. Knight, Stanley A. Temple.
Pairing Patterns and Fitness in a Free-Ranging Population of Pinyon Jays: What Do They Reveal About Mate Choice?. 201- 213.
John M. Marzluff, Russell P. Balda.
Foraging Ranges and Partitioning of Feeding Zones in Three Species of Southern Albatrosses. 214-219.
Henri Weimerskirch, John Alexander Bartle, Pierre Jouventin, Jean Claude Stahl.
Stepwise Molt of Remiges in Blue-Eyed and King Shags. 220-227.
Pamela C. Rasmussen.
Controlled Pool Elevation and Its Effects on Canada Goose Productivity and Nest Location. 228-232.
Thomas A. O'Neil.
News and Notes. 278.
Book Reviews. 279-283.
Marcy F. Lawton, Editor.
Books Received. 284.
Amended Bylaws of the Cooper Ornithological Society. 285-286.
Information for Contributors. 287-288.


On Sample Sizes and Reliable Information. 275-278.
Michael L. Morrison.

Short Communications

Different Feeding Strategies of Two Sympatric Hummingbird Species. 233-236.
John Martin.
Nesting of the Wing-Banded Antbird and the Thrush-Like Antpitta in French Quiana. 236-239.
Oliver Tostain, Jean-Luc Dujardin.
The Nesting and Feeding Behavior of the Ornate Hawk-Eagle Near Manaus, Brazil. 239-241.
Bert C. Klein, Lee H. Harper, Richard O. Bierregaard, George V. N. Powell.
A Case of Communal Nesting in the European Starling. 241-245.
Philip C. Stouffer, Linda C. Romagnano, Michael P. Lombardo, Ann S. Hoffenberg, Harry W. Power.
Early Pair and Extra-Pair Copulations in Willow Ptarmigan. 245-246.
Kathy Martin, Susan J. Hannon.
A Field Test of Density-Dependent Survival of Simulated Gray Jay Caches. 247-249.
Thomas A. Waite.
Weddell Seal Preys on Chinstrap Penguin. 249-250.
Frank S. Todd.
Nest-Site Selection, Nest, and Eggs of the Stout-Billed Cinclodes (Cinclodes Excelsior), a High Andean Furnariid. 251- 253.
Gary R. Graves, Gonzalo Arango.
A High Incidence of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism of Willow Flycatchers. 253-256.
James A. Sedgwick, Fritz L. Knopf.
Changes in Body Mass and Plasma Metabolites During Short-Term Fasting in the King Penguin. 257-258.
Yves Cherel, Yvon Le Maho.
Notes on the Seabirds of Sala Y Gomez. 259-261.
Peter Harrison, Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Additional Evidence of Nocturnal Migration By Yellow-Rumped Warblers in Winter. 261-263.
Scott B. Terrill, Robert L. Crawford.
Protein Costs of the Prebasic Molt of Female Mallards. 263-266.
Mickey E. Keitmeyer.
Skylight Polarization Does Not Affet the Migratory Orientation of European Robins. 267-270.
Roland Sandberg.
Raven Tool Use. 270-271.
Bernd Heinrich.
Aggressiveness in Migrating Cape May Warblers: Defense of an Aquatic Food Source. 271-274.
Spencer G. Sealy.
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