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The Condor, Volume 89, Number 3 (1987)

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Effect of Eggshell Thinning on Water Vapor Conductance of Malleefowl Eggs. 453-459.
David T. Booth, Roger S. Seymour.
Organochlorines, Predators and Reproductive Success of the Red-Necked Grebe in Southern Manitoba. 460-467.
Ken D. De Smet.
Primary Molt of California Condors. 468-485.
Noel F. R. Snyder, Eric V. Johnson, David A. Clendenen.
What Limits Mourning Doves to a Clutch of Two Eggs?. 486-493.
David Westmoreland, Louis B. Best.
Morphology of Hatchling Hooded Crows and Its Relation to Egg Volume. 494-499.
Gunnar Rofstad, Jostein Sandvik.
A Complex Vocalization of the Black-Capped Chickadee. Ii. Repertoires, Dominance and Dialects. 500-509.
Millicent S. Ficken, Charles M. Weise, James A. Reinartz.
The Vocal Repertoire of the Red Junglefowl; a Spectrographic Classification and the Code of Communication. 510- 524.
Nicholas E. Collias.
Age-Class Variation in Foraging Techniques By Brown Pelicans. 525-533.
Robert A. Carl.
Multiscale Associations Between Cavity-Nesting Birds and Features of Wyoming Streamside Woodlands. 534-548.
Kevin J. Gutzwiller, Stanley H. Anderson.
The Summer Biology of an Unstable Insular Population of White-Crowned Sparrows in Oregon. 549-565.
James R. King, L. Richard Mewaldt.
Feeding Methods and Efficiencies of Selected Frugivorous Birds. 566-580.
Mercedes S. Foster.
Population Estimates and Breeding Biology of the Petrels Pterodroma Externa and P. Longirostris on Isla Alejandro Selkirk, Juan Fernandez Archipelago. 581-586.
M. De L. Brooke.
Do Nest Building and First Egg Dates Reflect Settlement Patterns of Females. 587-593.
Bridget J. Stutchbury, Raleigh J. Robertson.
Seasonal Time-Energy Budgets of Free-Living Chukars in the Negev Desert. 594-601.
Nurit Carmi-Winkler, A. Allan Degen, Berry Pinshow.
Effect of Group Size and Location Within the Group on the Foraging Behavior of White Ibises. 602-609.
Daniel R. Petit.
Fecal Sac Dispersal By Prothonotary Warblers: Weatherhead's Hypothesis Re-Evaluated. 610-613.
Daniel R. Petit, Lisa J. Petit.
Breeding Bird Populations During Twenty-Five Years of Postfire Succession in the Sierra Nevada. 614-626.
Martin G. Raphael , Michael L. Morrison, Michael P. Yoder-Williams.
The Ecology and Energetics of Chick Provisioning By Black Guillemots. 627-635.
D. K. Cairns.
Landbird Productivity in Central Coastal California: the Relationship to Annual Rainfall, and a Reproductive Failure in 1986. 636-653.
David F. Desante, Geoffrey R. Geupel.
Book Reviews. 679-682.
March F. Lawton, Editor.
Books Received. 682-683.
News and Notes. 684.

Short Communications

Observations on Two Rare Birds, Upucerthia Albigula and Conirostrum Tamarugenese, From the Andes of Southwestern Peru. 654- 658.
Thomas S. Schulenberg.
Nest Site Selection By Elf Owls in Saguaro National Monument, Arizona. 659-662.
M. Susanna Goad, R. William Mannan.
An Improved Procedure for Counting Pores in Avian Eggshells. 663-665.
Gilbert W. Blankespoor.
Nesting of the Ross Goose and Blue-Phase Snow Goose in the Sagavanirktok River Delta, Alaska. 665-667.
Stephen R. Johnson, Declan M. Troy.
Burrow Nesting By Common Barn-Owls in North Central Colorado. 668-670.
Brian A. Millsap, Patricia A. Millsap.
Two Recent Records of Neotropical Eagles in Southern Veracruz, Mexico. 671-672.
Eduardo Inigo E., Mario Ramos, Fernando Gonzalez.
Unusual Records From Coahuila, Mexico. 672-673.
Aldegundo Garza De Leon.
First Description of the Nest of the Olive Finch, Lysurus Castaneiceps. 673-674.
Thomas S. Schulenberg, Frank B. Gill.
Conspecific Egg Discrimination in American Coots. 675-676.
Todd W. Arnold.
Grasshopper Consumption and Summer Flocks of Nonbreeding Swainson's Hawks. 676-678.
C. G. Johnson, L. A. Nickerson, M. J. Bechard.
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