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The Condor, Volume 89, Number 2 (1987)

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On Measuring Bird Habitat: Influence of Observer Variability and Sample Size. 241-251.
William M. Block, Kimberly A. With, Michael L. Morrison.
Day-To-Day Variation in Nest Attentiveness of White-Rumped Sandpipers. 252-260.
Ralph V. Cartar, Robert D. Montgomerie.
Microgeographic Song Variation in the Nuttall's White-Crowned Sparrow. 261-275.
Michael A. Cunningham, Myron C. Baker, Thomas J. Boardman.
Present Status of the Flightless Cormorant, Galapagos Penguin and Greater Flamingo Populations in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, After the 1982-83 El Nino. 276-281.
Carlos A. Valle, Malcolm C. Coulter.
A Description of Mixed-Species Insectivorous Bird Flocks in Western Mexico. 282-292.
Richard L. Hutto.
A Field Study of Winter Fruit Preferences of Cedar Waxwings. 293-306.
Jean M. Mcpherson.
A Comparative Study of Eggshell Thickness in Cowbirds and Other Passerines. 307-318.
Carol D. Spaw, Sievert Rohwer.
Determinants of Nestling Feeding Rates and Parental Investment in the Mountain Chickadee. 319-328.
Ralph Grundel.
Effects of Body Condition on Molting in Mallards. 329-339.
Olof Pehrsson.
Factors Influencing Colony Attendance By Pigeon Guillemots on Southeast Farallon Island, California. 340-348.
Douglas A. Nelson.
Pair Formation in Cowbirds; Evidence Found for Screaming But Not Shiny Cowbirds. 349-356.
Paul Mason.
Bird Visitation to Agave Salmiana; Comparisons Among Hummingbirds and Perching Birds. 357-363.
Carlos Martinez Del Rio, Luis E. Eguiarte.
Intraclutch Variation in the Size, Mass and Composition of Ring-Billed Gull Eggs. 364-368.
Catherine E. Meathrel, John P. Ryder.
Egg Data Slips-Are They Useful for Information on Egg-Laying Dates and Clutch Size?. 369-376.
Douglas B. Mcnair.
Evidence of Hybridizatin Between Red-Bellied and Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers. 377-386.
Julia I. Smith.
Nest Site Selection By Northern Goshawks in Northern New Jersey and Southeastern New York. 387-394.
Robert Speiser, Thomas Bosakowski.
Genetic Variation, Population Structure, and Evolution of California Quail. 395-405.
Robert M. Zink, Dale F. Lott, Daniel W. Anderson.
Breeding Vocalizations Ofthe Surfbird. 406-412.
Edward H. Miller, William W. H. Gunn, Stepthen F. Maclean, Jr.
Chronic Tidally-Induced Nest Failure in a Colony of White Ibises. 413-419.
Peter Frederick.
Book Reviews. 446-449.
March F. Lawton, Editor.
Books Received. 450.
News and Notes. 451.


Personal Perspectives and Lack of Data Underlie Different Interpretations of Interspecific Aggression. 444-445.
Bradley C. Livezey.

Short Communications

Aggressive Encounters Between Tundra Swans and Greater White-Fronted Geese During Brood Rearing. 420-422.
Craig R. Ely, David A. Budeau, Una G. Swain.
Geographic Variation in Social Structure and Behavior of Aphelocoma Ultramarina. 422-424.
Stuart D. Strahl, Jerram L. Brown.
Metabolic, Water and Thermal Relations of the Chilean Tinamou. 424-426.
Philip C. Withers, Richard B. Forbes, Michael S. Hedrick.
Winter Diets of Common Murres and Marbled Murrelets in Kachemak Bay, Alaska. 426-430.
Gerald A. Sanger.
Revised Breeding Distribution of the Boreal Owl in the Northern Rocky Mountains. 431-432.
Gregory D. Hayward, Patricia H. Hayward, Edward O. Garton, Ronald Escano.
First North American Nesting and Occurrence of Haliaeetus Albicilla on Attu Island, Alaska. 433-434.
Theodore G. Tobish, Jr., Lawrence G. Balch.
Cone Pigment of the Great Horned Owl. 434-436.
Gerald H. Jacobs, Michael Crognale, John Fenwick.
Amino Acid Composition of the Calamus, Rachis, and Barbs of White-Crowned Sparrow Feathers. 436-439.
James R. King, Mary E. Murphy.
Effects of the 1982-83 El Nino Event on Blue-Footed and Masked Booby Populations on Isla Daphne Major, Galapagos. 440- 442.
H. Lisle Gibbs, Steven C. Latta, James P. Gibbs.
Cannibalism in American Coots Induced By Severe Spring Weather and Avian Cholera. 442-443.
David G. Paullin.
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