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The Condor, Volume 89, Number 1 (1987)

Publication Information


Vocal Dialects and Their Possible Relation to Honest Status Signalling in the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 1-23.
Stephen I. Rothstein, Robert C. Fleischer.
Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation of the Maui Parrotbill. 24-39.
Stephen Mountainspring.
Antipredator Behavior and Breeding Success in Greater Golden-Plover and Eurasian Dotterel. 40-47.
Ingvar Byrkjedal.
On the Composition of Bird Eggs. 48-65.
P. R. Sotherland, H. Rahn.
Habitat Use By Mountain Quail in Northern California. 66-74.
Leonard A. Brennan, William M. Block, R. J. Gutierrez.
Songs of the Cocos Flycatcher; Vocal Behavior of a Suboscine on an Isolated Oceanic Island. 75-84.
Donald E. Kroodsma, Victoria A. Ingalls, Thomas W. Sherry, Tracey K. Werner.
Breeding Ecology of the Hawaii Common Amakihi. 85-102.
Charles Van Riper Iii.
Effects of Variation in Food Quality on the Breeding Territoriality of the Male Anna's Hummingbird. 103-111.
Donald R. Powers.
Sperm Competition After Sequential Mating in the Ringed Turtle-Dove. 112-116.
M. Eleanor Sims, Gregory F. Ball, Mei-Fang Cheng.
Handling of Pinyon Pine Seed By the Clark's Nutcracker. 117-125.
L. Scott Johnson, John M. Marzluff, Russell P. Balda.
Daily Energy Expenditure and Energy Utilization of Free-Ranging Black-Legged Kittiwakes. 126-132.
Geir Wing Gabrielsen, Fridtjof Mehlum, Kenneth A. Nagy.
Vocal Mimicry in the Epaulet Oriole. 133-137.
Rosendo M. Fraga.
Attendants at Tree Swallow Nests. Ii. the Exploratory-Dispersal Hypothesis. 138-149.
Michael P. Lombardo.
The Distribution of the Birds of California. 149.
Joseph Grinnell, Alden H. Miller.
Body Morphometrics and Molt of Bonaparte's Gulls in the Quoddy Region, New Brunswick, Canada. 150-157.
Birgit M. Braune.
Seasonal Foraging Specialization in the Worm-Eating Warbler. 158-168.
Russell Greenberg.
Migration and Mortality of Alberta Ferruginous Hawks. 169-174.
Joseph K. Schmutz, Richard W. Fyfe.
Book Reviews. 230-233.
March F. Lawton, Editor.
News and Notes. 234-235.
Editor's Note. 236.
Reviewers for Volume 88. 237.
Information for Contributors. 238-239.
Cooper Ornithological Society. 240.

Short Communications

Nest-Defense Behavior of the American Crow in Urban and Rural Areas. 175-177.
Richard L. Knight, Daniel J. Grout, Stanley A. Temple.
Acorn Woodpecker Predation on Cliff Swallow Nests. 177-178.
Eric D. Fajer, Karen J. Schmidt, Jami G. Eschler.
Extra Adults at the Nest in Barn Swallows. 179-182.
Mandy M. Medwin, Michael D. Beecher, Sandy J. Andelman.
Delayed Breeding in Yearling Maloe Grouse: An Evaluation of Two Hypotheses. 182-185.
Richard A. Lewis, Lan G. Jamieson.
Pyramiding Behavior in the Inca Dove; Adaptive Aspects of Day-Night Differences. 185-187.
Paul B. Robertson, Ann F. Schnapf.
Prairie Falcon Aerie Site Characteristics and Aerie Use in North Dakota. 187-190.
George T. Allen.
Snow Buntings Feeding on Leaves of Salt-Marsh Grass During Spring Migration. 190-192.
Dawn R. Bazely.
The Possible Significance of Large Eyes in the Red-Legged Kittiwake. 192-194.
Robert W. Storer.
Rufous-And-White Kill House Wren Nestlings During a Food Shortage. 195-197.
Leonard A. Freed.
Seasonal Changes in Bill Length in Summering Mountain White-Crowned Sparrows. 197-200.
Martin L. Morton, Galen A. Morton.
Foraging Behavior of Bark-Foraging Birds in the Sierra Nevada. 201-204.
Michael L. Morrison, Kimberly A. With, Irene C. Timossi, William M. Block, Kathleen A. Milne.
Report of the Scientific Advisory Panel on the Spotted Owl. 205-229.
William R. Dawson (Chair), J. David Ligon, Joseph R. Murphy, J. P. Myers, Daniel Simberloff, Jared Verner.
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