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The Condor, Volume 88, Number 4 (1986)

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Genetic Relationships of North American Cardueline Finches. 409-420.
Jill A. Marten, Ned K. Johnson.
The Effect of Retreat Site Quality on Interference-Related Behavior Among Hawaiian Honey Creepers. 421-426.
John H. Carothers.
Detertminants of Guild Structure in Forest Bird Communities; an Intercontinental Comparison. 427-439.
Richard T. Holmes.
Ecological Correlates of Mate Replacement in the American Kestrel. 440-445.
Reed Bowman, David M. Bird.
Body Size, Nest Predation, and Reproductive Patterns in Brown Thrashers and Other Mimids. 446-455.
Michael T. Murphy, Robert C. Fleischer.
Ecological Distribution of the Gray-Breasted Jay: the Role of Habitat. 456-460.
Thomas C. Edwards Jr.
An Unusual Sequence of Molts and Plumages in Cassin's and Bachman's Sparrows. 461-472.
Ernest J. Willoughby.
Year-Round Use of Coastal Lakes By Marbled Murrelets. 473-477.
Harry R. Carter, Spencer G. Sealy.
A Fossil Motmot (Aves; Momotidae) From the Late Miocene of Florida. 478-482.
Jonathan J. Becker.
The Distribution of the Birds of California. 482.
Joseph Grinnell, Alden H. Miller.
Nesting Losses and Nest Site Preferences in House Wrens. 483-486.
Jean-Claude Belles-Isles, Jaroslav Picman.
Roosting By Pelagic Seabirds; Energetic, Populational, and Social Considerations. 487-492.
Ralph W. Schreiber, Judith L. Chovan.
Sunrise, Skylight Polarization, and the Early Morning Orientation of Night-Migrating Warblers. 493-498.
Frank R. Moore.
Geographical Ecology of Clutch Size Variation in North American Woodpeckers. 499-504.
Walter D. Koenig.
Acoustic Recognition in the Belted Kingfisher: Cardiac Response to Playback Vocalizations. 505-512.
Wm. James Davis.
Composition of Blue-Winged Teal Eggs in Relation to Egg Size, Clutch Size, and the Timing of Laying. 513-519.
Frank C. Rohwer.
Book Reviews. 544-546.
March F. Lawton, Editor.
Books Received. 546.
News and Notes. 547.
Index to Volume 88. 548-558.



The Influence of Philosophy on the Interpretation of Interspecific Aggression. 543.
Bertram G. Murray, Jr.


Short Communications

Yearling-Biased Female Mortality in Tree Swallows. 520-521.
Michael P. Lombardo.
Common Tern Egg Predation By Ruddy Turnstones. 521-522.
Anne Farraway, Katie Thomas, Hans Blokpoel.
Variation in Size Specific Composition of Black-Billed Magpie Eggs Within and Among Clutches. 522-524.
Wesley M. Hochachka.
Sleeping Behavior of Black-Billed Magpies Under a Wide Range of Temperatures. 524-526.
Stephen G. Reebs.
The Effect of Daily Winter Temperature Extremes on Food Intake By Chukars. 527-528.
Steven D. Warren, Richard A. Clark.
Infanticide in the Palestine Sunbird. 528-529.
Hava Goldstein, Dan Eisikovitz, Yoram Yom-Tov.
Suspected Infanticide in the Starling. 530-531.
Linda Romagnano, Michael P. Lombardo, Philip C. Stouffer, Harry W. Power.
Nest, Eggs, and Reproductive Behavior of the Cocos Flycatcher. 531-532.
Thomas W. Sherry.
Extra Birds and Helpers at the Nests of Richardson's Merlin. 533-534.
Paul C. James, Lynn W. Oliphant.
Copulations Throughout Breeding in a Colonial Accipitrid Vulture. 535-539.
Alistair Robertson.
Long-Distance Homing By Nonmigratory Dark-Eyed Juncos. 539-542.
Val Nolan, Jr., Ellen D. Ketterson, Licia Wolf.
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