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The Condor, Volume 88, Number 3 (1986)

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Gonadal Development During Autumn and Winter in House Sparrows. 269-278.
Robert E. Hegner, John C. Wingfield.
Blood Constituents and Their Relation to Diet in Urban and Rural House Sparrows. 279-284.
Ann P. Gavett, James S. Wakeley.
Comparison of Avian Community Dynamics of Burned and Unburned Coastal Sage Scrub. 285-289.
Patricia A. Stanton.
Incubation Rhythms of Ring-Necked Ducks. 290-296.
William L. Hohman.
Attendants at Tree Swallow Nests. I. Are Attendants Helpers at the Nest?. 297-303.
Michael P. Lombardo.
Seabird Interactions with Dolphins and Tuna in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. 304-317.
David W. K. Au, Robert L. Pitman.
Scavenging Efficiency of Turkey Vultures in Tropical Forest. 318-323.
David C. Houston.
Manx Shearwater Chicks; Seasonal, Parental, and Genetic Influences on the Chick's Age and Weight at Fledging. 324- 327.
M. De L. Brooke.
Yellow-Headed Blackbird Nest Defense; Aggressive Responses to Marsh Wrens. 328-335.
Stephen R. Bump.
Breeding Biology of Least Auklets on the Pribilof Islands, Alaska. 336-346.
Daniel D. Roby, Karen L. Brink.
Trends in Elegant Tern and Northern Anchovy Populations in California. 347-354.
Fred C. Schaffner.
Sooty Shearwaters Off California; Distribution, Abundance and Habit Use. 355-364.
Kenneth T. Briggs, Ellen W. Chu.
Growth of Lesser Snow Geese on Arctic Breeding Grounds. 365-370.
A. E. Aubin.
Directionality of Avian Vocalizations; a Laboratory Study. 371-375.
Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr., Alejandro Kacenik, John Roberts, Maxime Vuillermoz.
Erratum. 401.
Book Reviews. 404-406.
March F. Lawton, Editor.
Books Received. 406.
News and Notes. 407.

From the Archives

Who Was Cooper"?". 402-403.
Howard L. Cogswell.

Short Communications

Influence of Prey Distribution on Aggression in Ruddy Turnstones. 376-378.
Kimberly A. Sullivan.
Cassin's Finch Nesting in Big Sagebreush. 378-379.
Siobhan L. Sullivan, William H. Pyle, Steven G. Herman.
Egg Production in Hand-Raised White-Crowned Sparrows. 379-380.
Luis F. Baptista , Lewis Petrinovich.
Attempted Nest Parasitism of the Marsh Wren By a Brown-Headed Cowbird. 381-382.
Jaroslav Picman.
The Daily Activity Period of Nesting White-Crowned Sparrows in Continuous Daylight at 65 Degrees N Compared with Activity Period at Lower Latitudes. 382-384.
James R. King.
Polygyny in the Willow Flycatcher. 385-386.
David R. C. Prescott.
Effect of Mating Status and Time of Day on Kirtland's Warbler Song Rates. 386-388.
Jack P. Hayes, John R. Probst, Don Rakstad.
Possible Manipulation of Eggshell Conductance of Host Eggs By Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 388-390.
Cynthia Carey.
Changes in Water-Vapor Conductance of Common Canary Eggs During the Incubation Period. 390-393.
Michael D. Kern.
Reevaluation of Cheek Patterns of Juvenal-Plumaged Blue-Eyed and King Shags. 393-395.
Pamela C. Rasmussen.
Flower Eating By Emerald Toucanets in Costa Rica. 396-397.
Cecilia M. Riley, Kimberly G. Smith.
Speed of Flapping Flight of Merlins and Peregrine Falcons. 397-398.
William W. Cochran, Roger D. Applegate.
Observations on the Behavior and Ecology of the Mariana Crow. 398-401.
Diana F. Tomback.
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