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The Condor, Volume 88, Number 2 (1986)

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A Field Test of the Variable Circular-Plot Censusing Method in a Sierran Subalpine Forest Habitat. 129-142.
David F. Desante.
Breeding Biology of the Rhinoceros Auklet in Washington. 143-155.
Ulrich W. Wilson, David A. Manuwal.
The Singing Behavior of Female Northern Cardinals. 156-159.
Gary Richison.
Cloacal Protuberance and Cloacal Sperm in Passerine Birds: Comparative Study of Quantitiative Relations. 160-168.
W. B. Quay.
Growth and Development of Canada Goose Goslings. 169-180.
James S. Sedinger.
Dietary Variation Among Nestling Starlings. 181-189.
Janice Moore.
House Wren Nest-Destroying Behavior. 190-193.
Jean-Claude Belles, Jaroslav Picman.
Post-Fledging Parental Care in the Western Gull. 194-199.
Larry B. Spear, David G. Ainley, R. Philip Henderson.
Temporal Patterns in Pre-Fledgling Survival and Brood Reduction in an Osprey Colony. 200-205.
John M. Hagan.
Site Fidelity and Habitat Quality as Determinants of Settlement Pattern in Male Painted Buntings. 206-210.
Scott M. Lanyon.
Foraging Ecology of the Hawaiian Crow, an Endangered Generalist. 211-219.
Howard F. Sakai, C. John Ralph, C. D. Jenkins.
Effects of Muscle Biopsy on Survival and Breeding Success in Indigo Buntings. 220-227.
David F. Westneat, Robert B. Bayne, Susan M. Doehlert.
Nest-Site Biology of the California Condor. 228-241.
Noel F. R. Snyder, Rob R. Ramey, Fred C. Sibley.
Errata. 260.
Book Reviews. 261-262.
Books Received. 262.
News and Notes. 263-264.
The Bulletin Board. 265.

Short Communications

Tick Parasitism at Nesting Colonies of Blue-Footed Boobies in Peru and Galapagos. 242-244.
David Cameron Duffy, Maria Jose Campos De Duffy.
Lack of Effects From Sampling Blood From Small Birds. 244-245.
Peter W. Stangel.
Winter Habitats of Sapsuckers in Southeastern Arizona. 246-247.
Carl E. Bock, Diane I. Larson.
Effects of Crude Oil Exposure on Standard Metabolic Rate of Leach's Storm-Petrel. 248-249.
R. G. Butler, D. B. Peakall, F. A. Leighton, J. Borthwick, R. S. Harmon.
Polygyny in Barrow's Goldeneye. 250-252.
Jean-Pierre L. Savard.
Traditional Nest-Site Use By White-Throated Swifts. 252-253.
David S. Dobkin, Jennifer A. Holmes, Bruce A. Wilcox.
Costs of Adoption in Western Gulls. 253-256.
Larry R. Carter, Laurence B. Spear.
Range Use By Wintering Rough-Legged Hawks in Southeastern Idaho. 256-258.
James W. Watson.
Movements and Daily Activity Patterns of a Brown Pelican in Central California. 258-260.
Donald A. Croll, Lisa T. Ballance, Bernd G. Wursig, Wm. Breck Tyler.
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