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The Condor, Volume 87, Number 4 (1985)

Publication Information


Social Organization of the Band-Tailed Manakin (Pipra Fasciicauda). 449-456.
Mark B. Robbins.
Song Repertoires and Song Sharing By American Redstarts. 457-470.
R. E. Lemon, R. Cotter, R. C. MacNally, S. Monette.
Habitat Association Patterns of Forest and Steppe Birds of Northern Patagonia, Argentina. 471-483.
C. John Ralph.
Morphometric Assessment of Sexual Dimorphism in Skeletal Elements of California Gulls. 484-493.
Gary D. Schnell, Gary L. Worthen, Michael E. Douglas.
Recent Publications. 493-565.
Breeding Site Faithfulness, Reproductive Biology, and Adult Survivorship in an Isolated Population of Cassin's Finches. 494- 510.
L. Richard Mewaldt, James R. King.
Avian Use of a Desert Riparian Island and Its Adjacent Scrub Habitat. 511-519.
Robert C. Szaro, Martin D. Jakle.
Adaptations of Migratory Shorebirds to Highly Saline and Alkaline Lakes: Wilson's Phalarope and American Avocet. 520- 527.
Sheila A. Mahoney, Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Prospecting for Nest Sites By Cavity-Nesting Ducks of the Genus Bucephala. 528-534.
John Mca. Eadie, Gilles Gauthier.
Reproduction and Survival of Seabirds in Oregon During the 1982-1983 El Nino. 535-541.
Janet Hodder, Michael R. Graybill.
News and Notes. 568-569.
The Bulletin Board. 569.
Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation. 569.
Treasurer's Report. 570-572.
Index to Volume 87. 573-583.


Territoriality in Tree Swallows. 566.
Interspecific Aggression in Steamer-Ducks. 567-568.

Short Communications

Hummingbird Association with Acorn Woodpecker Sap Trees in Colombia. 542-543.
Gustavo Kattan, Carolina Murcia.
Songs, Displays, and Other Behavior at a Courtship Gathering of Blue-Black Grassquits. 543-546.
Tom Webber.
Lateral Asymmetry of the Bill of Loxops Coccineus (Drepanidinae). 546-547.
Jeremy J. Hatch.
An Offshore Nocturnal Observation of Migrating Blackpoll Warblers. 548-549.
Jeffrey D. Cherry, Dorothy Holcomb Doherty, Kevin D. Powers.
Arteriovenous Anastomoses in the Incubation Patch of Herring Gulls. 549-551.
Uffe Midtgard.
Barred Owl Responses to Recorded Vocalizations. 552-553.
Kevin McGarigal, James D. Fraser.
First Reported Nest of the White-Eared Ground-Sparrow (Melozone Leucotis). 554.
Kathy Winnett-Murry.
Frequency Shift in the Fee Bee Song of the Black-Capped Chickadee. 555-556.
Laurence Ratcliffe, Ronald G. Weisman.
Seasonal Changes in Detectability of Sage and Brewer's Sparrows. 556-558.
Louis B. Best, Kenneth L. Petersen.
Reestablishment of an Insular Winter Wren Population Following a Severe Freeze. 558-559.
R. T. Paine.
Behavior at a Pinyon Jay Nest in Response to Predation. 559-561.
John M. Marzluff.
Sage Thrashers Reject Cowbird Eggs. 561-562.
Terrell Rich, Stephen I. Rothstein.
Organochlorine-Induced Mortality and Residues in Long-Billed Curlews From Oregon. 563-565.
Lawrence J. Blus, Charles J. Henny, Alexander J. Krynitsky.
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