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The Condor, Volume 87, Number 2 (1985)

Publication Information


Shiny Cowbird Parasitism in Two Avian Communities in Puerto Rico. 165-176.
James W. Wilby.
Recent Publications. 176-286.
Energy Expenditure By Free-Living Dippers (Cinclus Cinclus) in Winter. 177-186.
D. M. Bryant, C. J. Hails, R. Prys- Jones.
Use of Time and Space By Chestnut-Backed Antbirds. 187-191.
Peter J. Marcotullio, Frank B. Gill.
The Breeding Biology of the Brown Jay in Monteverde, Costa Rica. 192-204.
Marcy F. Lawton, Robert O. Lawton.
Foraging and Habitat Relationships of Insect-Gleaning Birds in a Sierra Nevada Mixed-Conifer Forest. 205-216.
Daniel A. Airola, Reginald H. Barrett.
Nest-Site Selection By Sage Sparrows. 217-221.
Kenneth L. Petersen, Louis B. Best.
Song Repertoire Size And Male Quality in Song Sparrows. 222-228.
William A. Searcy, Patrick D. Mcarthur, Ken Yauskawa.
Biology and Behavior of the Endangered Hawaiian Dark-Rumped Petrel. 229-245.
Theodore R. Simons.
Piracy Behavior of Wintering Bald Eagles. 246-251.
David I. Fischer.
Early Spring Flights of American White Pelicans: Timing and Functional Role in Attracting Others to the Breeding Colony. 252- 255.
Roger M. Evans, Kevin J. Cash.
The Timing and Energetic Consequences of Egg Formation in the Adelie Penguin. 256-268.
Lee B. Astheimer, C. R. Grau.
Egg Water Loss, Shell Water-Vapor Conductance, and the Incubation Period of the Gray-Backed Tern (Sterna Lunata). 269- 272.
G. C. Whittow, G. S. Grant, E. N. Flint.
Cloacal Sperm in Spring Migrants: Occurrence and Interpretation. 273-280.
W. B. Quay.
Behavioral Differences of Female Spruce Grouse Undertaking Short and Long Migrations. 281-286.
Michael A. Schroeder.
Body Weight and the Possession of Territory for Male American Woodcock. 287-290.
Daniel M. Keppie, Gerald W. Redmond.
News and Notes. 305.

Short Communications

Salt-Eating By Black and Turkey Vultures. 291-292.
John S. Coleman, James D. Fraser, Carol A. Pringle.
Feeding Activities of the Anna's Hummingbird at Subfreezing Temperatures. 292-293.
J. Mary Taylor, Joseph W. Kamp.
First Record of the Eurasian Kestrel for Canada. 294.
R. Wayne Campbell.
Effect of Prescribed Burning on Placement of Sage Sparrow Nests. 294-295.
B. M. Winter, L. B. Best.
Variation in Weight and Composition of Brown-Headed Cowbird Eggs. 296-299.
C. Davison Ankney, Sandra L. Johnson.
A New Method for Matching Hatchlings with Their Eggs. 300-301.
Keith R. Mayoh, Reto Zach.
Growth Rate and Determinants of Fledgling Weight in Michigan-Breeding Savannah Sparrows. 302-303.
Christopher M. Rogers.
Predation of Red-Winged Blackbird Nests By Mink. 304-305.
Richard L. Knight, Sooil Kim, Stanley A. Temple.
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