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The Condor, Volume 87, Number 1 (1985)

Publication Information


Photographic Censusing of the 1982-1983 California Condor Population. 1-13.
Noel F. R. Snyder, Eric V. Johnson.
Recent Publications. 13-91.
Reproduction of Ferruginous Hawks Exposed to Controlled Disturbance. 14-22.
Clayton M. White, Thomas L. Thurow.
Protein Reserve Dynamics in Postbreeding Adult Male Redheads. 23-32.
Robert O. Bailey.
Time and Energy Constraints on Courtship in Wintering American Black Ducks. 33-36.
Lynn M. Brodsky, Patrick J. Weatherhead.
Reproduction in Zebra Finches: Hormone Levels and Effect of Dehydration. 37-46.
Carol M. Vleck, J. Priedkalns.
A Comparison of Transects and Point Counts in Oak-Pine Woodlands of California. 47-68.
Jared Verner, Lyman V. Ritter.
Reliability of Singing Bird Surveys: Effects of Song Phenology During the Breeding Season. 69-73.
David M. Wilson, Jonathan Bart.
Mate Retention in Caspian Terns. 74-78.
Francesca J. Cuthbert.
Eggshells of Arctic Terns From Finland: Effects of Incubation and Geography. 79-86.
M. Finnlund, R. Hissa, J. Koivusaari, E. Merila, I. Nuuja.
Aggressive Behavior and Interspecific Killing By Flying Steamer-Ducks in Argentina. 87-91.
Gary L. Nuechterlein, Robert W. Storer.
Experiments on Olfactory Detection of Food Caches By Black-Billed Magpies. 92-95.
Deborah Buttron, Gary L. Nuechterlein.
Influence of High Density and Parental Age on the Habitat Selection and Reproduction of Black-Billed Magpies. 96- 105.
Kerry P. Reese, John A. Kadlec.
Influence of Parental Age and Season on Savannah Sparrow Reproductive Success. 106-110.
Jean Bedard, Gisele Lapointe.
Winter Mortality in Common Barn-Owls and Its Effect on Population Density and Reproduction. 111-115.
Carl D. Marti, Phillip W. Wagner.
Habitat Use By Clapper Rails in the Lower Colorado River Valley. 116-126.
Bertin W. Anderson, Robert D. Ohmart.
Song Dialects of White-Crowned Sparrows: Historical Processes Inferred From Patterns of Geographic Variation. 127- 141.
Myron Charles Baker, Daniel B. Thompson.
News and Notes. 158-159.
The Bulletin Board. 159.
Information for Contributors. 160-161.

Short Communications

Life History Studies of the Lesser Snow Goose V: Temporial Effects on Age-Specific Fecundity. 142-143.
Robert F. Rockwell, C. Scott Findlay, Fred Cooke.
Ermine Visitation to Black Guillemot Colonies in Northeastern Hudson Bay. 144-145.
David K. Cairns.
Observations of Scrub Jays Cleaning Ectoparasites From Black-Tailed Deer. 145-147.
Frank R. Isenhart, David F. Desante.
A Mutualistic Feeding Association Between Boat-Tailed Grackles and Pied-Billed Grebes. 147-148.
Jerome A. Jackson.
Re-Evaluation of the "Hybrid" Hummingbird Cynanthus Sordidus X C. Latirostris From Mexico. 148-150.
Laurence C. Binford.
Apparent Double Blastoderms in Adelie Penguin Eggs. 150-151.
Lee B. Astheimer, C. R. Grau.
Vegetation and Soils of Burrowing Owl Nest Sites in Conata Basin, South Dakota. 152-154.
James G. Maccracken, Daniel W. Uresk, Richard M. Hansen.
Territoriality and Interspecific Aggression in Steamer-Ducks. 154-157.
Bradley C. Livezey, Philip S. Humphrey.
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