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The Condor, Volume 86, Number 3 (1984)

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Birdsong as a Model in Which to Study Brain Processes Related to Learning. 227-236.
Fernando Nottebohm.
Plot Mapping: Estimating Densities of Breeding Bird Territories By Combining Spot Mapping and Transect Techniques. 237- 241.
Steven P. Christman.
Recent Publications. 241-355.
The Breeding Biology of Captive Black-Headed Ducks and the Behavior of Their Young. 242-250.
Eileen C. Rees, Nigella Hillgarth.
Dominance in Wintering Waterfowl (Anatini): Effects on Distribution of Sexes. 251-257.
Gary R. Hepp, Jay D. Hair.
Effects of Weather on Habitat Selection and Behavior of Mallards Wintering in Nebraska. 258-265.
Dennis G. Jorde, Gary L. Krapu, Richard D. Crawford, Miriam A. Hay.
Phenotypic Variation of the Mexican Duck (Anas Platyrhynchos Diazi) in Mexico. 266-274.
Norman J. Scott, Jr., Robert P. Reynolds.
Winter Weight Dynamics, Grain Consumption and Reproductive Potential in Canada Geese. 275-280.
David E. Joyner, Robert D. Arthur, Bruce N. Jacobson.
Why Do Northern Mockingbirds Feed Fruit to Their Nestlings?. 281-287.
Randall Brettwisch, Peter G. Merritt, George H. Whitesides.
Comparative Food Habits of Bubo Owls in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems. 288-296.
Fabian M. Jaksic, Carl D. Marti.
Activity Budgets of Foraging Gray-Headed Albatrosses. 297-300.
Peter A. Prince, Michael D. Francis.
Nest-Site Selection By Masked and Blue-Footed Boobies on Isla Espanola, Galapagos. 301-304.
David Cameron Duffy.
Resource Use By Sympatric Kingbirds. 305-313.
Peter J. Blancher, Raleigh J. Robertson.
Sulfur Amino Acid Nutrition During Molt in the White-Crowned Sparrow. 1. Does Dietary Sulfur Amino Acid Concentration Affect the Energetics of Molt as Assayed By Metabolized Energy?. 314-323.
Mary E. Murphy, James R. King.
Sulfur Amino Acid Nutrition During Molt in the White-Crowned Sparrow. 2. Nitrogen and Sulfur Balance in Birds Fed Graded Levels of the Sulfur-Containing Amino Acids. 324-332.
Mary E. Murphy, James R. King.
Intentional Poisoning of Birds with Parathion. 333-336.
Ward B. Stone, Stephen R. Overmann, Joseph C. Okoniewski.
News and Notes. 354-355.

Short Communications

Microclimate of Gull-Billed Tern and Black Skimmer Nests. 337-338.
Gilbert S. Grant, Charles V. Paganelli, Hermann Rahn.
Thermoregulation in Newly Hatched Black-Legged Kittiwakes. 339-341.
Claus Bech, Svein Martini, Rudi Brent, Jorgen Rasmussen.
Pelagic Red Crabs as Food for Gulls: A Possible Benefit of El Nino. 341-342.
Brent S. Stewart, Pamela K. Yochem, Ralph W. Schreiber.
Notes on the Speckled Crake (Coturnicops Notata) in Brazil. 342-343.
Dante Martins Teixeira, Maria Esther Mendez Puga.
The White Bellbird (Procnias Alba) in the Serra Dos Carajas, Southeastern Para, Brazil. 343-344.
Paul Roth, David C. Oren, Fernando C. Novaes.
Responses of Nesting Ravens to People in Areas of Different Human Densities. 345-346.
Richard L. Knight.
Three Records of Calliope Hummingbird From Louisiana. 346-348.
Nancy L. Newfield.
Probable Identity of Purported Rough-Legged Hawk Nests in the Western U. S. and Canada. 348-352.
Marc J. Bechard, C. Stuart Houston.
Twin Embryos in a Peregrine Falcon Egg. 352-353.
Oliver H. Parte, William G. Mattox, William S. Seegar.
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