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The Condor, Volume 86, Number 2 (1984)

Publication Information


Biology and Conservation of the Laysan Duck (Anas Laysanensis). 105-117.
Daniel W. Moulton, Milton W. Weller.
Recent Publications. 117-186.
The Nicaraguan Seed-Finch (Oryzoborus Nuttingi) in Costa Rica. 118-122.
F. Gary Stiles.
Examples of Tropical Frugivores Defending Fruit-Bearing Plants. 123-129.
Thane K. Pratt.
Selection of Prey and Success of Silver Gulls Robbing Crested Terns. 130-138.
Kees Hulsman.
Foraging Habits of Ruby-Crowned and Golden-Crowned Kinglets in an Arizona Montane Forest. 139-145.
Kathleen E. Franzreb.
Influence of Sample Size and Sampling Design on Analysis of a Avian Foraging Behavior. 146-150.
Michael L. Morrison.
Sexually Distinct Daily Activity Patterns of Blue-Eyed Shags in Antarctica. 151-156.
Neil P. Bernstein, Stephen J. Maxson.
Comparative Behavior of Male-Female and Female-Female Pairs Among Western Gulls Prior to Egg-Laying. 157-162.
G. L. Hunt, Jr., A. L. Newman, M. H. Warner, J. C. Wingfield, J. Kaiwi.
Organochlorine Residues, Eggshell Thickness, and Reproductive Success of Snowy Egrets Nesting in Idaho. 163-169.
Scott L. Findholt.
Larval Dermestid Beetles Feeding on Nestling Snail Kites, Wood Storks and Great Blue Herons. 170-174.
Noel F. R. Snyder, John C. Ogden, J. David Bittner, Gerald A. Grau.
Body Temperature Regulation in Red-Tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls: Responses to Air Temperature and Food Deprivation. 175- 181.
Susan B. Chaplin, Donald A. Diesel, James A. Kasparie.
Basal Metabolic Rate and Energy Expenditure During Incubation in the Wandering Albatross (Diomedea Exulans). 182- 186.
Christopher R. Brown, Nigel J. Adams.
Fecal Sac Removal By Tree Swallows: the Cost of Cleanliness. 187-191.
Patrick J. Weatherhead.
Spring Accumulation of Fat By Greater Snow Geese in Two Staging Habitats. 192-199.
G. Gauthier, J. Bedard, J. Huot, Y. Bedard.
Fidelity to Breeding Territory in a Population of Red-Tailed Hawks. 200-203.
Stewart W. Janes.
Richardson's Mexican Collection: Birds From Zacatecas and Adjoining States. 204-207.
J. Dan Webster.
Commentary. 222.
President's Letter. 222.
The Bulletin Board. 222.
Recent Publication. 223.
News and Notes. 224.

Short Communications

Body Water Content in Marine Birds. 208-209.
Sheila A. Mahoney, Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Protein Reserves During Staging in Greater Snow Geese. 210-212.
G. Gauther, J. Bedard, J. Huot, Y. Bedard.
Plumage Color Changes in a Nihoa Millerbird (Acrocephalus Familiaris). 212.
Sheila Conant.
Allofeeding in Eurasian Siskins (Carduelis Spinus). 213-214.
Juan Carlos Senar.
Interspecific Allopreening Between Crested Caracara and Black Vulture. 214-215.
David Ng, Bruce D. Jasperson.
The First Documented Breeding of the Boreal Owl in Colorado. 215-217.
David A. Palmer, Ronald A. Ryder.
An Inland Nest Record for the Kittlitz's Murrelet. 218.
Edward C. Murphy, David G. Roseneau, Peter M. Bente.
Blue-Winged Teal Nesting in Hawaii. 219.
Peter W. C. Paton, Avery Taylor, Philip R. Ashman.
The Ocellated Crake (Micropygia Schomburgkii) of Central Brazil. 220.
Alvaro Negret, Dante Martins Teixeira.
Observations on the Nesting of the Black-Chested Buzzard-Eagle (Geranoaetus Melanoleucus) in Peru. 221-222.
Peter Schoonmaker.
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