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The Condor, Volume 85, Number 4 (1983)

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Analysis of Geographic Variation in the Townsend's Warbler. 385-391.
Michael L. Morrison.
Recent Publications. 391-490.
Avian and Vegetation Community Structure and Their Seasonal Relationships in the Lower Colorado River Valley. 392- 405.
Bertin W. Anderson, Robert D. Ohmart, Jake Rice.
Plumage-Molt-Age Relationships in "Over-Summering" and Migratory Lesser Golden-Plovers. 406-419.
Oscar W. Johnson, Patricia M. Johnson.
Molting Adaptations of Rock Ptarmigan on Amchitka Island, Alaska. 420-426.
Erling E. Jacobsen, Jr., Clayton M. White, William B. Emison.
The Food, Feeding, and Development of Young Tufted and Horned Puffins in Alaska. 427-442.
D. H. S. Wehle.
Pigments and Feather Structure of the Redpolls, Carduelis Flammea and C. Hornemanni. 443-446.
Declan M. Troy, Alan H. Brush.
Nesting Biology of the Rosy Finch on the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. 447-452.
Richard E. Johnson.
Notes on the Behavior of the Melodious Blackbird (Dives dives). 453-460.
Gordon H. Orians.
Cavity Use By Secondary Cavity-Nesting Birds and Response to Manipulations. 461-466.
Timothy Brush.
Feeding Behavior in Laughing Gulls: Compensatory Site Selection By Young. 467-473.
Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld.
Seasonal Patterns in Roosting Flocks of Starlings and Common Grackles. 474-481.
Donald F. Caccamise, Linda A. Lyon, Joseph Fischl.
Sharing of Vocal Signals Among Song Sparrows. 482-490.
Myron Charles Baker.
Reproductive Behavior By a Female Songbird: Differential Stimulation By Natal and Alien Song Dialects. 491-494.
Kimberly J. Spitler-Nabors, Myron Charles Baker.
News and Notes. 505.
Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation. 505.
Index to Volume 85. 508-518.

Short Communications

A Bathing Assembly of Blue-Vented Hummingbirds (Amazilia Saucerottei) in Costa Rica. 495-496.
Stephen C. Trombulak.
"Walking-In-Line" Behavior in Sage Sparrow Territorial Encounters. 496-497.
Terrell Rich.
A First Record of the Nest and Chicks of the Small Kauai Thrush. 497-499.
Cameron B. Kepler, Anquela K. Kepler.
Nest of the Red-Stained Woodpecker (Veniliornis Affinis) From Southeastern Peru. 499.
Thomas Bates Smith.
Breeding Range Expansion of Bell's Vireo in Grand Canyon, Arizona. 499-500.
Bryan T. Brown, Steven W. Carothers, R. Roy Johnson.
First Nesting Record for Boreal Owl in Idaho. 501.
Gregory D. Hayward, Edward O. Garton.
Analysis of Peregrine Falcon Eggs in Ecuador. 502.
J. Peter Jenny, William A. Burnham, Tjitte Devries, Nancy Hilgert, Fernando Ortiz.
Determining Sex Ratios From Collected Specimens. 503.
Joanna Burger.
Diving Depths of the Gentoo Penguin(Pygoscelis Papua). 503-504.
Nigel J. Adams, Christopher R. Brown.
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