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The Condor, Volume 85, Number 3 (1983)

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Nest Sites and Eggs of Kittlitz's and Marbled Murrelets. 265-273.
Robert H. Day, Karen L. Oakley, David R. Barnard.
Patterns of Colony Attendance and Censusing of Auklets at Buldir Island, Alaska. 274-280.
G. Vernon Byrd, Robert H. Day, Eric P. Knudtson.
The Role of the Feet in Behavioral Thermoregulation of Hummingbirds. 281-285.
Miklos D. F. Udvardy.
Seabirds Between Alaska and Hawaii. 286-291.
Patrick I. Gould.
Recent Publications. 291-349.
Breeding Biology of Wedge-Tailed Shearwaters at Kilauea Point, Hawaii. 292-296.
G. Vernon Byrd, Daniel I. Moriarty, Barry G. Brady.
Birds of the Kimbe Bay Area, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea. 297-304.
Mary Lecroy, W. S. Peckover.
Pellets of Cape Cormorants as Indicators of Diet. 305-307.
David Cameron Duffy, L. J. B. Laurenson.
Song Features as Species Discriminants in American Warblers (Parulidae). 308-322.
R. E. Lemon, J. Struger, M. J. Lechowicz.
A Review of Duetting, Sociality and Speciation in Some African Barbets (Capitonidae). 323-332.
Lester L. Short, Jennifer F. M. Horne.
Summer Water Turnover Rates in Free-Living Chukars and Sand Partridges in the Negev Desert. 333-337.
A. Allan Degen, Berry Pinshow, Philip U. Alkon.
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning: Effects on Breeding Terns. 338-345.
Ian C. T. Nisbet.
Female-Female Pairings in Caspian Terns. 346-349.
Michael R. Conover.
First Observations of Brown Fat in Birds. 350-354.
L. W. Oliphant.
Brood Parasitism of the Abert's Towhee: Timing, Frequency, and Effects. 355-359.
Deborah M. Finch.
Long-Tailed Hermit Hummingbird Visits to Inflorescence Color Morphs of Heliconia Irrasa. 360-364.
Lucinda A. McDade.
News and Notes. 381-382.
The Bulletin Board. 382.

Short Communications

A Shift in the Morph Ratio Cline in the Bananaquit on Grenada, West Indies. 365-367.
Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.
Observations of Emperor Geese Feeding at Nelson Lagoon, Alaska. 367-368.
Margaret R. Petersen.
Aerial Insect-Catching By American Kestrels. 368-369.
Seri G. Rudolph.
Diet, Capture Success, and Mode of Hunting By Female American Kestrels in Winter. 369-371.
Michael W. Collopy, James R. Koplin.
Seed Manipulation By Clark's Nutcracker. 372-373.
Kenneth G. Bunch, Gary Sullivan, Diana F. Tomback.
Diurnal Activity and Social Displays of Rhinoceros Auklets on Teuri Island, Japan. 373-375.
Asa C. Thoresen.
The Natal Pterylosis of Amphispiza Sparrows. 375-376.
Dennis Minsky, Charles T. Collins.
Distribution and Migration of the Black Tern in Mexico. 376-378.
Sartor O. Williams III.
Effect of Mate Loss in Song Performance in the Plain Titmouse. 378-380.
L. Scott Johnson.
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