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The Condor, Volume 85, Number 2 (1983)

Publication Information


Foraging Niches and the Structure of Forest Bird Communities in Contrasting Montane Habitats. 121-138.
Stephen R. Sabo, Richard T. Holmes.
Recent Publications. 138-248.
Feeding Rates of Warblers in Spring. 139-150.
Jean W. Graber, Richard R. Graber.
Behavioral Ecology of Fledgling Brown-Headed Cowbirds and Their Hosts. 151-163.
Paul W. Woodward.
Effects of Human Disturbance on Reproductive Success in the Black Skimmer. 164-171.
Carl Safina, Joanna Burger.
A Contextual Analysis of Two Song Variants in the Bobolink. 172-184.
James F. Wittenberger.
Gut Size, Body Weight, and Digestion of Winter Food By Grouse and Ptarmigan. 185-193.
Robert Moss.
The Composition of Petrel Eggs. 194-199.
John Warham.
Breeding Ecology of the Mississippi Kite in Arizona. 200-207.
Richard L. Glinski, Robert D. Ohmart.
Nest Success and Nesting Habits of Eastern Kingbirds and Other Flycatchers. 208-219.
Michael T. Murphy.
Structure of Display Flights in the Least Sandpiper. 220-242.
Edward H. Miller.
Bias in Density Estimates Due to Movement of Birds. 243-248.
Stepehn L. Granholm.
Commentary: On Sonograms, Harmonics, and Assumptions. 259-261.
News and Notes. 262.

Short Communications

Allopreening By Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 249-250.
Thomas A. Webber.
Possible "Deceptive" Use of Song By Female Black-Headed Grosbeaks. 250-251.
Gary Ritchison.
Hummingbirds Feeding From Exudates on Diseases Scrub Oak. 251-252.
Peter G. Kevan, Sherrene D. St. Helens, Irene Baker.
Records of Allen's Hummingbird in Louisiana and Possible Rufous X Allen's Hummingbird Hybrids. 253-254.
Nancy L. Newfield.
Identification and Occurrence of Blackpoll Warblers in Southern Middle America. 254-255.
F. Gary Stiles, Rafael G. Campos.
Predation on Steamer-Ducks By Killer Whale. 255-256.
Roberto Straneck, Bradley C. Livezey, Philip S. Humphrey.
Ross' Geese Increasing in Central North America. 257-258.
Robert B. Frederick, Rex R. Johnson.
Occurrence of Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus Trochilus) in North America Refuted. 258.
Don Roberson, Frank A. Pitelka.
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