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The Condor, Volume 85, Number 1 (1983)

Publication Information


Dynamics of Incubation in Mountain White-Crowned Sparrows. 1-11.
Eileen Zerba, Martin L. Morton.
Breeding Biology of the Xantus' Murrelet. 12-21.
Kelvin G. Murray, Kathy Winnett-Murray, Zoe A. Eppley, George L. Hunt, Jr., Douglas B. Schwartz.
Relationships Between Tidal Oscillations and Ruddy Turnstone Flocking, Foraging, and Vigilance Behavior. 22-29.
Robert C. Fleischer.
Recent Publications. 29-118.
Quantitative Analysis of Prairie Grouse Vocalizations. 30-42.
Donald W. Sparling.
Influence of Incubation Calls on Post-Hatching Responses of Pheasant Chicks. 43-49.
E. D. Bailey.
Hatching of Forster's Terns. 50-52.
Martin K. McNicholl.
Effects of Dietary Protein Levels on Body Weight, Food Consumption, and Nitrogen Balance in Ruffed Grouse. 53-60.
Patrick R. Beckerton, Alex L. A. Middleton.
The Metabolic Rate of Tropical Birds. 61-65.
C. J. Hails.
Nesting Biology of Thick-Billed Parrots. 66-73.
Dirk V. Lanning, James T. Shiflett.
Survival of Mallard Broods in South-Central North Dakota. 74-78.
Larry G. Talent, Robert L. Jarvis, Gary L. Krapu.
Status of a Northern Population of California Brown Pelicans. 79-88.
Daniel W. Anderson, Franklin Gress.
Information for Contributors. 114-115.
News and Notes. 116-118.

Short Communications

Melampitta Gigantea: Possible Relation Between Feather Structure and Underground Roosting Habits. 89-91.
Jared M. Diamond.
Spontaneous Blink Rates of Birds. 92-93.
Suzanne J. Kirsten, Edward B. Kirsten.
Nest Predation in Insular and Mainland Lowland Rainforest in Panama. 93-95.
Bette A. Loiselle, William G. Hoppes.
Additions to the Avifauna of Bolivia, Part 2. 95-98.
J. V. Remsen, Jr., Melvin A. Traylor, Jr.
Fledging Dates and Southward Migration of Juveniles of Some Calidris Sandpipers. 99-101.
Dennis R. Paulson.
Plumage Characteristics of Juvenile Black-Chinned Hummingbirds. 102-103.
Frank A. Baldridge.
A New Age- and Sex-Specific Molt Scheme for the Red-Winged Blackbird. 104-105.
Hamilton Greenwood, Patrick I. Weatherhead, Rodger D. Titman.
Mate Replacement in Purple Martins: Little Evidence for Altruism. 106-107.
Charles R. Brown.
Water Loss From Pipped Wedge-Tailed Shearwater Eggs. 107-109.
T. N. Petit, G. C. Whittow.
Variations in the Egg Markings of the Brown-Headed Cowbird. 109-111.
Alfred M. Dufty, Jr.
Seasonal Variation in Nest Placement of Abert's Towhees. 111-113.
Deborah M. Finch.
Flight Song and Song Flight in the Orange-Crowned Warbler. 113.
William M. Gilbert.
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