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The Condor, Volume 84, Number 3 (1982)

Publication Information


Spring Distribution of Marine Birds in the Gulf of Alaska. 245-254.
Craig S. Harrison.
Recent Publications. 254.
Behavior of Whistling and Capped Herons in the Seasonal Savannas of Venezuela and Argentina. 255-260.
James A. Kushlan, James A. Hancock, J. Pinowski, B. Pinowska.
Ecology and Breeding Habits of the Savanna Hawk in the Llanos of Venezuela. 261-271.
William J. Mader.
The Behavior of Black-Banded Woodcreepers (Dendrocolaptes Picumnus). 272-285.
Edwin O. Willis.
Niche Convergence in Empidonax Flycatchers. 286-291.
Robert A. Frakes, Richard E. Johnson.
Factors Affecting the Productivity of Ospreys Nesting in West-Central Idaho. 292-299.
Lawrence J. Van Daele, Hilary A. Van Daele.
Body Weight and Composition Changes and Adaptations for Breeding in Wood Ducks. 300-305.
Ronald D. Drobney.
Dispersal in a Population of White-Browed Sparrow Weavers. 306-312.
Dale M. Lewis.
Superterritoriality in Tree Swallows: A Reexamination. 313-316.
Raleigh J. Robertson, H. Lisle Gibbs.
Recognition Characteristics in Covey Dialects of Bobwhite Quail. 317-320.
E. D. Bailey, James A. Baker.
Seasonal Calling, Foraging, and Flocking of Inca Doves at Galveston, Texas. 321-326.
W. B. Quay.
Nocturnal Hypothermia and Oxygen Consumption in Manakins. 327-331.
Theresa L. Bucher, Andrea Worthington.
Seasonal Water Turnover Rates and Body Water Volumes in Desert Chukars. 332-337.
Philip U. Alkon, Berry Pinshow, A. Allan Degen.
News and Notes. 346.
The Bulletin Board. 347.

Short Communications

Observations on Handling Procedures and Compositions of European Starling Eggs. 338-339.
Robert E. Ricklefs.
Estimating the Initial Density of Birds' Eggs. 339-341.
H. Rahn, Phyllis Parisi, C. V. Paglli.
Unusual Behaviors at a Robin's Nest. 342.
Gloria M. D'Agostino, S. W. Eaton, Lorraine E. Giovinazzo.
Nesting Associations Between Passerines and Birds of Prey in Central North Dakota. 343.
Paul M. Konrad, David S. Gilmer.
Spring Migration of Shorebirds in Panama. 344-345.
David Schneider, Elizabeth P. Mallory.
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