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The Condor, Volume 84, Number 2 (1982)

Publication Information


Population Structure in Grassland Bird Communities During Winter. 137-152.
Joseph A. Grzybowski.
Effect of Vegetative Cover on Foraging Site Selection By Swainson's Hawk. 153-159.
Marc J. Bechard.
Changes in Blood Levels of Thyroid Hormones in Two Species of Passerine Birds. 160-167.
Jan Peter Smith.
Recent Publications. 167-236.
Photoperiodic Responses of a Subtropical Migratory Finch, the Black-Headed Bunting (Emberiza Melanocephala). 168- 171.
Prabha D. Tewary, Vinod Kumar.
Egg Formation in Fiordland Crested Penguins (Eudyptes Pachyrhynchus). 172-177.
C. R. Grau.
Timing of Nest Relief and Its Effect on Breeding Success in Adelie Penguins. 178-183.
Lloyd S. Davis.
Human Disturbance and Nestling Behavior in Black-Crowned Night Herons. 184-187.
Katherine C. Parson, Joanna Burger.
Behaviors Associated with Seasonal Reproduction and Long-Term Monogamy in Canada Geese. 188-196.
Thomas R. Akesson, Dennis G. Raveling.
Breeding Biology of Crested, Least, and Whiskered Auklets on Buldir Island, Alaska. 197-202.
Eric P. Knudtson, G. Vernon Byrd.
Body Temperatures of Incubating Versus Non-Incubating Roadrunners. 203-207.
Sandra L. Vehrencamp.
Aggressive and Courtship Displays of the Male Anna's Hummingbird. 208-225.
F. Gary Stiles.
Singing Behavior of the Five-Striped Sparrow. 226-236.
Kathleen Groschupf, G. Scott Mills.
The Bulletin Board. 244.
News and Notes. 244.

Short Communications

Sense of Smell in the Black-Chinned Hummingbird. 237-238.
Kenneth M. Goldsmith, Timothy H. Goldsmith.
Aerial Talon-Grappling in Northern Harriers. 239.
T. H. Craig, E. H. Craig, Jeffrey S. Marks.
A Pliocene Bunting From Chihuahua, Mexico. 240-241.
David W. Steadman, Mary C. McKitrick.
A Second Record of Pleistocene Passenger Pigeon From California. 242.
Robert M. Chandler.
Oldsquaw Record From Sinaloa, Mexico. 243.
Gary W. Kramer.
Northern Elephant Seals and California Sea Lions: New Hosts for Cattle Egrets. 243.
Brent S. Stewart, Steven D. Kovach.
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